Strategies for Diplomatic victory


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Jan 2, 2002
Hello everyone,

I've just completed a regent level game where I was specifically aiming for a diplomatic victory, and I lost. I was by far the world leader in tech, power, and score, and I only fought one major war with the Russians, who wouldn't leave me alone (I was the French). I even bribed everyone else to enter the war so they would all hate the Russians too. After the war, however, I couldn't get anyone to like me, even after bribing all of them with thousands and thousands of gold and many techs. After building the UN, I lost in a landslide to Persia, a mediocre civilzation.

I would like to know what are the best stratigies for achieving this type of victory? My assumption was that I was so far ahead of everyone in tech that they were resentful. Any ideas?

A general explanation of how to achieve such a victory would be great too. :D

Thank you!
To achive diplomatic victory you should make everybody (at least the half of civilizations) to be gracious to you. To achive that you need to keep following rules:
1. Never start war first. Make others to engage you.
2. Avoid MPP since it can put you in a war with others.
3. Once you are in a war with somebody - everybody else should be with you. Otherwise there is a chance that they will go with them and you will fight your friends.
4. Once you at war with somebody - wipe him out!!! He will NEVER, but NEVER forgive you if you took some of his cities.
5. NEVER, but NEVER break any treaties. It means if you are in alliance with somebody wait until it expires and don't make peace with the enemy. The same about MPP, but you should avoid it anyway.
6. Sometime right of passage more valuable for some civs than any techs and make them gracious.
7. Give presents (maybe cities) just before vote in UN.

General note:
The diplomatic victory, IMHO, is for not-most-advenced civ. It is better to be 3rd. In this case is less chance of loosing. The vote is between first two and UN owner. So if UN owner is 3rd, it will be 1/3 voting. If everybody loves you, you will get majority. If not - you won't loose, since it is hard to win 1/3 vote. When you loose 1/2 vote - this is the end of the game in most cases.
Oops. I forgot.
If you can't make everybody love you, make everybody hate each other. You may put everybody in war with all others and push them to break treaties (declare war next turn after peace treaty). But yourself you should never break treaties. In this case, other civ won't love you, but they will hate you less that others and will vote for you.
I just won the January Game of the Month (Chinese on Regent level) with a diplomatic victory. I was number one or two most of the time on the histograph but only slightly ahead. Like 800 to 750 and 725 for my rivals. I believe you are better off staying near the pack in terms of tech and territory. Any civ that gets too big is seen as a threat.

I won the game by making Mutual Protection Pacts with everyone (at a high price), moving my units into the second place civ's territory. When I refuse to leave, the MPPs kick in and everyone is at war. The key is to set this off the turn that I complete the U. N., otherwise I may have to go to war with someone else if they are fighting each other.
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