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Strategy about Babylon

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Rhye's and Fall of Civilization' started by myclan, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. myclan

    myclan Prince

    Feb 26, 2008
    The three tasks for Babylon:
    1.First to discover Writing, Monarchy, Code of Laws
    The most difficult one is to discover Writing first. If China just go straightly for it, you have nothing to do but fail. So you must have some luck!
    2.Make Babylon the most populous city in the world in Turn 84
    India is the biggest opponent. Normally, he can develop a city of 8 without any difficult. I have ever seen a population of 10! So again, you must have some luck!
    3.Make Babylon the #1 cultural city in Turn 94
    Egypt may be the biggest opponent this time. If he completed the Stonehenge, you must build Pyramide to compete with him. Again, please pray for some luck!

    Research Mysticism first, then pottery and Writing. It will increase your risk of failing the first task, but you need to complete your Stonehenge asap, at least earlier than Egypt.
    Build 3 Warrior asap, a plain hill will help you for that. Send the first Warrior to explore the Tribal Village to get some luck, and then go for India. Send the 2nd and 3rd Warrior for India also. The 4th warrior defenses the city.
    When all of 3 Warriors arrives, declare war on India. Normally, only ONE warrior is defencing his city. You need some luck to take the city:lol:
    If India has found both Hinduism and Buddism, convert to one to prevent its culture growing too fast!
    If no workers ate captured, build one at once in it. (I just called it 2nd city later)
    After finishing the 4 Warrior, Babylon begins to build the Stonehenge.

    After Capturing the 2nd city:
    Research POLYTHEISM and Priesthood.
    When Stonehenge is completed, build a granary in Babylon.
    Farm the wheat and rice in the 2nd city, turn some citizens into Artist
    When GA appear, lightbulb Monarchy(That's why you should research Polytheism instead of Meditation), adopt hereditary rule and enlarge your population in Babylon asap. Beijing usually won't have a too large population at this time.
    Turn the citizens of the 2nd city into merchant instead.
    Try to defence Babylon from the Persian! At least before turn 94.
    With Stonehenge, it is not difficult to complete the 3rd task, and a gold age begins, helping you to get the Great Merchant earlier.
    Use the Great Merchant to lightbult Code of Laws, then you win!
    You can also try to build Oracle in Babylon. Maybe you could get Fedualism for free!
  2. Jusos2108

    Jusos2108 Deity

    Nov 15, 2009
    You don't need any luck to get the 2. and 3. UHVs. Just sent warriors immeatidely towards Beijing (2 or 1 with WMII) and Delhi (1), declare war, raze improvements and then fortify them in the forest tiles, occasionally move around to prevent them from improving the lands, no point capturing the cities though. If you sent your initial warrior to Beijing you also always beat China to writing. So Babylonian UHVs aren't at all luck based.
  3. AnotherPacifist

    AnotherPacifist Deity

    Sep 21, 2007
    The monarchy/GA deal has been described many times before.

    Much better to try to capture Shush using money to buy mercenaries because Shush will build you workers and warriors and RESEARCH. You can reliably get all the huts in the old world except for Africa and the one south of India.

    Oracle is always used for code of laws.
    As long as you can trade for archery and bronze working, the Persians don't have a chance of capturing Babylon.
  4. NitroJay

    NitroJay Warlord

    Sep 20, 2006
    Tecumseh, MI
    I just finished Babylon myself a few days ago... I went with the no combat method...

    Rushed to writing (I was only beat to it once by China).
    Worker made cottages on every square I was using.
    Got the religous techs and went for Code of Laws.
    Built the Oracle for Monarchy, switched, then pumped out food/warriors...
    I was size 8 by the size deadline... then ran scientists a few turns to finish Code of Laws.
    Switched to caste system and let Babylon starve with all the citizens running as artists.
    Got the great artist to spawn a few turns before the culture deadline and created the Great Work...

    The victory is so so sweet when you do it in 7 minutes. :)
  5. myclan

    myclan Prince

    Feb 26, 2008
    Bronze Working just doesn't work. The Persian appear so early that I have no way to be connected to the copper
  6. datu_urbiztondo

    datu_urbiztondo Banned

    Feb 23, 2009
    Try this:

    Research Sequence : Pottery - Writing - Masonry - Meditation - Priesthood - Animal Husbandry - Code of Laws

    use free tech on Hereditary Rule.

    • Do not let your Warrior explore on the very first turn, you will use it to capture Shush.
    • Train warrior the moment you found Babylon, train 3 warriors.
    • When your city of Babylon grows to 3, have your city use the hill with 2 hammers, 1 gold to hasten your warrior production.
    -Why not the forest hill with 3 hammers? Because switching to the forest hill will take 20 turns to research Writing, which is more prone to failing the 3rd UHV.
    • Stack 4 warriors, use them to capture Shush. If fail, quit the game and repeat. (Yes, it's winning by luck)
    -You can actually train 5 warriors to capture Shush. In your unluckiest move, your 5th warrior will probably have the winning chance of around 50+% (mine was 10%) and that is still a gamble.
    • After you capture Shush, use it to train workers (like AP said).
    -Shush can train a maximum of 4 workers by the time Persians spawn (Turn 84).
    • If Babylon has done working on granary, let it grow to 7 and let it build The Pyramid, The Oracle, then finally, warriors.
    -We build The Pyramids to satisfy your 1st UHV, and Babylon will grow to 8 the moment you switch to HR (Turn 80) and it will only take 3 turns to grow with HR.
    • Let your first worker farm the wheat above Shushan, then let it quarry the stone and marble with the help of other workers, if Animal Husbandry is already available, pasture sheep ASAP then cottage spam around Babylon. (NOTE: DO NOT BUILD ROADS)

    If you have completed 2 UHV, enjoy your cup of victory.
    Spoiler :
  7. AnotherPacifist

    AnotherPacifist Deity

    Sep 21, 2007
    I disagree with not exploring at start. If you get gold, you can always hire mercenaries (who have way more promotions than your warriors); if you get techs, it's even better. If you get free promotions or angry villagers, promote your warrior to walk 2 steps in forests. Either way, you can't lose if you explore early.

    Babylon should never build workers.
  8. DrCron

    DrCron Prince

    Dec 25, 2012

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