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Strategy advice for my first Immortal game

Discussion in 'Strategy Forum' started by Sesostris, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Sesostris

    Sesostris Chieftain

    Sep 8, 2013
    I'm playing my first game om Immortal difficulty, and after 3-4 false starts where I got clobbered around turn 100, I've finally advanced to the Information era. However, now it looks like I may lose from not winning fast enough compared to the other civs, and I'd really like some advice from some of the grizzled veterans here. :)

    The setup:
    • Huge map, 12 civs, 24 city-states
    • Immortal difficulty
    • Communitas is the only mod affecting gameplay

    I'm playing as the Celts, and on my continent I'm sandwiched between Persia and Spain. Both are well-liked by most of the other civs so no one else wants to go to war with them, but Persia started to run away by taking chunks of its neighbours, and I could see I was getting behind on score, so I started a war of conquest. I'm halfway through Persia's lands, but it's taking some time since the cities are heavily fortified, and Spain is telling me it really doesn't like me pounding on its good friend, so I may soon have a two-front war. I would probably survive that since I have a tech edge in deployed units (bombers, artillery, tanks, infantry, the others are one tech step behind), but it would take most of my resources and a lot of time since Spain has a huge army. Also, I'm running low on happy and have slow Culture growth, so my conquest needs to slow down soon. Also, there's an embargo on city-states and most of my trade is with Spain, so a war with them would cripple my income.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the Inca is running away from everyone: Well-liked, plowing up the tech tree and allying with city-states all over the place. I'm worried about him going for a diplomatic or scientific victory, but I'm really far from him geographically and sandwiched between two hostile neighbours, one of which still has a huge army.

    So, my question is: What to do now?
    • Make peace with the locals and launch a huge invasion fleet for Inca lands?
    • Go all-out conqueror and plow through Persia and Spain until I hold the entire continent, then hope I can stop the Inca in time?
    • Something completely different?

    I look forward to your insights. :)

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