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Strategy objectives- Long term

Discussion in 'Team Kazakhstan' started by Jimmy369, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. damnrunner

    damnrunner Emperor

    Oct 19, 2005
    I think we can largely stick with the original plan and go at them with just cannons. A recent post on Military demographics would indicate that once we upgrade out 10+ cannons we will have significantly more power than sancta. And while I can’t check Santca’s tech progress – my read on the situation is that if we go with just cannons Santca will not yet have cannons or grenadiers. But if we wait for rifles Sancta will have both cannons and grenadiers.

    My reasoning: Recent intel showed that Sancta was researching engineering - this is a prerequisite for Chemistry. I assume their plan is to tech Chem and then Steel and Mil Science. With Cav ½ way done with Steel, there is relly no way Sancta can get cannons or grenadiers before we have cannons. But with an expected upcoming golden age from the Taj – I am certain that Sancta will have both Steel and Mil Science by the time we finish researching Rifles.

    My greatest concern right now would be a Santca sea attack. I think we hold back our knights and go in with just our stack of cannons with support from xbows, pikemen, and muskets.

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