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Struggling to (even) get to Normal Age by Classical Era

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by CivLuvah, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. CivLuvah

    CivLuvah Warlord

    May 27, 2008
    From Philippines, now Canada
    On my first game with R&F as Rome I tried to aim for a Classical Golden Age; however I wasn't able to get any opportunities to increase my era score. Worse I wasn't able to increase my score so I could get even a Normal Age. I eventually earned a Heroic Age by the Medieval Era. I've noticed this happened to me in several games; ironically all of them involving civs that were more prominent during the Classical era in real life.

    Does anyone have any tips and strategies on how to achieve enough era points to gain a Golden Age by the Classical Era? Should I increase production (that's been a problem of mine during the early game - gaining enough production to create a decent-sized ancient army)? Should I have lots of scouts to discover natural wonders? Should I declare war early?
  2. whacker

    whacker Chieftain

    Dec 1, 2016
    There are some maps where it can be very hard to gain a classical golden age. Nevertheless there are plenty of ways to gain early points, some of those are:

    -start with a scout to find goody huts(+1 each) and natural wonders (+3 if you are the first to discover it)
    -if you find a natural wonder in close vicinity, settle a city there for +3
    -clear barb camps with your starting warrior(+2, +3 if they are close to one of your cities). With discipline card and some luck your scout may get one as well, especially close to city states.
    -try to chop the pyramids if you have the tile for it(+4). Theoretically any wonder will do, but pyramids are the only one i would recommend in almost any situation.
    -try to reach political philosophy befor the world era changes, yout get +3 for government and new era.
    - the first of horses, galleys and swordmen give +2 each
    -being the first suzerain to a CS gives +2 for each city state. If you recruit amani 1. or 2. you should be able to get 1-3 city states for a total of +2-6 era score. On high difficulties more than one, sometimes two, are hard because of the faster era change and the travel time of amani.
    -ur first unique units/buildings give +4 each. This means that civs with very early uu/ub have an easier time getting to a classical golden age.
    -trading posts give +1 each. This can only be used reliably by mongols and cree in classical era though.
    -settling on desert or tundra gives +1 each.
    -forward settling an AI gives +1, but i would deter from doing so if you are not prepared for war. :)
    -there are some boni like +1 for each GP, +3 for religion, +2 first pantheon that can only be achieved under certain circumstances and with certain civs like russia/china.

    I bet i have forgotten some, but with these boni you can get a classical golden age for at least 50% of the time on deity, at least if you focus on it.

    I would recommend playing a game as the cree, as they have to best reliable shot on classical golden ages in my oppinion. +8 for uu/ub +1 for trade post, you can always get those. On top of that your scout is basically a warrior, so you have double camp clearing power.
  3. Chibisuke

    Chibisuke Chieftain

    Nov 6, 2016
    Good points above. Getting golden age at the beginning of the game is a big challenge, especially on deity. It's something I have discussed in other threads. Building wonders helps hugely, and for that China is great.
    Builderphile likes this.
  4. callmewoof

    callmewoof Chieftain

    Aug 15, 2007
    I'm having the opposite problem. I keep getting to normal age every time while trying not to on deity. I want a dark age on purpose so I can slingshot into a heroic. It only takes 12 points to hit normal. Meeting a couple civs, two or three goodie huts, one or two barb camps, bam 12 points.

    Each time I try to get a golden age at the station seem to fall 3-5 points shorty, so I've been trying to go dark while saving as many point boosters (like UU/UB/UI)
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  5. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Slightly off topic but has been nagging me... is a heroic worth it?
    The word Heroic sings wonderful bonuses but are they combined?

    Assuming you do not have a religion or want a RV Exodus is pointless leaving you no choice but taking Monumentality, Free Inquiry and Pen, brush and voice.

    The era points you will gain from the heroic are likely to lead to a golden which is one thing.
    10% to science and culture Eurekas is something also

    Monumentality can be awesome either with gold or faith, mainly with faith and goddess of the harvest but getting that on Deity is pure luck and unlikely to lead to a classic dark age. This is my first go-to
    Pen, Brush and Voice is another word for the Meritocracy card pure and simple. Not to be ignored. and a good solid culture boost but not awesome.
    Free Inquiry is about having a lot of CH early or a couple of harbour triangles. With these it can be quite strong but limits your science/culture growth initially to get.

    Whats the down side to compare against? Some nasty loyalty pressure at a level where the AI starts with 3 cities and 5 warriors. A deity dark can be quite dangerous and the AI does like to get Amani to take loyalty off you. But it can be managed.

    I think the key thing here is you really need to decide early to go dark before you really know how the game is going to turn out. If you want to go dark you really have to blind yourself to exploration. If you want to push a classic golden this is where the real comparison goes. From say turn 50-100 you will be in a golden or a dark if you can... what does the golden give you? Well the ability to buy settlers and workers fast and your workers to be sped up so you get improvements faster. this classic golden age at the right time is very very strong if you take monumentality. If you are a seasoned player you know getting settlers out there and moar cities is what its all about and then to get them developed as fast as possible.

    In essence you are sacrificing a very strong (probably strongest) golden age era for a dark where when you come out the other end you are likely to get good bonuses but nothing blinding apart form monumentality which you can get with a double golden. I am finding the classic golden so strong that a medieval golden is hard to avoid and the two together speed up your game a lot

    Its only when you feel this you realise the heroic is probably not worth it unless you are going for a long game in which case it may be better.

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