Stuck on committing turn : Total server meta data exceeds FireaxisLive maximum


Sep 17, 2022
Hi everyone,
I am trying my chance here since 2K Support is not the best one ever. So here is the issue, I am playing a game by cloud with friend from my main PC and from my laptop. This usually works until we get an error about mods (Error: One or more mods failed to load content) even though we dont use any unofficial mod... or it happens that the game is stuck on loading. 2K never helped but loading the previous save is working so we dont bother that much (only impact is that you still see pending turns on steam and don't unlock the end of game trophy)

Today I get another kind of issue (...) I can play my turn fine but at the end of the turn it won't commit. That's the first turn I am trying to play from vacation so on my laptop, if I can't solve it I will check if it works from my PC when I am back home.

What I can see in the net_message_debug logs:
Total server meta data exceeds FireaxisLive maximum. Current size: 4497, Maximum Size: 4096

Has anyone faced a similar issue ?
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