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    Good day all,

    this thread is directed to people who study or who have studied in Belgium (precisely anything to do with economics) or who have any knowledge concerning the subject.

    I am about to apply to univresity, and I was hoping to go for Ingenieur de gestion at UCL in Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium. However, I just got informed from one of my friends that Ingenieur de gestion is a unique faculty that is only offered in Belgium, and that France for example does not accept it (one has to do one more year of economics in France in order to be accepted).

    There is also a faculty called Science economique et de gestion, which consists of mainly the same courses, however does not include the science side of ingenieur de gestion (chemsitry and physics), which I'd prefer to have. That faculty of science economique et de gestion apparently is accepted in other countries such as France.

    This is a problem for me, for if I choose ingenieur de gestion (which I do prefer for the science and technological courses) I could only look for a job in Belgium (if my friend is correct). However this seems illogical for me, since:
    - after the treaty of Bologne, all European studies should be put on one level thus making them accepted throughout the EU.
    - Foreign companies (that is where I would probably apply first) shouldn't really care if the given faculty is accepted in France or not. what makes France so much more important than Belgium in this case?

    Do you have any thoughts/information concerning the fact that Ingenieur de gestion is not so easily accepted in France? If I'm wrong about the two points I mentioned above, please illuminate me.

    Also, if you know anything about ingenieur de gestion or science economique et de gestion faculties that is worthy to know, as well as possible jobs they might imply, please share that information here.



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