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Succession Game for Civ 5


Nov 29, 2004
City of one angel
Hi Folks,

yes, I admit I ordered and pre loaded Civ 5 yesterday. Steam hasn't caused any trouble for me yet. I am aware of the many questions we all have with civ 5, but as an avid old civfanatic, I am sure that money is well spent considering what other lame ducks I have bought at times in the past.

So, where are the many seasoned players we have on CFC? Haven't been active at the Civ 4 section, so I don't know where those guys are. However, I would like to play a succession game with those old timers. The warmonger in me also hopes for a renaissance of the always war kick we got from C3C.

Anyone of you out there? Willing to play a SG once the dust has settled?
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