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Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Oops, I skipped 12 by mistake.
Worker automate is not fair is sucession games - please do not use it.
Also, no long go to orders. Don't fortify ships in the middle of the ocean.
Of course - NEVER load a autosave!

Playing -
Brian J
You must be on patch 1.17.

Civ = Rome
World = Standard, Warm, Wet, 5 Billion, medium continents.
Difficulty = Regent
Barbarians = Restless
# Civs = 8
24 hours to verify you can play your turn, 48 hours to play.
Your choice, up to 20 turns. You can always play less.
I would also like to play, but am currently out of town for one week. If you put me in the play list, put me last and I should be back before my turn comes up. This will also be my first succession game so take that into account as well.
Harleqin you are #2.

meldor, quite a few turns will be completed the first week. I suggest you look for a game once you are back.
3950 BC - Rome is formed by a river, and the ocean. A cattle will be in ranch once the borders expand.
3650 BC - The Illuryian tribe teaches us Ceromonial Burial.
3250 BC - [dance]We get a settler from a goody hut [dance]
3150 BC - Veii is formed.
3050 BC - The Gaul tribe teaches us Mysticism.
2800 BC - Antium is formed. Worker #2 is ordered.
2710 BC - Writing in 21 turns, so the research begins. Veii starts worker #3. This city won't grow much until irragted.
2550 BC - First contact, gack it is Russia. We trade alphabet for pottery and $5.
2510 BC - Russia beats us by one turn to a goody hut :(

Summary - Expand. Keep developing around Rome. I want the Pyramids for both the growth factor, and some culture. Rome has the potential to be a killer wonder city.

Up Next - Brian J
1 slot left.
Preturn: NOTE v1.17f in effect!
Nice piece of land we have. not a single tile of Jungle! :D Where are the Russians?

1990 BC:
Brianus Augustus takes the Roman throne.

1950 BC:
Moves Settler into position.

1910 BC:
Antium completes a warrior, starts a settler.

Cumae is founded.

1870 BC:
Writing is discovered. Now Brianus can read the scribblings on the cave walls in his 'palace'. Scholors think that writing long strings of letters, called books. Brianus agrees, although it seems like a waste of good papyrus.

1830 BC:
Peasants in Rome riot. Brianus sends in some entertainers.

1790 BC:
That Russian scout is still nosing around.

1750 BC:
Brianus sleeps for 40 years. Wakes up and notes that the Russians could be blocked from our lands very easily..

1725 BC: a road to the dyes is started, to appease Roman citizens.

1700 BC:

1675 BC:
A barbarian is spotted west of the Roman empire! Our warrior heads towards it.

1650 BC:
Our mighty red warrior defeats the barbarian.

1625 BC:
A warrior from Cumae escorts another settler to the west.. looking to get the choke point to Russian lands.

1600 BC:

1575 BC:
Dyes make the Roman people happy! Roman Entertainer is fired!

Our settler walks right beside a barb camp! Good thing he is escorted! :D

Our warrior kills the barb camp. The usual fee is extracted.

1550 BC:
More settlers on the way.

1525 BC:

(17)1500 BC:
More barb camps spotted but they cant reach us.. On a small island to the south. Wine and incense within reach. not bad..

1475 BC:

1450 BC:
We discover Literature! Brianus is more impressed with the sharp pointy sticks on which sages want to attach hard brownish yellow metal.

1425 BC:
Neapolis is founded. It will be a point where our floating things can travel from big water to big water, Brianus explains. His advisors think he is crazy. They plot together and when he is not looking they trip him up and beat him with clubs.
Before he leaves he sends an Envoy north to the Russian capital with 49 gold to establish an embassy.

The settler near the incence can build a city there or move SW away from Neapolis.. Up to the next leader. More settlers will be on the way. We are going to expand fast in this game.

We will need military once we get Bronze Working. the Russians seem to be quite far away.

Good luck!
Here is a picture of our fair land.


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[dance]I see Incense and Wines [dance].

Keep expanding. Also, add a couple more workers! Quite a bit of plains. :(

Still taking 1 more player.
shdwlord - you are player #4.

Game is closed.
I'm done. I only played 15 turns though :)

With the death of Brianus Augustus during a time of peace the people grieved for forty days and forty nights. During the official period of mourning the senate debated on whom should lead the fledgling empire. Eventually the senators chose the young Harleqinus Justistius, a man known for his peaceful nature. It was decided that he would be the right man in leading Rome on to greater glory.

Inherited turn (0): Nothing changed. Things look quite good.

1400 BC (1): The new emperor doesn't like that the party of settlers was so close to Neapolis and ordered them southwest. He then got a major shock as Catherine of the Russians came to visit :eek: . At first he thought it was a Demon :satan: that had come to visit him and it took hours before his advisors convinced him that that thing was human. She was quite annoyed :mad: with Justerius' behaviour and that only scared the Emperor even more. It soon turned out that she was here because she wanted to sell knowledge of another people they had met, the Iroquois. After a lot of haggling Caesar Justerius (remember... Caesar is also a title) got the contact for the knowledge of writing and 16 bars of gold. As the Russians were about to leave Justerius gave them another offer. He couldn't bear seeing the way they treated their slaves and negotiated their freedom for 26 bars of gold (one worker bought).

1375 BC (2): A barbarian party of horsemen are defeated by our brave warriors on the southern peninsula. Further north the settlers get tired of walking and decide to found the town of Pompeii right where they are.

1350 BC (3): Roman wise men learn the arts of making Bronze. The Emperor is impressed and orders both Neapolis and Pompeii to start training men using weapons of bronze. As new goal he decides that his people needs to be enlightened and tell his wise men to start looking into philosofi. In order to owercome the lack of gold he set science spending at 80%.

1325 BC (4): The Emperor goes for a walk contemplating how a bird can fly.

1300 BC (5): A new band of settlers are ready in Antium. As they leave the town another band starts to form.

1275 BC (6): The Emperor wonders if pigs too can fly...? :confused:

1250 BC (7): Harleqinus Justerius decides that pigs can't fly after watching 11 fall to their deaths after being thown out from the top of a tower.

1225 BC (8): Our warriors on the peninsula engages another band of barbarian horsemen. They are victorius and now battlehardened vetarans.

1200 BC (9): The settlers from Antium leave Pompeii escorted by warriors. They are now entering the wilderness.

1175 BC (10): The Emperor is bored and tired. He still don't understand why some animals can fly and others can't. He wonders if humans will one day fly.

1150 BC (11): Our settlers in the wilderness are attacked by barbarians. Luckily the escorting warriors are able to beat them back. These warriors are now also veterans of battle.

1125 BC (12): The concept of Philosopfi spreads through the Empire as Roman wise men finally unlock all it's secrets. Discussions are overheard everywhere on many different subjects. Emperor Justerius is pleased. Next the Wise Ones will try to unlock the secrets of the Wheel.
Pompeii and Veii both start production of temples after building Spearmen and settlers respectively. In the south our glorious warriors attack and disperse a camp of barbarians earning the right to calling themselves elite troops.

1100 BC (13): Antium commision yet another party of settlers. This time they start training men in the use of spears instead of more settlers.

1075 BC (14): A barbarian camp is dispersed in the wilderness.

1050 BC (15): The Emperor grows old and feels that the end is near. His last action before dying is founding Pisae between Cumae and Neapolis. The Empire grieves the death of their leader and, as a mark of respect, the settlers in the wilderness found a new town called Harleqinopolis.
I have mainly concentrated on expanding the realm. Right now I've started production a few places of military units as the ugly Russians only respect strength. There are several good spots for cities yet and we will need to grap those before triremes start showing up. I passed the luxuries in the jungles to the north as I considered the faster growth and production available near the cattle and wheat more important in the short term. A good start is everything. We will need to lock up the resources soon though. Just be careful. There is a barbarian camp north of Neapolis.
The Wheel will be here in two turns and so will the Pyramids. That should help growth of the cities even more for the next ruler.

Good luck.


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Next for Rome
Temple to let it grow by one, then colosus. Let's snag another wonder :)

[hint] Colosus could always turn into the GL [hint]

Do we have any barracks yet? I don't want to have to waste time replacing regular spearman with vets.
I don't think so. I built no cityimprovements concentrating on setters instead. Production of spearmen can easily be postponed until we have one or two barracks up. I just wanted to replace the warriors with spears thus freeing up units to go out and explore the north. Same with the temples. We can build something else, but they will help with happiness as well as allow us to expand borders and include some better terrain in key areas. Of course... it all depends upon the actions of the next leader.
Inherited: warrior attacks barbarian horseman outside noapolis to maximize winning chances. Veii switched to barracks. Antium switched to palace as placeholder for lighthouse. Neapolis switched to barracks. Pompeii switched to barracks. Pisae switched to barracks. Harleqinopolis switched to barracks.
People demand the forbidden palace.


1000 We have learned the wheel, and already have horses on our road system (under neapolis). Map making ordered up. The pyramids are completed in Rome. Great Library would take 45 turns, ordered temple hoping that extra workforce will reduce the time. The Iroquois have started the oracle.


950 Pompeii finishes barracks, begins temple.

925 Neapolis finishes barracks, begins worker.

900 2 barbarian encampments destroyed.

875 Cumae finishes settler, starts barracks.

850 Rome finishes temple, Great Library in 37 turns. Veii finishes barracks, begins settler.

825 Ravenna founded, begins temple.

10) 800 Pisae finishes barracks, begins spearman

775 barbarian camp raided.

750 Map making learned, polytheism began. Antium switched to the great lighthouse. Hispalis founded, and begins a temple. Traded world map and 8 gold to iroquois for horseback riding and their territory map. Best deal I could get, I guess they have already explored our part of this island. Traded world map to russia for their territory map and 12 gold, they wouldn't give us any techs.



690 Neapolis finishes worker, begins spearman.



630 Veii finishes settler, begins another.

610 another barbarian camp eliminated.

590 Pisae finishes spearman, begins worker. Pompeii finishes temple, begins spearman. Harleqinopolis finishes barracks, begins worker. I missed Cumae going into disorder this turn :mad:

There is an iroquois settler between our 2 warriors in the north, doesn't look like we will be able to get any further in that direction. The warrior to the south has an endless supply of barbarian camps until we settle down there if we keep moving him back to another spawns. Judging from what is going on on this contenent, we will get both the great library and the great lighthouse, but we have no idea what is going on anywhere else.
I can't wait for Pompeii to expand it's borders. We need that incense on-line quickly. I drop science 10%, we have a puny treasury. We can't afford negative cash flow right now. I am glad our previous leader had the wisdom to get roads to the wines on the way. Switch Neapolis to temple, so that it can get the wheat and cattle within its borders.

570 BC - Viroconium is founded, and starts a barracks. I get Iron working from the Iroqoius for $70 and world map. I want to know if we have iron. Establish embassies, and the Iroqouis will finish the Oracle in 17 turns. Micro-manage Antium and save 3 turns on the Lighthouse.
530 BC - Begin research on Monarchy and the Hanging Gardens.
510 BC - Incense and Wines on-line. Fire several entertainers. Save 3 turns on the lighthouse.
470 BC - The great iragation project begins. It will take awhile, but the river from Veii will get all of our dry cities going.
430 BC - Disperse a barb camp for $25. Our cash flow is zero, so I am happy to get it.
370 BC - The Iroqious start the Great Library - yea, right.
350 BC - Germany complete the Oracle, gack! What will be the cascade?
330 BC - We trade the Russians Polytheism for Math, territory map and $20. ARGGGGGGGGGG! The cascade effect, and another Iroqouis anouncement about the Library. We are probably screwed.
270 BC - Lugdunum is formed. This is the choke point city from the north. Walls are ordered first. Rome controls the big block of dyes.
250 BC - More barbs disprersed, +25. Continue to jerk around the Iroqoius. I love pilaging roads outside of his culture block. :lol:
210 BC - [dance] We get one, the Great Lighthouse [dance]
190 BC - Upgrade our first warrior to Legionary.
110 BC - [dance] I don't know why the Oracle didn't cascade, but WE get the Great libary [dance]. Rome will try for the Colusus.
90 BC - We get Construction for free :) Salamance complete the great wall.
70 BC - Lutetia is founded. More horses, and hopefully the end of bars in ice world. I give in, and buy a world map from the Iroqoius for $30 and world map.

Summary - Nothing critical to work on. The only thing I didn't get was a road to Lugdunum. Expansion is almost over, and infastructure / military is the new goals.

I did break 20 turns, but I had to see if we got the GL. :crazyeyes

Up Next - Brian J
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