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Sucky player questions

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Heliodorus04, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Heliodorus04

    Heliodorus04 Chieftain

    Dec 17, 2010
    With the new patch out, I decided to try Civ V again. I had bought it on release day, and the game was so sub-par that I played about 4 games to a victory and decided it wasn't worth bothering with. Now I'm back and hopeful, but here are some problems I'm having.

    Infinite AI City Sleaze:
    I'm on my second game with the newest patch, and in both, it appears that the AI nations are doing ICS. Not just some, but seemingly all (that I have had contact with). I'm not sure if my own setup options do that (I create random personalities for AIs when I set up a game) or if the AI is simply using its cheating advantages to ICS.

    Am I wrong on this? I don't remember the prior version(s) doing such bad ICS. They would leave space between cities. I'm playing on King difficulty, and I can't compete with their map control. This is a bad predictor of my future enjoyment of the game. Any advice? Playing hundreds of turns of 1-dimensional combat to try to keep this "AI bacteria" behavior doesn't really appeal to me. This is an especially aggravating source of frustration with the game because *I* as a player have to manage my damn unhappiness/empire creep downside (social policies taking longer). The AI doesn't seem to have those same constrictions to play with. I've seen nations with 20 cities to my 8, when I'm struggling with massive unhappiness despite my wonders and my awesome burial tombs...(I play Egypt a lot).

    I still don't get the idea behind research/growth.
    When I start out, how should I manage the balance between the need to grow and the need to keep pace with cheating, sleazing AIs?
    I like to play Egypt because I mostly enjoy growing an empire and being the wonder leader. But even on King, I'm being out-teched and then out-wondered when I'm Egypt, WITH marble, and with Aristocracy. So I should have massive advantages in wonder-building, which doesn't matter when the AI out-techs you.
    I could really use some advice, or direction to a strategy guide on how to manage early city construction.

    I'm not interested in having to conquer and raze 20 enemy cities every game just so I can have decent space on which to build my empire. I tried that. It's boring, and time-consuming.
  2. Slowpoke

    Slowpoke The Mad Modder

    Sep 30, 2010
    It's probably just a coincidence with tha A.I. ICS. They did increase settler flavor by 1, but that should only mildly increase their expansion. Did you start next to siam?

    Also what difficulty are you playng at? My suggestion is just go down one level.

    As for early city construction, build 3-4 settlers ASAP, nab every luxury in your area, then build nothing but workers. Freeze cities at about 5-8 population depending on your style, and expand after 5 cities at your leisure.

    Build workers (at least 5), a few defense units,and no buildings to start with. Don't even build burial tombs till turn 70 or so. As egypt you'll probably want to resist the urge to build early wonders. At most, get stonehenge.
  3. Kyroshill

    Kyroshill Huh?

    Mar 3, 2008
    In my first post-patch game what I am seeing is the AI building more compact empires for sure.... but the comparison is to pre-patch AI who would put cities anywhere and everywhere... leading to non-contiguous borders and indeed seemingly randomly scattered cities...

    How many times did we see an AI coming from across the continent on Turn 40 to place a city right next to our capital! This doesn't seem to be happening anymore... and I like it :goodjob:
  4. Aldor

    Aldor King

    Nov 26, 2005
    I've seen the AI 'ICS' at warlord level ;) (its probably not as bad as for higher levels tho)

    I'm the aztecs in this game. Starting position is unfavorable for expansion via war, since on both ends I'm limited by choke points. In english lands its VERY annoying to be on the receiving end of multiple city and longbow attacks, and the greeks are still my friends (just bribed them to go to war with Babylon).

    But extremely close city placement is everywhere you look here, even for Persia (although I don't understand why he didn't expand further, I need to check, maybe he's going for culture?).

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  5. Mahatmajon

    Mahatmajon Prince

    Dec 13, 2005
    Chicagoland, USA
    Maybe Egypt + wonder-building-focus isn't King-level play? The problem may simply be that you're not playing well for this level and need to learn how to manage strategic wonder building with population growth, expansion, science, war, etc.

    There are plenty of early strategy guides and an Egypt beeline for pottery-calendar to build Stonehenge still feels like a strong start, but after that you will probably have to use your added culture and tile growth to grow your city (watermills are better now, granaries may be worth it because of large city bonuses) and/or expand.
  6. joyous_gard

    joyous_gard Prince

    Oct 10, 2010
    I am going to give this a shot. I never build a lot settlers and maybe that's why it's taking me a while to get rolling. I also rarely build 2 workers. I mostly go to war for my cities and workers and try to get some of the early national wonders before annexing or building another settler.

    I hate the SP penalty for cities, but my science and production really suffer at the national level.

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