[NFP] Sudden, inexplicable client crashes upon joining map


Aug 12, 2015
I have a debilitating issue that really needs resolving

After quite some time in MP, the game will inexplicably error out. Me as host would be fine, but the client will simply crash. Once this happens, literally each and every single save of that map will cause the client to crash upon loading into the map, and yes it includes autosave 45 turns before the original crash.

Inviting while in game does not help, the client will immediately crash upon joining the map. Creating a new game will not cause any error, but eventually the same problem will appear

I don't know how to fix this. We've tried changing from DirectX 11 to 12 and vice versa, we have tried turning off all mods, we have tried deleting the cache folder, nothing works. It's incredibly frustrating, no MP game has ever breached medieval
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