Suggest Alternate Leaders for Civ6 base civs

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Guandao, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Meowzer

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    Nov 5, 2016
    China - Mao Zedong
    England - Winston Churchill
    France - Napoleon
    Germany - Otto von Bismarck
  2. U. Singularius

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    Aug 1, 2016
    John Hancock

    Maximillien Robespierre
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  3. Victoria

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Now if they had Mithridates Eupator I would for once try a domination victory. He is my fave baddy ever! More for his attitude to being bad rather than his success.

    Ran away from home to stop his mum killing him
    Married his sister
    Poured molten gold down a greedy roman generals throat
    Arranged the death of 80,000 (all) roman citizens in turkey in 88BC
    Enslaved an entire allied city for banging into his royal barge and making him fall over.
    Took poison in small doses every day to be immune
    Killed his nephew in a "naked meeting for safety" by strapping a small knife to the underside of his crown jewels

    It took the romans until he was 79 to catch him
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  4. FangoriousFae

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    Oct 28, 2016
    I have a few ideas, but my most complete one is probably Louis XIV:
    • Capital: Versailles
    • Leader Ability: Ancien Regime - Themed Great Works provide triple rather than double yields. If this isn't enough, he can also get a Musketeer unique, or maybe to fit with the Agenda better a combat bonus against civs who have a bad relationship with him.
    • Leader Agenda: The Sun King - Louis XIV will make lots of demands and few promises, and he won't accept deals that aren't heavily in his favor; he likes leaders who give him what he wants all the time, and he dislikes leaders who turn down or try to change deals he proposes, who break or won't make promises to him, or who try to get him to make promises to them.
  5. halfhalfharp

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    Nov 21, 2016
    For China:
    I suppose lords from the Three kingdom period (e.g. Cao Cao, Cao Pi, Liu Bei, etc) are already exploited too much in Japanese video games so I will avoid them.

    For leaders who possessed a strong military or succeeded in conquests, I will purpose
    Qianlong, an emperor in Qing Dynsaty who initiated many conquests in stabilizing the country. He also patronized art and cultural growth.
    Tang Taizong, the one who tamed the nomads and foreign nations through war and diplomacy, earning the title "Universal Khan" and opening the golden age of Tang Dynasty.
    Han Gaozu, the one who fought his way from a commoner onto the throne after Qin dynasty's collapse.
    They opened golden eras of Chinese history, both in terms of military and culture.

    If you want a more cultural/enlightenment leader, I recommand:
    Han Wu Di (Literally military king of Han), he tamed barbarian/nomads around China, securing the borders and more importantly, prioritized Confucius ideologies that affected China for the next two thousand years.
    Sun Yat-Sen who was praised as "Father of Nation" for he enlightened Chinese people of Freedom and revolutionary ideas (although in many times he did not rule but remained a respected figurehead)
    Mao ZeDong (for we all know he was bringing the communist ideologies and organized a "revolution in culture")

    For religious Leaders, Confucius believes are actually not religious believes, but something like ideologies. The real religions are Buddhism and Taoism. Therefore, I recommend:
    Han WenDi/ Han JingDi, both prioritized Taoist ideologies and traditions in follow natural ruling (i.e. reduce restriction and taxes, let people grow and prosper).
    Wu Zetian, surprisingly, she was actually an empress rising Buddhism status into high levels in China. On the other hand, her military strength was not comparable to Qianlong, etc.

    For a alternative female leader, I still recommand Wu Zetian, but if you got tired of her face from Civ V, we still have many powerful female regents in Chinese history:
    Dowager LuZhi, the first dowager empress to assume true control over state matter. Her ruthlessness in torturing enemies stabilized her rule (as have WuZeTian did too).
    Dowager Cixi, the latest dowager empress who fully controlled state matter and led China into wars with western countries. What she had done was promoting superstitious followers into real military combat (leading to Boxer's Revolt) and also slowed China from westernization.
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  6. ViterboKnight

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    Feb 6, 2006
    Some current leaders are quite particular but funny (eg, Catherine de Medici, Cleopatra).
    Maybe some civs could have more historically relevant leaders together with the more peculiar ones.
    Or vice-versa!!

    France: Louis XIV
    Egypt: Thutmose III, Ramses II
    America: Washington, Lincoln
    Rome: Julius Caesar, Marcus Aurelius
    Norway: Erik the red
  7. Dicemechanic

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    Nov 22, 2016
    For Norway, I'd like to see Rollo of Normandy. OK, so technically never actually ruled Norway, but established the Viking kingdom in Northern France, that became Normandy, that won at Hastings, that became England. The British Empire is ultimately a victory for an adventurous viking in the 10th Century.
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  8. FangoriousFae

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    Oct 28, 2016
    Norway should have been called "Scandinavia" anyway so that the Danes and Swedes (and possibly the Normans) could share the Berserker.
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