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Suggestion: Atlantis

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Azedenkae, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Azedenkae

    Azedenkae Chieftain

    Mar 7, 2009
    I don't know just how feasible this is to implement, or even if it should be implemented, but I think cities should be able to submerge themselves to the bottom of the ocean, much like Atlantis did. This could/should just apply if they are over ocean tiles.

    Potential characteristics of this ability:
    -Submerge: Costs maybe 3x normal movement cost? And/or maybe an energy cost?
    -Inability to work tiles: citizens are not able to work surrounding tiles, obviously because the city is submerged and most of the improvements are on land/floating/etc. Not sure if we want to implement the ability to work tiles that has improvements that are predominantly below the surface.
    -Movement: unlike Atlantis, I would suggest that cities can actually move, but maybe at a rate 3x slower than their normal move, perhaps.
    -Surface: they can surface, but only if there is not a city directly above. If there's an unit, it's treated as if the city just moved onto it, except I guess the unit will be displaced to a random tile. As for the cost, probably 3x the normal movement cost? And/or maybe an energy cost?
    -Unit interactions: Maybe only interactions with submarines allowed? :3 That includes sending out submarines, and shooting at incoming submarines (and submarines can attack submerged cities). I guess though, that if submarines take the city's health to 0, that means shield failure or whatever, and the city gets auto-razed?

    Yes, I am totally basing this off Atlantis. XD I mean seriously, the cities in BERT are pretty much exactly like Atlantis, bar the ability to blast off into space. And the ability to submerge.

    Just a whacky idea of mine.
  2. Azem.Ocram

    Azem.Ocram King

    Sep 15, 2015
    StarGate Atlantis?

    Interesting idea.
  3. Azedenkae

    Azedenkae Chieftain

    Mar 7, 2009
    Yes, Stargate Atlantis. The moment I saw the aquatic cities I was like 'oh cmon'. XD

    I would totally be cool if this was an optional choice we can tick at game setup even.

    Would also love to see aquatic cities being able to come within bombardment range of each other. :p

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