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[Suggestion] Extra Diplomacy Options

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Aussie_Lurker, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Aussie_Lurker

    Aussie_Lurker Warlord

    Jul 21, 2003
    Adelaide, South Australia
    Although I do love the extra attention they are paying to Alliances in Rise & Fall, I definitely think that Diplomacy can be enhanced even further. In part by using the best elements of previous iterations of the game....or variants of them. Such as:

    1) Tip Offs: I really loved this in Civ5. Getting juicy gossip about something a plot, via your spies, then delivering that info to a 3rd party Civilization that it impacted.

    2) Pacts of Secrecy: These served no real purpose in Vanilla Civilization 5, because there was no way to really secretly undermine a Civilization at that point in the game's development (spies didn't come until later). However, this kind of pact would be a great way for 2 Civs to undermine a 3rd party using all the secret tactics that are already available, & which will most likely also become available in the expansions.

    3) Bullying a City-State: I really loved doing this in Civ5, & I also loved pulling Civs up for doing this.....especially if I'd offered a City-State protection (another feature that needs to make a come-back).

    4) Request/Demand removal of Envoys: A new feature I'd like to see, where you can request or demand that a Civilization remove any envoys they've placed in a City-State. Also, this should be a conversation option, where you can ask a Civilization not to place any envoys in a City-State for X-turns.

    5) Pre-emptive requests: Presently, we can't ask a Civilization *not* to do something until *after* they've done that thing-like settling too close or converting a city. I'd like to have the ability to request these things *in advance*.

    6) Converting to a Religion: This would require a return of State Religions, but I'd like to see this Civ4 ability return.....albeit slightly tweaked. Basically the Founder or current Follower of a religion could ask another Civ that had that religion present to convert to said religion. This would cause a small, initial boost to relations with the follower(s)/founder of that religion.....with further boosts for every additional City your convert to that religion and/or every religious specific building you construct.

    7) More ways to gain influence over City-States-whether gaining whole envoys, or boosting progress towards envoys, things like offering protection, changing to certain governments, changing to certain religions & use of spies should all have an impact on your City-State Influence.

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