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Suggestion: small logical changes

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - We The People' started by Fat Tony, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony Chieftain

    Apr 25, 2021
    Dear modders & community members

    I have few suggestions, to improve game logic a bit.
    1. Problem. Hunter gets food & fur, but Trapper does not.
    Those time people tried to get every piece of food they could gather.
    Suggestion. Add food & premium fur to Trapper

    2. Problem. Rancher at the moment is too 'overpowerred' & comes out of game logic where 1 bonus resourse on 1 specialist (Prospector does the same, but it is for good)
    Suggestion 1. Remove Rancher to tier 1 units (like fisherman)
    Suggestion 2:
    Unit class changes. (yeild/bonus_yeild)
    Rancher now affects only horses (3/2) & get bonus to sheeps & cows (2/1)
    New unit Sheppard = affects sheeps (3/2) & get bonus to horses & cows (2/1)
    New unit Cowboy = affects cows (3/2) & get bonus to horses & sheeps (2/1)

    3. Problem. Seal hunter should be removed or become more valuable
    Actualy there are no big difference between hunter & seal hunter.
    Suggestion 1. Remove as no real need in this 'exotic' profession
    Suggestion 2. Give to seal hunter bonus to all fur tipe resourses in water & increase it like +4 to furs & premium furs and +3 to bonus yeilds

    All at the moment, may add some more later. If needed.
  2. Nightinggale

    Nightinggale Deity

    Feb 2, 2009
    First of all welcome to the community. It's a good first post and all issues mentioned are worth considering.

    Everything mentioned here should be possible using xml changes only. This means everybody should be able to mess around with this and test various configurations. Also it becomes a question of pure game balance rather than considering programming difficulty as well.

    I can't give any straight answers regarding what will happen with this in the mod because the current balance isn't something, which just happens to be there. It has been tweaked countless times and I won't announce changes without testing and without consulting people who tweaked the current game balance.

    Trapper producing food?
    It might sound insane from a modern perspective, but trappers/fur hunters did in fact hunt for furs. They killed bison in huge numbers just for the fur and then they left the flesh to rot. This means as bad as it sounds, the current implementation isn't historically incorrect.

    This means historically we can do either. The question is what would make the most sense from a game balance point of view? :thinking:

    This is obviously pure game balance.

    Seal Hunter
    I'm not a fan of removing existing game contents. What is worthless to some people might be important for other people. Increased production of premium fur? Sounds interesting. It could become sort of like the gold mine in the sense that colonies can be placed for strategic reasons even though the area around it is otherwise poor. Generally speaking colonies around tundra aren't as attractive as colonies further towards the equator.
  3. CurtnoAnna

    CurtnoAnna Chieftain

    Jan 18, 2013
    Premium fur would more than likely come from beaver or seals. I don't think they ate either one.
  4. ConjurerDragon

    ConjurerDragon Prince Supporter

    Dec 13, 2012
    I am certain that the trappers did use the meat of the animals they trapped for their own consumption and that of their families if they had them with them
    https://www.ehow.com/how_8560364_cook-beaver-meat.html#:~:text=How to Cook Beaver Meat 1 Basic Beaver,they can be prepared differently. Weitere Artikel...
    The problem here is distance and preservation of the meat until the stuff is sold in the city after the season has ended.
    In general trappers worked alone and have been busy e.g. to set up traps to catch beavers along all creeks in the vicinity of their base/hut and then to occasionally walk along all traps to gather captured beavers and reset the traps. All usually done in the wilderness without roads so only on foot or horse which limits the weight that can be transported. Which usually meant that the most important thing was to get the fur back home to be cleaned and stored so that it would not rot until an amount was gathered to be brought to the next trading outpost to sell. The meat would be used for local consumption but to preseve and transport that too was taking away time from the more lucrative job of gathering and preparing the furs, would have been adding far more wetght and would have required ways to constantly preserve meat (salting would mean constantly buying and transporting in large amounts of salt and smoking over days would give away your position to everyone in a wide radius which was not wise if trapping away from civilization in the wilderness where you could meet natives. Drying or making Pemmikan out of it would be the only feasible way of preservation and dried meat is not everyones cup of tea in the cities, nor as lucrative as fur.

    That is ingame not obvious as both hunter and trapper work in the vicinity of the citys - however consider how large the squares of the map are. The "city" with the controlled area is compared to the real landscape more like a whole colony. So not the city of New York, but the state of New York.
    Historically trappers would be far out in the wilderness on their own trapping and return only to the city or more accurately to the next trading post

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