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Mar 2, 2007

I wonder if it could be possible to do a patch to enhance the "CITY RESOURCES" part of the city screen ...
Some proposals :
- arrows : keep the original color for those from the city tiles, and an other color (green ?) for those from trade. ... and better : display inlay the number of each category (y/c those from corruption)
- coins, jewels, bulb : keep the original colors for those from tax/lux/research from initial tile arrows initial tile arrows, and other color for those from the buildings (temples, library, ...) ... and better : display inlay the number of each category
- shields : the same
It would greatly help to manage the cities and understand importance of some improvements and trade !

Darkpanda, i realy realy love your toolbox, especially "no_quiz", "pré_game settings", "custom settings" and "speed logo". I wonder why there is not possibility to change the specs of units and improvements in the civ.exe (rather than in saved games civil.sve). There was such utilities to do that, but only on 32 bits systems (necessity to use a virtual machine). It would be super, if this feature was inclueded in you toolbox !!!

Thanx by advance



Dark Prince
Oct 28, 2007
Hi there,

There is nearly no room in CIV.EXE to add custom code - which would be needed to implement what you suggest. Possibly, some existing code could be discarded to make room for this (such as F10 MAP screen, or else), but then, to plug the code you describe would require considerable effort and rewiring (+ on-the-side adjustements such as relocation table, overlay calls, etc.). It looks like an interesting endeavour but at the moment not on my TODO list.

Regarding specs of units, those can definitely be changed in CIV.EXE (and then every new game and gamesaves will use those custom values), but indeed I never spent time doing a patch for this.

For improvements it would be harder to patch, because their effects are often spread throughout various pieces of code, but could still be altered to some extent.

Thanks for the heads up :)
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