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Suggestions for Improvement

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Star Trek Mod' started by TimSLS, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. TimSLS

    TimSLS Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2009
    I really love this mod. However, there are a few minor changes that I believe would improve it even further. All are based on play with the galaxy game.

    1) make warp 5 a requirement for building spies, or even a higher tech. in the galaxy game, the AIs waste time at the beginning mass producing spies, when they should be building factories and such. They don't do anything with them, except using them as makeshift explorers before they discover techs for real ships. Hurts their economy and rather subverts the significance of warp 5

    2) expand out the solar systems of some of the significant alpha quadrant races. Humans have an excelent one, with 4 food producing from the start and lots of planets, but by comparison the romulans and cardisans grow at a snails pace with only a 3 food producer, and have more limitied higher end growth with less planets. Hugely adds to the already significant human advantage with forming the federation. Food is really too significant in the early game, more production doesn't balance it out.

    3) add in a few of the other races - gorn, sulliban, xindi...I know the alpha quadrant is already crowded, but I really miss these races

    4) make an option to form the federation earlier - as is, it only gets formed in the late movies era. Perhaps to balance the power, when the federation gets formed the klingons, cardisans, and romulans should get a power boost, like some free ships? At any rate they could use a boost - as is bajor is more likely to conquor the cardasians rather than the other way around.

    5) make warp 7 a requirement for some upper level techs that lead to light I ships. As is, everyone seems to skip warp 7, going for explorers with tractor beam then straight to photon torpedos...doesn't make sense that one can skip warp 7 and still build all the later starships.

    I really love the mod!


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