Suggestions for Mods that Make Minor Tweaks?


May 9, 2011
Washington, DC
Hey, folks -

I've played Civ5 for a long time unmodded, and I'm finally in the mood to try my hand at some light mods that make small tweaks. I'm not looking for the introduction of new mechanics, units, or civs. I just want smaller quality-of-life changes and simple improvements.

Do you folks have good suggestions?
Maybe if you gave specific examples, we could help. There are mods that add new wonders, new resources, new abilities, new technology, etc.
Most of my mods (see link in sig) make minor tweaks, but add them all together and they drastically change the game ... but then you can pick and mix those you want :)
@ bcaiko - If I were you, I'd try to think of a game "area" you'd like to see changed. For example, "units," "buildings," "wonders," etc. If you look at the Civilization Wiki ( - basically anything that has a link could be a good area to search for mods.

Next, go to the Steam Civ V Workshop:

On the right side of the screen, there's a text box, with this label: "Search Sid Meier's Civilization V"

Type in one of these areas in which you're interested, then press the little "spy glass" to search the workshop for mods that have key words that match the area you entered. The search is brutally precise, so it will only show mods that perfectly match your entry.

After that, it helps to change the "Sort by" setting from "Relevance" to "Most Popular." There is wisdom in crowds, so if you look at the mods most players have rated well or downloaded, you'll probably be off to a good start.

There are tons of really great mods that can change the game from a tiny amount, all the way to a completely different game. Heck, I started playing un-modded Civ V, perhaps only a couple of games, and with a heavy "meh..." almost gave up on it entirely. Then my son recommended diving into the workshop - where I found "Thecrazyscotsman's Omnibus Mod" and my opinion of the game instantly changed, to where it's now probably my favorite game of all time. I'm sure there's a mod or two there that can do the same for you.

Good luck!
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