[BNW] Suggestions for slow loading times


Oct 6, 2010
I'm trying Civ V again with the Community Mod patch after a few years of not playing Civ V because of the poor AI. I have a relatively new rig with very high end graphics card and SSD. However, my user files are off on an older NAS and therefore my mods and save files are in the My Games folder on the NAS. Load times are appalling slow. After clicking dx10/dx11 - it's a few minutes and then when I click on mods it's another few minutes "configuring" and then when I load a save game it either takes a long time or just hangs.

Any advise - I looked into moving my mod/save files to the SSD but there doesn't seem to be a way to make this change.

Help appreciated as I'm about to abandon this game again (unfortunately Civ VI AI is broken so it would be back to Civ IV or some other franchise like Endless Legend)
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