Suggestions for some uniques for districts, units, and buildings that don't have uniques yet


Jun 4, 2015
In ternms of unique buildings, besides America's film studio, district buildings only get uniques at T1/T2, which is the only post-industrial unique, so I'd lean towards early buildings. For districts, the it seems most of the "normal" ones have a replacement already, although I could see maybe a unique preserve, water park (besides Copacabana), Dam, Diplomatic Quarter, maybe Aerodrome although that'd be a bit late. That said I tried to design a few full civs to include uniques for some of these... Following the pattern of the base game, every civ has one UU and either one UD or UB (UI also allowed but those won't be replacements so I skipped them). Additionally civ leaders can give an additional unique. I tried to make my leader's uniques synergize with each other. Heck maybe one day I'll learn to mod and actually make these... to keep this post from getting too long, I'll post the civs I came up with in separate replies.

Yes I did spent way too long on this crap when I could have been doing something useful instead. Something useful like taking one more turn.
My ideas 1/3

Civ: Venice. Ability: Trade empire. Trade routes to cities of your religion gain +3 gold and +1 faith. Trade routes to cities of other religions do double religious pressure. +3 trade routes when you build the grand canal. 25% gold discount on patronizing great people.

Leader: Enrico Dandolo. Ability: 4th Crusade. Can trade with civs you are at war with. If you have a trade route to a city you are at war with, +5 strength against that city center, or +10 if their religion is the same as yours. Unlocks the venetian crusader unique unit.

UU: Merchant of Venice. Replaces Trader. Can make coastal and ocenic trade routes without needing the techs to embark. Can not be pillaged by civs following the same religion, only by infidelic civs, barbarians or free city units. +50% tourism bonus from trade routes (instead of the normal 25%). When you finish a trading post with each civ for the first time, get a burst of GWAM points. If the unit is currently in a city you are at war with, ignore walls when attacking it.

Leader's UU: Venetian Crusader. Replaces Knight. +5 strength if within 6 tiles of a Merchant of Venice. Only 1 cost to pillage. Gains gold from pillaging in addition to whatever yield the pillage would give (if it's a gold-giving tile, get even more).

UD: (Sorta) replaces Canal. Unlocks with Buttress instead of Steam Power. Costs DOUBLE the production of a regular canal. Naval units trained in this city gain experience 50% faster. Unlike the regular canal, this must be built on a coast tile adjacent to the city. Double the gold bonus for trade routes going through compared to regular canals. Contains one writing, one music, and one art slot, which when filled, doubles tourism in this city. You can only build one. (You can still build regular canals once they're unlocked, unlike other civs with UDs).

Comments: This is pretty similar to Byzantium, but with a more cultural bent, but a bit worse at religious and domination victories (though those should be viable). The vision with this is to get lots of gold and patronize lots of great people, using them to boost towards cultural victory. You better max out the governor that lets you buy districts, in order to make lots of theater squares to hold your GWAM products, though! The leader ability represents that they meant to go recapture Jerusalem for Christendom but ended up fighting the eastern Christians instead, so you get a bonus fighting civs of your own religion, similar to Byzantium. Dandolo was more of a crusader than a merchant, so I never liked his civ 5 ability which completely ignored the crusading Venice did. Ignoring walls from the merchant is again reminiscent of Byzantium but you've gotta be careful to time it correctly.
My ideas 2/3

Civ: New York City. Ability: The New Colossus. When establishing a trading post with a civ for the first time, one population leaves their capital and goes to yours. For each civ you have done this to, +5% gold in your capital. For each different religion present in a city you own, +10% tourism from that city. Cities do not lose loyalty from being a different religion.

Leader 1: Boss Tweed. Ability: Tammany Corruption. Unlocks the "Tammany Hall" building, which replaces the diplomatic quarter, and unlocks the "Huddled Masses" project in cities with a Coney Island district or Entertainment Complex, and this project replaces "bread and circuses". Does the same thing as bread and circuses, but for each builder in the city, additional -1 loyalty to other civ's cities in range. +5% production towards civillian units for each different religion in a city.

Leader 2: Cornelius Vanderbilt. Ability: Transportation magnate. +1 gold on tiles with a road or railroad on it. Once railroads are unlocked, traders make them automatically while traveling, like they do with regular roads, if you have the iron/coal. Once mountain tunnels are unlocked, traders will automatically move through mountains when calculating their route (but no not actually make tunnels). Trade routes get 25% more gold than usual from traveling over tiles/improvements that boost gold (canals, railroads, etc). Military Engineers can build as many roads as they want (comment: why, in the base game, do they lose a charge for roads, but not railroad??).

UU: USS Monitor. Replaces Ironclad. -25% production cost. -50% resource cost. +10 strength against free cities. When killing a unit in a free city, the city gains 10 loyalty towards you.

UD: Coney Island. Replaces water park. -50% production cost as with all unique districts. Unlocked at the same time as entertainment complexes. The first one you build will come with a free ferris wheel in it. +1 amenity in the city center for every district connected to the city center by road or railroad.

Leader's UD: Tammany Hall. Replaces diplomatic quarter. -50% production cost. In addition to the regular things the diplomatic quarter does, gives MINUS 50% gold in the city it's built in (because of corruption!). However, for every 1000 gold lost this way (scales with game speed?), get +1 envoy and +10 diplomatic favor.

Comments: The civ is based on NYC being an immigration capital and the resultant diversity that brings. Tweed's kinda like Eleanor's france, built on ruining other's loyalty and then taking their cities. The monitor was one of the first ironclad warships, built in Brooklyn, NY for the civil war (hence the free cities attack bonus which synergizes well with the loyalty bombing). The huddled masses project represents how a lot of people left their country to move to the USA, often via Ellis Island/NYC, but often ended up just as poor laborers. Vanderbilt is more based on just stacks of cash (admittedly he doesn't stack well with the Monitor) and spares you from having to manually make railroads with military engineers. Like Venice, it's probably going to want to go for cultural victory, although having tons of gold helps with anything, and boss tweed could make a good go of diplomatic victory.
"My" ideas 3/3

Civ: Assyria (this is basically gonna be an updated version of civ 5's but rebalanced for civ 6). Ability: Treasures of Nineveh. When you conquer a city, any great works count as "captured". Captured great works now produce an additional +1 yield depending on their type (science for writing and artifacts, faith for relics and religious art, production for sculpture, gold for music, culture for landscapes and portraits, did I forget any?) and an addition 2 tourism. If you raze the city, great works are transferred to your closest available great work slot, if you have a compatible one (if not, too bad!).

Leader: Ashurbanipal. Ability: Cultured brute. When razing a city, Unlocks the "library of Ashurbanipal" unique building, which replaces the Palace. When capturing a city if you raze it, or instantly repair all pillaged tiles (not districts + buildings) instantly if you don't.

UU: Sapper. Replaces Battering Ram. In addition to the regular siege tower benefits, units stacked with or adjacent to it get a 50% defense boost from ranged attacks and can pillage for 1 movement cost. Works against ancient + medieval walls, not just ancient ones like battering rams. Can construct one Ashur statue in neutral or enemy cities.

UI: Ashur statue. Can go on any tile, built by the sapper. One per city, and can only be built in neutral or enemy cities, plus one in your capital (which can be built by a builder with Masonry). +2 faith and +2 culture (culture added to tourism after flight). Goes on any terrain. Your units within 3 tiles of an Ashur statue gain +5 strength if in enemy territory. Every time you capture a city, every Ashur statue in the world gains +1 culture and faith, and an additional +1 each if you raze the city. Cities with an Ashur statue have +1 loyalty.

LUB: Library of Ashurbanipal. Replaces Palace. In addition to what the palace usually does, has 1 art slot, 1 relic slot, 1 writing slot, 1 music slot, and one "anything" slot like the regular palace. When at least one of these is filled, units spawn with a free promotion. If all five are filled, get a theming bonus. Works placed in these slots give the "conquered works" yield bonuses regardless of if they were actually conquered. Once you build your first theater square, the Library of Ashurbanipal also gives 1 artist, writer, and musician point per turn.

Comments: Conquering happens a lot more in Civ 6 than 5 IMO, so a free tech for each one would be overpowered. More focused on domination + culture as opposed to civ 5's domination + science. Ashur's building being a palace, which you get for free on turn 0, may be a bit too OP, which is why I didn't give him very much other powers, although to be fair the replacement won't do anything different immediately. You'll want to keep some Sappers around and mix them with Siege Towers.
Indian Totem: similar to Roman Plaza or Greek Amphiteatron.
A place for Oral tradition, which would imply Aplhabetism, and singing, as some
radically different ideas about Science transmission amongst people.
Celts and Korea migh get Stone circles, etc...

It sounds similar to Monument, spreading culture early on, but I see it
as a ramification of Science, with Science going to Medicine Schools, Agricultural schools, Masonry schools... and Universities (Nalanda new ancient wonder?)
moving beyond Libraries.... and culture something else... a byproduct of combined commerce-literature-Alphabetism output maybe...
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Comments: Conquering happens a lot more in Civ 6 than 5 IMO, so a free tech for each one would be overpowered. More focused on domination + culture as opposed to civ 5's domination + science. Ashur's building being a palace, which you get for free on turn 0, may be a bit too OP, which is why I didn't give him very much other powers, although to be fair the replacement won't do anything different immediately. You'll want to keep some Sappers around and mix them with Siege Towers.

Free tech but no tech trading... NO... first Civ VII must invert the trend of oversemplification, and add bottlenecks...
A specific Wonder might unblock a key bottleneck TECH: YES!! Free techs sounds like please make life easy....
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