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Jan 13, 2015
I'm not much of a civfanatic myself, just entering the series with CIVBE but I have been reading these forums and the wiki a lot. So I'd like to suggest these mechanics as a way to make a thematic kind of off-World Council. Many have been suggested previously so maybe this is more like a list of things already been said with my personal touch.

As said before me, the goals for the World Council should be:

1) To punish bad gameplay.
2) To enforce interaction with other civs.
3) Enemy Mines should be rewarded, or cynically exploited like the backstabbing warmorger you aim to be.

So, after certain techs or other social developments are reached by any faction (I'm looking at you Communications) the council is created and you may vote for diplomatic victory, raise taxes on salt and yadda-yadda, etc...

Then 10-25 turns later organic waste hits the fan and an assembly is required. Turns out a planet changing event is taking place and everybody is asked nicely to cooperate or rocks fall, everybody dies.

The events:

Spoiler :
Human interference has reached a treshhold in native wildlife, forcing them to develop more aggressive adaptations and reproductive cylces.
The Solution: To dispatch troops to erradicate as many critters towards a global kil count as you can; or you may want to pin overwhelmed citys between your own troops or just develop your own game.
The Reward: A year's provision of alien corpses for the gourmet (food) or biologist (beakers) for every pest you send to alien heaven.

Spoiler :
To surprise to everybody, old terrestrial habits of neglecting Mother's Nature in favor of political agendas and keeping you old refrigerator's door open are threatening us back with pollution endangering the health of your children and puppies.
The Solution: You've got 20 turns to focus on health, or if your neighbour expanded too fast to care, you might ask nicely for their extra cities and promise to puppet them up or just raze the toxic heck from them.
The Punishment: Past 20 turns, if not enough green has been painted, a bunch of negative health is dealt to everybody and population deaths occur, especially to fast expanders (for balance reasons).

Spoiler :
The biblical and overused pretext of heavenly armaggeddon descends upon thy. Star rains have never seemed to be this dense...
The Solution: Increase your orbital STRIKE range and bulid lots of artillery units, in preparation for the 20th turn of space mayan prophecy, or just build a bunch of explorers and delay that expansion...
The Outcome: God does plays with dice, and a probabilist approach collapses random tiles with any improvement, unit and cities Newtonian enough; or if you blew any of those biggies, a fine dust of mineral rains over you increasing your production, in addition of fallen asteorid making nice expedition sites.

Spoiler :
[Alien] life always prevails, in every of form, appetite and size, guess who's got a healty body and never built a clinic? Fitting for a zombie apocalypsis if it were another zombie game, wich this is not.
The solution: To find a cure, so raise those beakers. Meanwhile trade routes are closed to public, also I've heard that diplomatic trade of beakers has some benefits; or just plain deal with underpopulation (wich ironically would increase your health, except that no hosts means no guests in virus' virulopedia).
The Profit: Now you know why pharmaceuticals lie to you to sell those pills, since you're swimming in energy for each beaker you sold. If you did extra homework just deploy that 5th level new covert op you just unlocked. You know which one...

Spoiler :
So the forums have whined and natural wonders are in demand. And Firaxis choose its name for it's fiery and molten sense of irony.
The solution: So the forums have whined for a lack of uses for geothermal, now they just need the perfect outlet... look at those new and shiny buildings available, or just push your neighboor next to that kool-aid pool.
The Result: All those geothermal energy has pushed your advances in super Large Hadron Colliders and other means of expensive research, earning nifty beakers per turn; or your neighboor who lives by the hill no longer lives there and your farms have never been so fertile.

Spoiler :
A strange signal is emmanating from somewhere in a specific frecuency wich resonates with miasma. No doubt this is work of the progenitors.
The Solution: Expand that orbital coverage and then fill the skyes with satellites of any kind ala Beauty in the Eye of the Orbiter quest. The rumours say that those nice allys-to-be have cracked part of the direccional vector matrix and are willing to trade for your analysis.
The Race: When finally someone launches a satellite in the lucky spot, a new expedition site appears in no man's land, and those progenitors left some prize way too neat to spoil the surprise. Finder's keepers and militar corpse camping are allowed.

Spoiler :
In those days when Al Ghor ruled the Earth with iron fist as the tales of Old Earth Relic say, global warming was a real threath. So is the Man-Bear-Pig-Kraken, even now.
The Solution: Just build some Solar Collector (Harmony), Weather Controller (Supremacy) and Terrascapes (Purity). I thought of Holomatrix, but it makes no sense. Or just build some factories and blew those satellites if you'd like more beaches.
The Pictures of my vacation: I know you modders are awesome and harmstrung by lack of tools, so the solution is simplified. If you win, you get a bonus to health. If you dragged everybody to Waterwold, shame of you, that movie was boring. Also, everybody may get some unhealthy. And coastal cities go lost to Atlantis.

Optional: To increase interaction between factions and a little setting of the tone of the story, there might be a prellude:

Certain global variables are evolving misteriously, and much of the weirdness of this alien planet is not yet been scrutinized, so in order to investigate and get eartly warning, you may:

a) Be presented with new expedition sites at request of the council.
b) Casually presented, mid-way research of affinity technologies might give away "inconclusive and unexpected data".
c) So the Slavic Federation wants not only to aggresive-expand into your face, but to buy some piece of data from you, even when it may not be that useful, he might resell it to those Brazillians at the other side of your fence in the mean time to double DOW on you.

The reason I didn't mess with aliens from other worlds is twofold: Contact victory would look dumb and the upcoming Starships game looks like Sid will be armed with canon storywise.

Suggestions, questions, love-confessions and nazi-grammars are welcome. Sorry for my engrish and thanks to all who inspired me in other threads.

Plans for the future: Solar flares, miasma chemistry class, quantum sounding technobabble, the night of the living kraken, eartlier contact victories (might be broken), hot potato with Xeno-beetle, king of mount Olympus (I know that's Mars) and That's XCOM, baby!


Jan 14, 2015
The game should start with a world council
Why? We have human colonies that have had contact for 100s of years land on an alien world. It makes sense that in the initial struggle to survive they will have some cooperation.

The world council should eventually dissolve as affinities increase. eg: Minutes from the final meeting.
Supremacy: #You will join the collective and service us, it is only logical.
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Purity: You're all monsters who don't pollute, cover the landscape in terran ecology or embrace earth culture (You know the holomatrix has a Pr0n channel right?). PS we're bringing in more human immigrants from earth and settling them on your borders.
Harmony: *hiss* We'll blanket the planet in Miasma and see how long you can survive here. *rides off, shirtless, into the sunset on Xenoback*


Jan 13, 2015
I'm both in favor and againts of you suggestion. I don't think the new planet council should start at the beggining, since AI factions don't start at the same time, everybody is weak, trying to survive focusing on themselves, having trust issues, etc.

Besides it may add too much complexity right at the start of the game, wich may only apply to begginers who are still going throught the in-game tutorial.

On the other side early cooperation between factions may be useful. I would like to hire brazilia to clear those aliens nest lusting for my first workers or loaning solar collectors from the slavic federation. Then by the time early colonist become world powers with more control about the world the world council may start.

The in game reason to mantain a world council even when everybody goes different affinities might be that everybody is presented with global threaths, need for commerce with people you may not-quite-hate outright and to push political agendas in others factions, kinda like "Nerve-stappling your citizens is wrong and you're so fired from the council for that" was used in SMAC.


Nov 5, 2014
I agree with having global crises, and the splitting of the council, but I think they should be done in a slightly different way, but mostly the same
In the crises, I think that you should have to vote on what the plan of action will be, and then you vote. This can affect your affinities, but in a minor way
Here could be an example Example
Human interference has reached a treshhold in native wildlife, forcing them to develop more aggressive adaptations and reproductive cylces.

Spoiler :
So, then you can vote on
A) Help the wildlife, so you can do none of the excavations (Harmony)
B) Settle around the planet so humans can become stronger and not have to worry about the aliens (Purity)
C) Eradicate the aliens (Supremacy)

For the dissolving of the council, maybe then the affinities create their own, smaller congress? Would that work?
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