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Sullla's AI Survivor Season Eight - Game 3 Thread

What I find particularly amusing about this map is that there is a river running through the entire continent. This river happens to flow through a lake and both Willem and Sitting have their Capital on its banks. This could allow for early foreign trade routes, but will probably not be very impactful since the AI will soon have scouted the coast anyway.
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Game 3 headline is up on the main page.
1st - Shocka, ofc
2nd - Hanny, his partner in crime
FTD - Fred seems like easy meat for Shaka not to take out early
Victory - Dom
Turns - 311
Wars - 11
Religion distributions could be interesting here. Other than Huayna Capac, the other first religion could easily go to anyone. Willem van Oranje most likely, but Hannibal can always go for it too. I don't know what others say about him. Hannibal doesn't go mysticism way too late sometimes. But if he gets a holy city right along with Huayna then I don't know if we see some hideous outcome where Sitting Bull walks over them while they fight. Still that shouldn't be enough to annoy Hannibal but Huayna Capac suffers from plotting pleased and can do something wrong here. After all he blew the dream start he randomed for wildcard game last season. I went for Shaka domination and in case if Huayna somehow wins this then I needed to select him over Hannibal for second.
1st - Willem
2nd - Hanni
FTD - Freddy
Victory - Space
Turn - 315
Wars - 10

Shaka will roll over Freddy and stall his economy. Huayna will stop expanding after 4-5 cities to build wonders, leaving Willem to Tech ahead. Sitting will slow Hanni down. Willem WILL research Rifling.
My prediction:

(Sitting Bull ponders his stratagem in Cahokia to the background moos of his plains cows.)
"Ok, so here were my options:

A: Quickly research sideways to rifling, dodge the Shaka, then take him out with a spinning defensive war.


B: Take the Shaka in the face, then roll on the ground and die."
1st - Hannibal
2nd - Shaka
FTD - Willem
Victory - Space
Turn - 345
Wars - 14

Willem FTD as he will be squeezed from both the north(military) and south(culturally).
HC to go wonder crazy with that start which will be a detriment to his expansion and just makes him a nice target.
Shaka has too much land to expand into, he'll crash his econ which will stop him winning but military success will get him 2nd place.
As long as Hannibal avoids a long slog of a war with SB, he should take this one
I will go for shaka. Ivory and corn and starts with right techs too.

T300 Dom
14 wars
2nd HC. Even with a poor start he will do something special.
Ultimately doomed but see what happens.
Is Sullla starting later than usual?
I'm going with Willem/Shaka with Sitting Bull first to die, T315, 12 wars, Domination. Hopefully early wars will stall out, Huayna will absorb cultural lures, and Willem will tech to domination with peace weight motive against anyone left.

And yes, he said on the morning stream he would be out on an errand.
What are the pw numbers for this game?

The diplomatic situation is as follows:

Shaka, Huayna Capac, and Hannibal all have a peace weight of 2.
All 3 of them have 2 warmonger respect, so they will get +2 hidden diplo with each other.
The other 3 AI have no warmonger respect.

This means Huayna Capac and Hannibal start out +3 (Pleased), +4, or +5 with each other and towards Shaka.
Hannibal can't declare war at Pleased, so he will likely target Sitting Bull pretty heavily after Iron.

HC can still plot against Hannibal (small chance).
With that early bronze, watch out for an early war from him.

Shaka has a -1 base attitude with everyone :nono:, so he will start +2, +3, or +4 with the other 2 bad guys.

Willem also has bronze for early war chance, but his peace weight of 4 gives him no real diplo penalties with the 3 bad guys.

The south is likely to get HC's early religion with shrine power and a giant river for even better relations. :)

Frederick and Sitting Bull both have 8 peace weight!
Expect a lot of hate from the bad guys. :eek:
I expect them to be Pleased with each other (both unable to DOW at Pleased).
Will Sitting Bull settle lots of land that the Germans can never take back?

The teching pace of the game will be fast with 3 financial civs I think?
Shaka needs to do well at war with his economy troubles.
Hopefully early fishing/wheel :please:

Freddy is in the safest spot up there, but is a rather weak leader.
Maybe the gold mine, plentiful settling spots, and the Native American shield can make something work for him.

Don't count out HC culture win chance.

Willem should also have a strong economy until the Zulu menace arrives.
Will he build units?
Expanding borders, starts with fishing, financial, and double fish? yes please :)

Who gets the 2nd religion?
I can't read this game at all :lol:
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