Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - begins today!


Lord Croissant
Jun 21, 2008
Starting April 7th, 2023 :D

It will be loads of fun.

Plus, get to learn about what the Deity AI does in the fog all day as they try to kill each other.

Season 6 two years ago:

I had good picks I thought last time, and the 10 replays (alternate histories) for each match made my underwhelming pick performance not sting too badly.

Thanks Keler, ya the link to Season 7 AI Survivor Webpage should be in this post too.

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Game 2 Discussion Thread (Game played April 14th, 2023)
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Championship Game Discussion Thread (Game played July 28th, 2023)

Thanks for the fun Sullla! :salute:
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Wow! It really has been two years, hasn't it...

I'll likely miss the live runs, but I'll def make my picks.
Woot. I don't get too involved in picks and whatnot but it's always fun to see the AI doing those *justAIthings* and trolling Sullla to no end.
He shared the maps and so starting positions too.
Here is what I think.
-I see Pericles has the worst smallest land there. Even though best diplomatic situation, small land says loser that waits to die.
-Isabella and Gandhi most likely for first 2 religions. I think Stalin is safe if he adopts Isabella's religion. Although still expect border tensions very high there.
-Game options Aggressive AI and No Tech Trading are to warmongers advantage, in this case Shaka and Stalin.
-All 3 leaders Gandhi,Pericles,Hammurabi take the may the snake that doesn't bite me live a thousand years attitude, watching their friends die one by one without getting involved or teching rifling(usually) making sure Shaka and Stalin less likely to be in two front wars danger.

I will pick Shaka to win domination as he has the most room to expand.
Stalin runner up (but not sure as Isabella can pretty much be second too)
Gandhi first to die.
I think I have seen 320 as most average end game date.
And no Apostolic Palace in games mean less wars,less trolls for Shaka. 8-12 wars bracket perhaps.
You guys gonna watch live? I actually never made a Twitch account before. It might be fun to comment in real time! Does anyone have experience with Twitch? Does it bombard you with notifications or behave in an intrusive manner for your browser or machine?

As far as picking goes, I really want to just pick whoever starts with a plains-cow start (closer to starting ring gets first pick if there are multiple plains-cow starts) to win, but I'd probably choose the other options with a little more consideration (victory condition, year, etc).
I recall watching it live a few times.

Everyone clutching their picks in hand and ranting and raving is fun.

Not sure how intrusive Twitch is.
I think if the streamer is followed, then there is a notification when they start a broadcast?
I just tuned in at the correct time.

Some things I learned about picks last time is that the Apostolic Palace is not in the game, so religious victory or holy wars are impossible.
Also, diplomatic victory with United Nations is super rare.
+4 Fair Trade diplo bonus is almost impossible with "no tech trades" setting, and the AI need +8 diplo to vote yes for someone to win a Diplomatic Victory I think.

Certain leaders like Mansa tend to go for Cultural victory every game.
And any Aggressive civ with a lot of Plains farms or big food and lots of production tiles, watch out!
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I will watch live if i'm home, but no twitch account for me.
While it's small scale compared to big streamers there was still plenty spam.

Discussing here instead was fun last year..and relaxed.
Sounds super comfy. Would like to talk here about the games as they go. Do we plan on making new threads for each game? It would certainly be nice to chat with you guys about it.
This is an epic series and a ton of fun to watch and try to predict.
Made my picks for game 1!

Spoiler Picks :

Gone slightly left field with the aim of picking up points others don’t get. Go Pericles!
I don't know if this is possible or something we could do, but I know that traffic can sometimes be low to CIV fanatics. Is there a way to advertise this and that we're going to have live threads about the games? It could be a great way to bring in more traffic to the forum. Specifically CIV IV.
I have finally caught up on past seasons and could even go in for picks this time. No plans to watch live, though live threads here sound like fun.

How are people reading this opening game? Hammurabi looks to have the best mix of starting location and expansion to me, but is he just going to sit back and build wonders or end up embracing a pariah religion? Shaka also shares that expansion potential but is likely to border everyone, and it seems totally plausible he could end up on the wrong side of a religious bloc and get dog-piled. On the other hand, poor Gandhi and Pericles really look like they have the worst land, and I can easily imagine Shaka marching out of his way to take out Gandhi early on.

I like the variance of these setups, especially when the game lacks a Financial leader. What factors are you looking at and how are we supposed to go about number of wars? :lol:
Hmm..starting postions:
- Stalin has good land (lots of rivers with floodplains), Marble to make most wonder distractions (looking at you TOA) no biggie. No water means less nonsense for AIs. Furs and Gold nearby for some happy.
- Gandhi also has a river with floodplains..but a poor early game capital with his starting techs. One dry corn & gold but not much else. Borders Stalin and Shaka :banana:
- Hammy has some jungle with less :commerce: from rivers..okay cap & south area but an overall bad position imo.
- Izzy's cap & west area look really good. North is tundra wasteland. She really needs those Jumbos south (before Hammy). Overall just average compared to Stalin who can go in all directions.
- Pericles with a good cap & SE..but the fun seems to end there. Jungle and Shaka west, jungle north :yuck:
- Shaka maybe has the worst cap..needs to expand west fast.

I think it's Stalin's game to lose overall..not cos i rate him highly (he has been competent at least ;)), but he has the best start imo.
Shaka should be pleased with other targets close and the rest are usually weaklings.
Gandhi will very likely get in trouble..picking him for culture is normally solid but combined with his slow start it looks desperate.
Izzy's north just looks too bad, with Stalin & Hammy very close in other directions. Peri has disappointed us before and that start will likely not change things ;)
Shaka can get 2nd but it really depends on his early city placement..if he claims the food rich west he should be game on.
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