Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Game 6 Thread

No Mehmed! Don't milk the Tocow!!!
"'Til the last moo, brothers. Banzai."

samurai cow 2.jpg
does Darius have a city N of Sally?
So Willem and Zara out of Pool 2--good runs, bye!

I think the context of this map is that EVERYONE had to conquer some land to take the lead. Brennus, Darius, and Willem were better off because they had better outcomes available in the land grab. I would say about 50/50 for Darius and Willem being hazards for each other, but still better than others. And indeed, a Darius snowball for us!
Japan has voodoo magic.
I can't explain it.

Mehmed is driving me crazy.
A titanic armybof 79 units standing there watching 1 catapult chip 1% defenses each turn.
Imagine being a 19th century rifleman watching some catapult crew operate one catapult throwing one rock every day at a castle for dozens of years.
Praise the Cow!
Mehmed one of the 4 top unitprob leaders
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