Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Game 7 Thread

Never bet against the cow.
Only regret is Liz ftd slipping through my fingers.

Wow, 31 points by Kjotleik, 1 war off from perfect.
Monty was close to declaring it?

ManiaMuse close to the top too. :D
Yeah Monty was plotting right at the end, perhaps if Pacal hadn't gifted one of the captured cities back to Monty he would have had time (but then probably would have missed the exact turn)...
On the one side a shame that Hatty didn't get her first AI Survivor points, yet another instance of ignoring Rifling for far too long, but on the other side you can't argue against Monty going full wonder builder mode before Elizabeth throws down a city straight into his face and awakens the beast who proceeds to conquer the world over the next couple millennia :king:.
Just caught the rest of the stream. I think Sullla identified the big factors in the early game. With England's implosion, Hatshepsut almost ran away with the Elizabethan Renaissance. Religious harmony between the Aztecs and the Maya redirected an enormous deal of aggression outward in successful 1v1s. Elizabeth's early decline and Catherine's bizarre early game gave Montezuma inordinate success. In a way, great for Montezuma to get on the board!

Also, what stellar CFC performance in the picking contest!
Kudos to...

Montezuma, for putting aside the playthings that are wonders to take up the mantle of world conquest in a methodical complement to his killer instinct 🥇

Pacal, for assimilating the war-weary, benighted people of Germany and rising from obscurity to wipe out rival cultures and assure his people's prominence on the world stage 🥈


Catherine, who led the parade of incompetence culminating in quixotic resistance to Aztec aggression ⚱️

Frederick, whose Teutonic esprit tested the very bounds of what could be considered civilization ⚱️
If Elizabeth survives to Divine Right before folding, I am confident we would see a more scientifically oriented Egypt if only because the mid-game religions and wonders would be elsewhere.
Have to say that I think Pacal not founding an early religion was a major factor in this game...that really surprised me.

Catherine found Budhism 5 times!!!
Frederick found Budhism 2 times!
Hatshepsut,Pacal and Elizabeth found Budhism 1 time.


Pacal found Hinduism 4 times, expected.
Elizabeth,Hatshepsut and Montezuma found Hinduism 2 times.


Hatshepsut found Judaism 6 times
Pacal found Judaism 2 times
Frederick and Elizabeth found 1 time.
Keler's tests are interesting in this light, as they show Pacal overwhelmingly invested in the religion race ahead of Montezuma 7:2. In many of these games, I realize that starting with Mysticism only goes so far for the AI, and Culture flavor will often propel them toward Monotheism, as I consistently observed with Hatshepsut. That said, in my own tests, the only AI who hardly if ever founded an early religion were Catherine and Frederick, who were responsible for first discovering Meditation in 7/10 of the above tests(!) While I find it interesting to muse about the likelihood of founding early religions, I accept that there is a great deal of variance (think Shaka in last season's playoffs) and do not keep track of it myself.
Have to say that I think Pacal not founding an early religion was a major factor in this game...that really surprised me.
Indeed. That holy city seriously boosted Monty's economy he was never behind in tech all game. Not at all.
We were almost seeing Catherine finding that Budhism too. Only if her second city was founded faster. I would say 5:2
Judiasm so often comes to hinduism finders anyway.
Imo, reason Monty's economy was fine was due to expanding well to good spots and then attacking not too early and succesfully. Deity cheats do the rest. He would have been fine without his shrine. Though I guess the early trade mission did help him alot as it meant he got Construction quickly for his war.
Monty was simply more competent here than we've seen him before, generally making good decisions across the board. Not attacking too early - granted he could have waited til cats but his dow likely brought Cathy in on Lizzy - and going after good targets. Attacking Hatty - twice - was the smart move, as she, at one point, was by far the biggest threat to victory.
Re-watching the earlier parts of Game 7 on YT, as I'm not able to focus on the live game much due to work. Just picking out some interesting early decisions that affected the overall outcome. Already noted the Pacal not going for the early religion and it being a major factor. Pacal went for Hunting instead, which was totally bizarre and not having any immediate benefit. Then both he and Cathy took a shot for Med, which they had no chance on, further crippling their early game as they sorely need Ag/Ah openings. Plus, Cathy just made really bad early decisions across the board with settling and stuff.

Meanwhile, Monty got his reli and then moved straight to food techs. Surprisingly, he made some strong early decisions - and delaying his early psycho-war really paid off for him. Lizzy probably had the best opening. Hatty was fairly strong too, and I like her running those priests. Sullla kinda ragged on her for this, but Thebes had a perfectly fine early setup and no happy issues while she got that early shrine fast. Liz and Hatty are just not strong AI leaders with no bite.
Up to 50 turns now. Wow...Cathy just performed so poorly in this game early on. Just really bad decisions, and delaying AH and the wheel nerfed her terribly. I really think she had the land here to win this map. Stuck with 3 cities for so long and had 2 settlers out at one point that she took forever to settle. The alternate histories will be interesting. Hatty had a really nice start. Liz was killing it with cottages early but expanded way too slowly. Monty still impressing me with his tech choices and expansion at this stage. Freddie is just not even worth mentioning - his start was just terrible and then he locked himself into a very long IW tech without even the TW or Myst teched yet. Fred is already a very weak AI, but he was already a non-factor well before Turn 50.
:lol: Never realized that Lizzy lost a city to barbs...that is never good. Hatty's start, again, was nice, but she could have easily expanded faster. Monty's expansion early was by far the best, and I think this combined with competent teching - for him - paid off bigtime. (Yeah - he had a Poverty Point type city but at least it was city 6 as opposed to like city 2 or 3, and he wasn't too far from IW - city had decent long-term potential) Oh...and Lizzy never settled that gold :crazyeye:
ToA really paid off for Monty with that early GM mission. His teching was quite strong relative to his usual performance.
Whoa...Monty was just 1 turn off the Econ race with Hatty..that is pretty telling....and then he was off to Rifling while should did her culture/peaceful thing. Monty really had a good economy this game which is just so unusual for him. Double shrines after Lizzy war.
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At least I got Liz FTD and Domination out it. Also, congrats to everybody's favorite maniac for his first gold! 🥇
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