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Jan 7, 2003
As Zigra is already Civ3FLC-bug free..

It first appeared in Gamera vs. Zigra (1971). Zigra is a sentient aquatic extra-terrestrial planning to conquer the Earth in order to give a new home to its species : their homeworld is ridden with pollution.

Contact with Earth pollution made Zigra grows bigger and bigger in a matter of hours.

It's been a while since I've made a sea unit and I wanted to try something new for the water-line.

Zigra is also able to go on land, although it's quite clumsy. Classic Civ3 Editor doesn't allow sea unit to upgrade to land unit. However, I don't know if that's an engine limitation or an editor limit. Gojira54, if you're interested, perhaps could you ask Steph or Quintillus to temporarily allow it and test yourself.

Animations by Supa
Model by ウルフェさん
Sounds included

Original thread
An old friend revisited!

Gabara was by no mean an essential daikaiju, appearing only in one dreadful movie All Monsters Attack in 1969. But I had a lot of fun making it back in 2007. It was the first unit where I actively avoided the laziness of having the feet slide on the floor. I think it actually crept it back again once with Godzilla 1995 but except that one all my units post-Gabara were moving without the help of any soap. :)

Originally with this revisit, I was only going to fix the bug and the size as it was bigger than the current Shōwa Godzilla. But that didn't take - I had to change a few things.

There is a small bug in the preview : the right feet in AttackB slightly moved between AttackA & Death. It has been fixed since.

Almost all animations have been modified. Attack is split between two animations, AttackA and AttackB. The lightning effect has been enhanced and Gabara's skin darkens to highlight it. Death has been upgraded too. Sounds have been created.

For archiving purpose and for the unlikely case of someone preferring the old one, both versions are packed in the link.

Gabara unit for Civilization III

Released August 30th 2007
Updated 13th February 2013

Version 1.3

- AttackB Right foot bug fixed

Version 1.2
+ Resized all animations.
+ Better Fortify animation.
+ Better AttackA animation.
+ Better looping AttackB added.
+ Better Death animation.
+ Three attack sounds.
+ Death sound.
+ Move sound.
+ Lighter shadows.
- Victory fixed (transitioned from AttackA instead of Default)
- Civ3FLC bug fixed.

Animations by Supa
Scott Ayers for the model.
Victory sound from All Monsters Attack.
Sounds from Soundjax

Thanks to 
Utahjazz for his setup!
Micaelus for his render script!
Steph for SBB!
Cyber Dreyk for Civ3FLC!
Moeniir for Flicster!

Original thread

That's it for now!
You're never far when I create a new thread. Have you an alarm set on me ? ;)

I love it! Are you planning on reworking all of the Kaiju?

Eventually, yes. At least to fix the Civ3Flc bug. Depending on how old the unit is and if I still have the model, I might revisit it too.
So here we are, thousands of years later, and I am trying to track down all of your kaiju units... you still around?
Hi Supa, :wavey:

please lurk more often into the Civ 3 forums. Now with the Flintlock Patch, C3C has reached a new level of quality.
Well, I still lurk now and then. ;-) What are you missing Goji?

I’ll have to check when I get home from the hospital, which may be a month out. So happy to see you back!
EDIT 1: okay found its download.

EDIT 2: WowII gotta get Civ 3 installed and test this. Sounds amazing!

What's this patch, Civinator? Sounds exciting! I must have missed this as haven't been around much. Just had a search for it on the forums and downloads but couldn't immediately find it but I'm on my phone so that doesn't help.

Hi Supa, :wavey:

please lurk more often into the Civ 3 forums. Now with the Flintlock Patch, C3C has reached a new level of quality.
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