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Supa's PCX library.


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Jan 7, 2003
Jurassic Pack

A little graphics pack I intend to use in Lord Malbeth's Jurassic Park scenario. LM, feel free to steal any of them for the next release if something pleases you.

3 new statics LH.

Current ones are good on their own, but I don't feel that Champlain impersonate John Hammond really well.

New resources to place near your pens for a little graphic fluff. The third line was to be a less abstract sign series but, at civ-scale, differences between two signs don't show up. Anyway, I've still got the model and the texture template if anyone wants a specific one or a pedia-icon.

Resources.pcx is not color-reduced. Why's that ? Because it's not a complete resources sheet, it needs to be integrated in another resources.pcx before being usable and thus it wouldn't make sense to lose any colors before it.

Download LH
Download Signs
this stuff is cool... and you like Discworld! Susan's my fave character but she was the wrong gender to be my avatar on here, so I went with 2nd best :)

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