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Super Civ Scenario


Searching for the Holy Grail
Jan 21, 2003

Spoiler :

The centre of politics, commerce, religion, culture, and crime. The place to go to get easy Hero Insurance or to pursue Ultimate Infamy.

Play as the city's only super hero team or as one of 5 unique villainous factions. Gain victory by Conquest, Influence (Culture), by completing the Master Plan (Space race), or by being elected Mayor For Life (Diplomatic).

Faction Descriptions

Celestial Order of Evil

The United Underworld

More to follow soon...

Spoiler :

MAIN DOWNLOAD FILE (VERSION 1.4): http://www.atomicgamer.com/file.php?id=100473

Latest BIQ v1.5: http://forums.civfanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=332850&d=1349511185

Version History
Spoiler :

1.5 (06-Oct-2012) Biq file only with Minor Bug Fixes
1.4 (03-Oct-2012) New faction: The Swarm.
1.2 (27-Feb-2011) Removed extra Grim Weirdo; Ensured units at the City Prison and Asylum are capturable; Few Civilopedia updates; Wonder Splash entities added to pediaicons.
1.1 (27-Dec-2010) Removed army requirement from Wonders; Allow Removal Vans to load into naval units.

CREDITS: Map and Terrain are by Balthasar. Units are by a host of civfanatics namely aaglo, Hikaro Takayama, Kinboat, Plotinus, tom2050, Utahjazz, Vuldacon, Wyrmshadow
File Entry Image
Spoiler :

Civ City in more detail (From left to right: Amusement Mile, City Prison and Silicon Park)
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The Bat Signal
Spoiler :

Cute Tech Icons for Insidious Crimes
Spoiler :

The Daily Dilemas of a Super Villain: Shall I build Shark Tanks or Crocs?
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Featuring Units you never thought you'd see in a scenario!
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Wow, what a present. Why is it THE day after I switched from [civ3] to GTA III? :wallbash:

Thanks… but this won't save you lot next week.
Downloaded this before Xmas and started playing: it's FUN!!! :thumbsup:
Really enjoyed this: good storyline to follow, and a consistent look throughout on all levels.

Just one thing: you can't win through the Master Plan (spaceship victory) because you need the Faraway Island resource to build the Secret Island Base, and that resource is (of course) on an island. Since all ships only carry foot units and the Removal Van (settler) is not, you can't ship it out to build a city there to access the resource.

Edit: Also the Chain Gang wonder is a wee bit hard to build when it requires 50 armies ;)
Still, this is an excellent scenario and I'm definitely giving it a go again after I've taken full control of the city as the City Authorities.
Also the Chain Gang wonder is a wee bit hard to build when it requires 50 armies
Actually it's the same problem also with Stadium Luxury Box, Global Power and Elections For Mayor.

Still fun! :goodjob:
Thnx again Wolfhart - I've added a 1.1 update to the OP. For now I've removed the transport only foot units setting from the sea units. I may add a Container Ship unit at a later date.
I wish I could make a Super Hero Scenario, but I'm afriad people will not like me for taking someone's perfectly good idea. Plus, I've been very busy lately, I don't think I'd have the time.

Fine then, you've talked yourself completely out of it. I, for one, wouldn't have the slightest objection if you ever wanted to take a stab at this. This is a creation forum - all creations welcome, I'd hope.
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