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Survival of the weak - first demigod attempt

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by microbe, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    After several successful game at Emperor, I decide to give demigod a shot.

    I choose Byzantine and Continent, as I like Scientific (free tech is really nice for catching up), and seafaring means more contact before Navigation.

    It's large map, cultural link and respawn off, and everything else is default, except I choose the following civs (not for a particular reason, though, just those not in my previous game):

    Greece, America, Rome, China, Carthage, Germany, France, Maya, Netherlands, Sumeria.

    This is the start:

  2. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    This game has started for a while. I didn't originally intend to post it but I did keep some important notes from the beginning. Now these notes turn out to be useful. So here it is:

    Start min research on Writing.

    2550BC: meet Rome and buy CB with Pottery + 12g.

    2270BC: buy Mysticism with 109g+5gpt, sell to Rome for Warrior Code, Masonry and 8g.

    1350BC: Writing due, start Literature. 315g+2gpt to Germany for Mathematics. Writing+Math to Greece for Iron Working+Wheel+12g. Math+1gpt+4g to France for HBR. We have no iron or horses. :( Rome has one extra iron and Maya has one extra horses. Nobody else has any resources.

    1275BC: Rome demands 20g, I cave.

    1225BC: Found Smyrna to claim horses.

    1075BC: Maya demands 24g, I cave.

    925BC: Maya and Greece are at war.

    730BC: buy CoL from Maya for 339g+6gpt. CoL+2g+3gpt to France for Map Making. CoL+HBR to Greece for Polytheism+3g.

    610BC: Maya destroyed some Greece cities, so I move settlers there to claim the land.

    490BC: build an embassy at Paris: pop 6, one lux, 9 shields per turn building a swordman. Garrison 3 spear plus a cat. France has a MA with Maya against Greece.

    CIVs on our continent: Maya, France, Greece, Rome and Germany.

    Here is the map:

    370BC: Germany demands 34g, I cave.

    330BC: Maya demands 35g, I cave.
  3. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    310BC: My dromon survives 3 turns in the ocean and meets Korea (and China soon)! He has about the same advances as other civs on my own continent, but they lack literature, which I'll have in 4 turns. Great opportunity for brokering!

    the suicide channel

    230BC: meet Netherlands.

    210BC: Lit is done, time for trading! This is the tech situation:

    our continent
    France: Philosophy, Lit, Monarchy
    Greece: Monarchy
    Germany: Philosophy, Lit, Monarchy, Construction
    Rome/Maya: Philosophy, Lit, Currency, Monarchy, Construction
    the other continent
    China/Korea: Philosolphy, Currency, Monarchy, Construction
    Netherlands: Philosophy, Currency, Construction

    Lit+11g to China for Currency. Currency+147g to Germany for Construction. Lit to Korea for Philosophy+42g. We are in the Middle Ages! Get Monotheism as the free tech. Maya as Feudalism, and he agrees to trade it plus 27g!

    Wait, Korea has Engineering, and I sell it Feudalism for Engineering+Monarch.

    Feudalism+Monotheism to Rome for Republic+iron+7g. I need iron to build MDI and pikemen. France has iron so I want that, and she lacks currency and construction, so she still has a long way to Middle Ages. However to use the iron I'd have to postpone revolting to Republic for 20 turns.

    Lit to Greece for worker+2g. Monotheism to Germany for 186g+2gpt.

    So in short, this turn I get Currency, Construction, Philosophy, Monotheism, Feudalism, Engineering, Republic, Monarch, iron, a worker, 104g and 2gpt for nothing! :lol: This is absolutely the best trade I've done.

    I'm now the tech lead. Min sci to Invention.

    Chinease are at war with Dutches.

    170BC: France and Greece make peace.

    90BC: Rome demands Engineering, I refuse, he doesn't declare.

    70BC: Maya destroyed Greece.

    50BC: Meet America. He lacks Currency, Republic and Monarch.

    IBT: Dyrrachium desposes to Maya! :aargh:

    30BC: Establish an embassy in Korea. Seoul is building Sun Tzu's due in 27. It has 1 lux, pop 7, 13 shields per turn.

    10BC: Monarchy to Netherlands for 80g+7gpt.

    30AD: St. Augustine thinks we are the Glorious?!

    70AD: Establish embassy with Maya, it's building a settler. 4 lux. 10 shield per turn and 5 food per turn.

    90AD: buy a Maya worker for 7g+6gpt as some insurance. Sell Monotheism to China for 68g+13gpt.
  4. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    I have two sources of horses, but no iron. My current iron deal with Rome is going to expire in 5 turns, so here is my plan:

    Our military is weak compared to France, according to MA. I have 4 MDIs, 5 Pikemen and 5 horsemen that have been put in the three cities next to France. In the next 5 turns I can build a few more. I've put the 5 horsemen next to the border and they can attack Marseiles in one turn.

    France has no horses so all she can use are slow-moving units, with swordmen the strongest. I think we can capture Marseiles quickly and then sue for peace. Then after building enough forces we can declare war again after 20 turns.

    Another choice would be to renew the iron deal with Rome with Engineering, build more units and then attack, but it's not my favor to have to import strategic resources.

    Oh I'm also building the Great Library. It's just a prebuild for Leo or Sistine.
  5. Al Zan

    Al Zan Chieftain

    Nov 30, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Good Luck on Demigod!
  6. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    The Maya are getting pretty big... just hope they don't become a run-away civ.
  7. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    I have to admit that Joan is my favorite leader, and I feel sorry to declare on her. But when it comes to the fate of my nation and people, personal emotion and feelings have to be put aside. Hm, just realized I am Theodora, so please forget the above comment about "personal feelings". We are not suggesting Theodora has weird preference, are we? :lol:

    130AD: We meet Sumeria, they are at tech parity. I declare war on France. First vet horse loses to spear taking one hp, second vet horse wins losing 2 hp, third vet horse wins and Marseilles is ours. We've got iron!

    Maya has invention.

    Monotheism to Netherlands for 106g+11gpt.

    150AD: Engineering to Germany for ivory+2gpt+20g.

    230AD: Korea has Theology AND Invention. Sell Monotheism to America for 24g+11gpt.

    270AD: America declares on Korea.

    280AD: French reinforcement (4 swords and 2 spears) come from the ex-Greece land. I have 3 vet MDIs (one of them has 3hp) and 1 vet pikeman outside of Tours. Can I take it?

    First MDI loses to spearman but redlines it. Second MDI wins but redlines. Third MDI wins. Now only the redline spear is there. Do I dare? Yes, pikeman attacks! It wins by 1 hp!!

    I immediately sue for peace. I've got two decent cities and iron, and pillaged its other iron. I'll be back in 20 turns, but not now. :)

    I take Dijon and 9g for peace.

    new map

    290AD: Maya demands 100g, I cave, he turns polite.

    300AD: We revolt, due in 7 turns. Sumeria has Chivalry.

    IBT: Carthage and Korea sign alliance against America.

    330AD: We meet Carthage. They are at tech parity. Our score is more than Carthage and China, but less than anyone else.

    350AD: IBT America and Korea make peace. Korea completes Sun Tzu's.

    360AD: Korea gets Chivalry too. I buy Chivalry from Korea with 1294g. Chivalry to Maya for Invention+Incense+14gpt+44g. Chivalry+Incention to Germany for Theology+61g+8gpt.

    So this round I got Chivalry+Invention+Theology+Incense+22gpt for 1189g (or 749g without the gpt). Pretty nice.

    I switch Sun Tzu's to Leo.

    Maya has Education. Korea and Sumeria have Gunpowder. I smell something profitable. :D Set research to Printing Press.

    IBT: We are Republic! Rome builds Leo, and Maya builds Kights Templar.

    370AD: I switch to Sistine. Maya has Gunpowder. I set research to max, PP due in 12 turns.

    IBT: Sumeria builds Sistine! Wow, these folks are fast!

    380AD: I switch to Marketplace and lost 284 shields. In fact, if we havd switched to Knights Templar instead of Leo, we would have built it.

    I sell Theology to China for 2g+17gpt.

    400AD: Korea and Sumeria have Education too.

    410AD: Ask France to leave, she declares.

    420AD: Korea declares on Sumeria.

    440AD: Two knights and two MDIs take out Lyons, lost one MDI. We now can build FP.

    450AD: France already agrees to talk.

    IBT: Netherlands declares on Korea.

    470AD: I abandon Lyeon and found Septum at the same location. I sue for peace again for 17gpt, as France's reinforcement comes from north (again). But France is almost toasted. I'll finish it off later. I've got Incense and France's second iron hasn't been connected yet after the first war.

    IBT: China and Korea sign alliance against Sumeria.

    480AD: Our score exceeds Netherlands (851). But Sumeria and Maya are far more than the rest (~2000).

    This is the power:

  8. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Yes, the current situation is that each continent has one superpower: Sumeria and Maya. They are also the tech leader: From what I can see, Maya has Education and Gunpowder and Sumeria has Gunpowder. The good thing is only I have the contact between the two continents.

    This is the world map:

    The little brown city between Sumeria and Korea is Carthage.

    490AD: Printing Press is due. Time for another round of brokerage. PP to Sumeria for Gunpowder+10g. PP to Maya for Education+Ivory+13g+4gpt. PP to Korea for 255g+30gpt.

    Sumeria has Astronomy. Maya has Astronomy and Music Theory. Set research to banking, due in 16 turns.

    Theology to Carthage for 80g+15gpt.

    510AD: IBT Korea and Sumeria sign peace.

    520AD: Carthage has only 2 cities? Korea has Chemistry. PP to Carthage for 43g+10gpt.

    IBT: Sumeria destroyed America. :eek: The big is becoming bigger! France just connected the iron. I ask her to leave, she declares again? Nope she leaves.

    530AD: Sumeria demands contact with Maya, I refuse, he declares. He is not gonna hurt me without being able to reach me.

    We have war happiness so I drop lux to zero.

    550AD: Netherlands demands contact with Maya, I refuse too, he doesn't declare.

    560AD: Incense deal with Maya ended - our incense hasn't come online (needs expansion first). I rush library in Septum, and raise lux to 10% again.

    Maya has Chemistry. Looks like my choice of Banking worked..it's due in 8.

    IBT: Rome demands contact with Sumeria, I refuse. He doesn't declare. But now I'm worried aboout Maya - what if he demands? I'd have to cave.

    570AD: People love me the second time.

    Wait, just found out we don't have saltpeter! :aargh: :wallbash:

    580AD: We built FP. Sumeria builds Copernicus.

    600AD: Germany demands contact with Sumeria, I refuse, he doesn't declare.

    630AD: Banking is due, set to Economics. Sell to Maya and get Astronomy, Music Theory, 18g and 39gpt. Music Theory+Banking to Rome for Chemistry+20g+4gpt. Music Theory to Korea for 291g. Sumeria has navigation but lacks Chemistry, however I still need to pay 800 in the deal..

    Now lux is 0 and we research at 100%, Economics due in 11.

    640AD: Saw a Sumerian craval. Since they have Navigation sooner or later they'll meet Maya, so I trade contacts now. Maya has Metallurgy, and Sumeria has got Chemistry (from Korea). :mad:

    I buy nagivation+15g from Sumeria with contacts with Maya, German, Roman, French and sign peace. I sell contacts with Maya and Romans to Korea for saltpeter, plus WM for WM.

    Sell WM to Germany for WM, 12gpt and 60g.

    Maya wouldn't sell Metallury wotj Navigation. PP to Netherlands for furs, WM, 8g+1gpt. TM to France for TM+6g.

    Lux drop to 0 again.

    650AD: Maya now has Navigation. He must be researching it last turn..

    660AD: WM+3g to Maya for its TM.

    We now know the whole world:

    Clearly, two superpowers. As you can see from the last map, Sumeria has conquered America and is grabbing lands from Chinese - they must be at war. I wonder how long the other nations could live on that continent with such an agressive powerful neighbor..
  9. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    670AD: Our peace treaty with France expired, so I declare.

    IBT: One knight defeats an archer but the other loses to a sword. 2 archers, 1 pike and 1 spearman (all reg) stand next to Septum.

    680AD: 5 knights attack Avignon, two retreats and 3 win with dromon bombardment assistance. Only one pike is left..

    During the battle at Septum, we get our first leader - knight army.

    690AD: ivory deal ends, lux to 10%. Both Maya and Sumeria have Democracy.

    The good news is we've exceeded Korea/France in rank, now No. 5.

    Our dromon sinks a galley in Avignon and..we enter the Golden Age! We may have a chance at JS Bach, due in 17.

    720AD: Avignon is razed. Injured army attacks Besanon twice, kills two spears, there is still one.

    730AD: Economics is due, set to Physics due in 8 turns. Basenon razed. I could sell Economics to Maya for Metallurgy+126g+20gpt but hold for now: I want to delay cascade to Smith's. This is a big mistake: I still have 13 turns to get Bach's and I cannot hold for that long, so I cannot get both anyway, and you'll see why this is a big mistake.

    740AD: Gunpowder to Carthage for WM+67g+14gpt. Music Theory to China for WM+20g+13gpt.

    IBT: Sumeria destroyed China (oops!). Maya demands Economics, :mad: I cave reluctantly - I should have sold it! Lession learned.

    750AD: Now I cannot trade Economics with Metallurgy. :( I get Metallurgy from Germany by Economics+WM+774g. I lost at least 1200g by not trading early! :wallbash:

    Economics to Sumeria for wines+WM+17g.

    IBT: Dijon (the French city I took with the first peace treaty) desposes to Maya - fine.

    770AD: raze Rheims.

    780AD: Sumeria and Maya have Physics.

    IBT: Physics is due, set to ToG due in 7. Sumaria completes Magellan's Voyage.

    790AD: Physics+Economics for Democracy+8g+WM from Rome. Two superpowers have Free Artistry. They must be researching ToG and magnetism.

    Paris is razed.

    IBT: Some Maya AC come into my territory. Not good..

    810AD: Chartres is captured - it has only 2 pop, so I keep it.

    I pay Maya 5gpt for a RoP..but from my previous experience, that wouldn't do anything.

    This sumerizes it:

  10. Vizurok

    Vizurok Magyar Soldier

    Feb 8, 2004
    Hungary, Sátoraljaújhely (spell it)
    Good thread, Microbe!
    I have read and enjoyed your previous tale with Germany, and I think this will be as good as that! Im sure!
    And I like that a story-writer names the parts! :)
  11. Ville

    Ville Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2002
    Espoo, Finland
    Good luck:)
    I just started my own attempt to beat Demigod as Dutch and it's not going that well...
  12. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Vizurok: it depends how you define "good". The outcome might not be as good as Emperor, but the process is definitely more exciting. And if I win this one, I'd feel very very satisfied.

    It takes some time for me to post the next set of turns as too many things happened. Before that, I'll post a poll (which seems to be increasingly polular in SGs):

    Which of the following are true:

    1. Maya sneak attacked me and I lost 5 cities
    2. Maya sneak attacked me and I captured one of its cities
    3. I eliminated France
    4. I got a dogpile on Maya
    5. I got a dogpile on myself
    6. I built JS Bach's
  13. elhanna

    elhanna Chieftain

    Feb 14, 2004
    For me,

    2. Maya sneak attack you, you take Lagartero


    4. You got a dog on Maya.

    So, what happened?

    PS: Enjoy reading your story. KUTGW.
  14. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003

    Maya sneak attacks us! First AC attacks Snyrna, loses but my musketman has only 2-hp left. Second AC attacks Caesarea, kills pikeman. Third AC kills the pike protecting the horses. Fourth Elite AC kills MDI in Caeserea. The firth AC - nope, it's a cav! - comes out of the fog and takes out another pike in Smyna. A sword and a JT also appear.

    It seems in C3C AIs are more aggressive. In my previous Jungly Germany game I was also sneak-attacked. Plus a couple of other recent games. It's my bad anyway. I shouldn't take any chance and should have built more military to defend myself. As it stands now, my military strength is really thin, and the sneak attack might be fatal.

    We didn't lose city this turn, but next turn we will. Caesarea is only defended by a longbow, and Smyna by a musket and a pikeman.

    820AD: I sign peace with France, get 10g+WM+Orleans. Elite musketman in Smyna attacks 3-hp cav, wins and gets a leader! I switch many cities to rax and military.

    I sign alliance with Germany against Maya with WM+31gpt.

    IBT: Injured AC attacks lone 1-hp longbow in Caearea and..

    Caearea falls. Maya SoD sit next to Marseilles. It has 2 ACs, 2 crusaders, 5 JTs and 2 longbows.

    830AD: It turns out weed but I move an elite MDI and injured kight army into Marseilles hoping they won't attack the army.

    IBT: Maya crusader, AC, archer and crusader attack in a row and kill my injured knight army. Marseilles falls.

    We lost iron and our knight army. A bunch of JTs and longbows move toward Adriano which is defended by a single warrior.

    840AD: Furs and saltpeter deal ends. Get saltpeter+11g+7gpt from Korea by horses+Economics. Move a knight into Adriano - it's my second core city, I cannot lose it.

    IBT: ACs attack Septum. Geez, I have strongest defense there: one trechubet, one pike, and 3 MDIs (two of them are elite)! First AC kills pike, second AC retreats from elite MDI, third AC loses to elite MDI but redlines it, fourth AC kills vet MDI, fifth AC lose to injured elite MDI, sixth and seventh AC kill the two MDIs and we lose Septum!

    Maya builds Bach's one turn before us, so we build Smith's.
  15. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    elhanna, you apparently gave me too much expectation.

    My inner cities are even more poorly defended - mostly by one warrior and some of them are even empty.

    The loss of cities continues.

    850AD: IBT, two groups of slave workers (~14 total) and two trechubets are captured. A vet AC attacks Amorium, kills a vet pike and Amorium falls.

    You see, Ancyra is empty?

    ToG is due, set to Magnetism. We build Smith's.

    860AD: I've lost 4 cities, and more than 20 units are marching toward my vulnerable inner cities.

    Maya approaches

    My newly built musket in Smyrna attacks the AC and it retreats. I create an army from the last leader and load only two knights into it as that's all I have.

    870AD: More Maya movement..

    IBT: Ancyra falls too. A bit of good news: Rome sign alliance with Germany against Maya!

    For some reason Maya units move away from Smyrna to Adrino. Some units even retreat - guess Germany and Rome are drawing attention.

    880AD: IBT: Korea joins the war against Maya too. Germany builds Shakespear's Theatre. Maya builds newtons.

    Maya retreats

    They never got a chance to attack Adriano. Phew..

    But in any case, we've lost five cities. Maya basically sat behind me watching me fighting France and then at the end took everything I got from France away. Smart AI?

    The future looks grim now. I have 15 cities but most of them are not really productive. How can I compete with Maya or Sumeria? Even Rome and Germany are stronger. Also, can I actually survive?
  16. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    So the answer to the poll is:

    1) Maya sneak attacked me and I lost 5 cities - certainly true.
    4) I got a dogpile on Maya - sort of. Rome and Germany are at war with it. It definitely hurts Maya, as it is retreating from my territory, otherwise I'd probably lose more cities.

    Our GA ends this turn.

    900AD: I've moved the 2-knight army outside of Ancyra - a vet AC is defending it. I attack, kill one reg AC, but there is another. Attack again, we win but only have 3-hp left.

    Maya agrees to talk and asks for 40g. I'll hold. WW is so high that lux is 40%.

    IBT: Netherlands jumps in the dogpile too. Carthage declares on Korea.

    910AD: Maya's units surround Smyna again.

    IBT: Sumeria demands TM+63g, I cave.

    920AD: 2-Knight army takes Amorium back - it's my hero!

    The war caused us to lose incense and iron. We need to connect the other iron too.

    IBT: We are the Puny Byzantines.

    930AD: Should I end the war? The other 3 cities I lost are much harder to take back. Maya is losing cities to Germany and Rome.

    940AD: I have to sue for peace as Maya moves units toward my inner cities defended by single warrior.

    I get a discount on Magnetism (429g). I'm in the Industrial Ages! My free tech is..Medicine! :mad:

    Germany and Sumeria have Nationalism+Medicine. Set min research to Steam.
  17. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    It has been a BRUTAL dozen turns. I lost 5 cities and got 2 back. Maya is at war with the other civs on the continent. We are at peace again but I think the game is already lost. Sumeria is likely running away, Maya probably too. But I'll not give up - I'll see how far I could go with this. At the very least, I'll take everything to have my cities back! Revenge is the only thing that will keep me alive!

  18. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    950AD: Medicine to Maya for MilTrad+Incense+Ivory+128g.

    IBT: France and Maya sign alliance against Germany. Rome and Germany sign alliance against France.

    960AD: Sumeria declares on Korea - not good, it will run over Korea and eventually Netherlands, then it will be the sole owner of its continent.

    970AD: Sell Music Theory to France for WM+73g, to Carthage for WM+65g.

    980AD: I set max research to Steam Power, due in 14.

    IBT: Stupid Germany demands TM+98g. I refuse, he declares. We get war happiness! He wouldn't be able to hurt me - he is at war with Maya and Maya is between us.

    1000AD: Korea is losing. I sell ToG to it for iron, WM, 2g and 2gpt. He enters Industrial Age and gets Nationalism as the free tech. He wouldn't trade it to me with MilTrad+Medicine! But riflemen would help him survive a little longer..

    IBT: France and Sumeria sign alliance against Korea. Netherlands and Rome sign alliance against France.

    1020AD: Sumeria has Steam Power. Gunpowder to France for WM+14g+4gpt.

    IBT: Germany declares on Korea.

    1040AD: IBT: Rome and Germany sign embargo against us. Maya cav enters our border.. We lost our saltpeter from Korea - it's in Sumeria's hands now. :(

    1050AD: IBT: Maya's cav leaves. Carthage signs alliance with Germany against us, and on Maya too. Netherlands and Germany sign embargo against us.

    1060AD: Maya has Nationalism.

    IBT: Germany declares on Korea. Rome joins too. Sumeria declares on France. Sumaria and Rome sign alliance against Maya!

    1070AD: Maya is losing to Rome and Germany. Germany agrees to talk but it asks for 120g. I probably should wait for German units to show up first, but I sign peace now, and have to hire some more clowns since I lose war happiness.

    1100AD: Steam Power is done, set to Sanitation. Sumeria has Industrialization. Buy Nationalism+100g+32gpt with Medicine, Steam Power and MilTrad from Korea.

    We have two sources of coals, and one is already hooked up.

    Upgrade 5 musketmen to riflemen. I should be relatively safe now. Guess how many units I have now? 45 (38 allowed).

    Set research to Industrilization, due in 11.

    I can trade Steam Power to Maya for Saltpeter+96g+127gpt. I'll need saltpeter to build cavs..so I take it. I sell Steam Power to Germany for 51gpt+284g+WM+Free Artistry.

    1120AD: France and Korea sign peace.

    1140AD: Maya demands TM+92g, I cave.

    IBT: Maya and Korea sign peace. Germany and Carthage sign embargo against us. Buy furs from Sumeria with 355g and wines for 352g.

    1150AD: exchange WM with Netherlands and get 42g+5gpt. Maya and Carthage sign peace.

    1160AD: Sumeria destroyed Korea.

    1170AD: Carthage and Maya sign alliance against Netherlands. Carthage and Maya sign alliance against Sumeria.

    1190AD: Sumeria destroyed Carthage. France and Netherlands sign peace. Industrialization is due, set to Corporation.

    1200AD: Sumeria has both Corporation and Sanitation. I set to Electricity, due in 13.

    1230AD: Banking to France for WM+12g+4gpt. IBT tons of Sumerian Frigates pass by my border toward Maya, yeah!

    1250AD: Sumeria has Electricity.

    1255AD: Sumeria and France sign peace treaty.

    1270AD: Exchange WM with Maya and get 87g. Saltpeter deal with Maya will expire next turn.

    IBT: Maya and Netherlands sign peace.

    The past 30 turns have been quiet on our side, although Maya is still in war with Rome, Germany and Sumeria. Sumeria almost rules the whole continent - it's just a matter of time for it to declare on and wipe out Netherlands.

    We researched Steam Power and Industrilization, and picked up several techs such as Nationalism and Military Tradition. With 188gpt payment from the AI, we could research a tech in about 8-10 turns at a surplus. However, Sumeria researches much faster than we do: it now has Communism, electricity, Sanitation, Corporation and Facism on us. It looks like it has been researching with 4-turns, and it has more than 4K gold in bank. I don't see anyone could stop him.

    But before I worry about Sumeria, I'll have to deal with my own continent. Currently I have 16 cavs, 7 riflemen, 4 longbow, 4 pikemen, several cannons and a 2-knight army. What can I do with this small military force?

    the world

  19. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1275AD: We declare war on Maya! I load one cav into the army. It attacks Septum and wins, second cav retreats, third cav wins, fourth cav loses but there is the last rifle with 1hp, fifth cav kills a cav, 6th cav finishes off the rifle, and Septum is ours again! What, there are 8 resisters? I may have to abandon and refound it..

    Move 7 cannons, 8 cavs, 3 longbow and 2 rifle next to Caesarea.

    the military plan

    IBT one Mayan cav kills a pike, another cav loses to my cav. Rome makes peace with France.

    1280AD: Bombard Caesarea, 2 rifle and one musketman are injured. First cav loses to 2hp musket. Second cav kills a rifle. Third cav kills the other rifle and promotes with no hp loss. Fourth cav loses to a cav but redlines it. Fifth cav kills the musketman and Caesarea is liberated!

    Can we get back Marseilles? 4 cavs attack, one loses and 3 win! Marseilles is back!

    Industrialization to Rome for 211g+52gpt.

    1285AD: Electricity is done, set research to Sci Method, due in 10. Sumeria has Replaceable Parts. It's really bad - this guy researches super fast! Sumeria is clearly running away. But for me I just need to give Maya some pain and if I could tear it down I'd get a moral victory.

    Establish embassy with Sumeria, Universal Suffrage is due in 5 in Ur. We still have 13 turns to go, so I switch it to Bank. Ur has 5 lux, 6 infantry as garrison, 2 artillery and 22 shields. Its sci output is 150 with Copernicus.

    IBT not much counterattack.

    1290AD: Germany has Sanitation, Corporation, Communicsm and Facism. Rome has Sanitation. Both lack Electricity. I get Corporation+WM from Germany and Sanitaiton+WM+1g from Rome with Electricity - this is important, I have to partner with Rome and Germany so they could do research for me, otherwise I'll never catch up with Sumeria.

    Sci Method is due in 8 turns, so I start prebuild of Mil Academy in Constantinople also due in 8. I should be able to get ToE.

    I've now taken back all my previous cities, but I'll move on! Lagartero is obviously the next target - it has ivory.

    Cav army and 4 cavs attack Lagartero, one loses and several retreat, and there is only one cav left in the city.
  20. Seanirl

    Seanirl U-Boat Commander

    Mar 17, 2002
    w00t, that's all of them taken back now is it?

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