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Nov 17, 2003
Devil's Punchbowl
GCA has gotten back to us about setting up a chat to discuss ending our current war.

One idea that I think works out well for us at least is capitulation. Basically we'll be GCA's vassal. IF CBR accepts (I have yet to mention it to them) then GCA/CFC/CBR can be quite a trio.
I wouldnt accept being a vassal, whats the point it doesn't mean anything in civ4- may as well just be tech partners.
Yes you can't actually have vassels in Civ 4 but that pretty well sums up the relationship we would have. Tech partners, millitary partners, allies.
Antonio thinks that CBR would agree to team up with GCA (assuming I could get GCA to seriously consider such an idea).
I think the main point we should be arguing is this war isn't getting either of us anywhere. The only thing we should offer them is Victory since we can't defend it without sacrificing everything else. Maybe even a few beakers if we agree a tech deal.

Giving them anymore defeats the purpose of getting a peace agreement.
Yeah man.

"I mean you were warring each other and now you're friends?"
A wholly unacceptable reply.
To team CFC:

We acknowledge your peace proposal as the first step to make amends for an unjust and failed war against us and to improve our relations again in order to bring more prosperity to this region.
Naturally, our nations populace and also the leadership council, have a somewhat different viewpoint on the actual realities of your current position and are also negatively prejudiced towards your nation due to your betrayal and attacks. In light of common prosperity, we are however willing to listen and make offers.
Furthermore, we believe your proposal to be too complex at this moment and we are also not willing to negotiate an overall peace with all parties (as your treaty title suggests), instead we will negotiate with every enemy individually.

Therefore, let us put forward the following, more simple, counter-proposal:

CFC-GCA Peace Treaty ~500 AD

Both nations agree to sign a permanent peace treaty and end all hostilities immediatly.
The nations agree to open borders to allow for a supervision of troop movements and to encourage free trade again. GCA reserves to right to limit entry into its territory at this time.
Both nations agree to station no invasion forces at the near coastlines and to keep all naval transports in the 'GCA-CFC sea' unloaded in plain sight.

To amend the damages inflicted on the victorious defender (GCA) and to show their goodwill, the losing attackers (CFC) will pay GCA the following reparations in exchange for peace and safety:
1. The transfer of the defensive technology known as "Feudalism".
2. The transfer of 60 gold to pay for the reconstruction of Hawk of Chiron.
3. The transfer of 3 galleys used in the failed naval invasions.

This is our current offer. Details are negotiable!
Note that we have no interest in technology trades, as we can get the technologies listed from other, more trustworthy parties at similar prices.
And of course you must have misunderstood us when you believe that we would help rebuild your military forces by exchanging units.

We await your reply,

Gamecatcher Alliance

Proposed Reply (still working on it)
Lucky and Team GCA,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Our purpose is to change our reputation. We can not begin such a course by abandoning CBR, our most faithful friend. Any peace treaty with us will have to wait until an agreement is also reached with them.

The open border proposal you offer is wholly agreeable.

We feel the unit exchanges are all in your favor, but you are not required to exchange any units if you feel it will threaten your military preponderance. We modify our offer by making up to 3 galleys available to you in exchange for 2 archers or spearmen each.

Our invasion was wrong, and for that we apologize again. We hope to change the basis of our relationship from distrust and suspicion to some level of mutual cooperation and exchange. On that basis we are prepared to make trades that are highly favorable to you, but we will give no gifts in exchange for promises. To do as you ask here would put us more at your mercy than were we to simply continue the war. We can offer Feudalism, Music (can't trade it to you for 9 turns) and 60 gold for Currency, an offer nearly 3:1 in your favor.

May we soon find agreement,
1889 and team CFC
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