T100 Science Win, All Modes On


Apr 19, 2013
A while back, I managed to win a T98 Science Victory with a "cooked" map (maxing city states, choosing opponents and wonders, etc) and turning on the helpful special modes like Secret Societies and Heroes and Legends. My new goal is a T100 win with what I call "Standard Special Settings" which would be Deity, Continents, Standard map and speed, and all else random (basically what is considered baseline settings for normal games), but with all 8 of the special modes active. Some provide a big boost , especially Heroes and Secret Societies, while others actively hinder you (Zombies of course, and I would argue Apocalypse is a net negative since damaged districts / lost units hurts more than the added yields help).

I just ended my most serious attempt, got to Rocketry around T95, but I needed so many Future techs to get to Lasers and only had ~120spt (playing as Babylon) so I doubt I could have won before T130. I think my real problem was that in my T98 win their were 11 AIs and they were all building numerous Campus, so I was able to get a couple thousand science from pillaging late in the game. With the latest patch removing the code that made AIs go mad for Campuses, they seemed to strongly prefer Holy Sites and worse Encampments. Four AIs did not even have a single Campus on T85.

I am wondering if the only shot is using the "city chopping" concept that @ATEX invented, basically giving away a bunch of your own cities with Campus/Library/University near the end of the game just to pillage them. Barring perhaps an ultra-lucky roll where Oxford, Nalanda, or a Tribal Village gives Exoplanet Mission I think this might be the only way and will now try an "ultra-cheese" run with these settings to see if some combination of ripping off the AI in trades, flip/pillageing and city chopping makes it possible.
Seems pretty impossible without city chopping. While I am not on the same level as you or Atex, even just my few sub 150 standart setting games all rely on city chopping and pillage flipping because 7 AI just aren't enough even if they all builed campuses, considering you also need to pretty aggresivly conquer and pillage them in the early game to get to the future era this early.
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