Tabula Rasa


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Jun 12, 2003
:wow: This crept up on me.

I didn't see a specific thread for this game and just now discovered it for myself.


If this is anywhere close to addictive as UO was 10 years ago I'll be having a good Winter. :D

It sounds and looks amazing. Garriott hasn't disappointed me too often so here's hoping.
It looks cool, but no pvp. :( Well, there is dualing or clan based pvp, but I find that boring personally. Although the graphics are great and I like the fact there are more Sci-Fi MMOs coming out instead of all the 1 gazillion fantasy ones.
I think it looks like it has a lot of potential. But I really think they should try to trump other MMOs with the monthly fee, by setting it to something like $9/month rather than $15/month. If they did this I think it would be an instant hit if it was released bug-free.
Another MMO i cant afford because it's pay to play.
I would doubt it honestly. I have been watching this game for about a year, sortof... in the background. It supposedly has something "innovative" about it or something. I don't know what that something is having never played it myself but reviews tend to say it has a very unique something about (outside of flavor or genre) like maybe the experience system, or combat model. Not sure. This is a pretty well known and awaited MMO by a large portion of people out there. Not saying its impossible for them to have a free angle just saying its unlikely IMO.
I got spoiled by Anarchy Online. I paid 100 bucks for a years subscription to it which averaged out to something like 7.95 a month. I think thier 6 month subscription averaged around 9.95 a month. ANd then it went to a 3 month one and then the monthly 15 bucks. Now when I play MMOs I always check into their long term "deals" which is basically 15 bucks times however many months you want to pay ahead. Now I expect ALOT for that kind of money and am usually let down.
I agree with you guys on the cost factor. If I have to shell out 15 bucks every month, it had better have good charactor customization, a good combat system, a good leveling system, and a freakin sweet pvp system, and decent graphics. Unfortunatley one of these departments are always skimped on. :(
It will probably be the best MMO Sci-Fi offering around unless Blizzard decides to make a StarCraft MMO.

I don't see Blizzard making anymore MMOs for a few years. WoW is still going strong.
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