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    1. If I have three other people with me (4 of us in all) what mode should we play on if we team up as 4? I can fend for myself on explorer-conquistador mode, another is equal level as me, and two are completely new to civ 4 col, first day. The background info is that there will be ONE of every nation and indian maybe or maybe not overlapping with the nations we choose. We will NOT attack one another (if we are on same team of course not but if we are, peace with each other until independence) What game speed should we play on? I play on playing on huge map and idk what weather prob random. I think I will choose only the independence option and not industry or europe victory. There will be no time limit.

    2. I noticed food is harder to get and manufactered goods are harder to get. In this case, I adapted to having an ore capital start. From there I focus on tools and weapons which means future higher tier buildings tools needed is filled. Does it mean the building costs less than if I didnt have the 50 tools? Oh yeah and I make 2 cities at the start with my 2 starting units.

    3. What tips do I do? I generally think the game is IMPOSSIBLE if a true human game existed. If a person declared independence, why WOULDN'T every other human nation attack that person?

    4. Anything else to add?
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    I question this being a good idea. Early in the game it is all about gaining more units.
    There are three ways to do so:
    a) Crosses
    For this you'll need churches and priests, obviously. But you'll have to have a certain kind of infrastructure first.
    b) Food
    For this you need a lot of farmers, as one farmer doesn't provide you with much excess food
    c) "Buying"
    For this you'll need money which you retrieve from selling goods. Raw goods typically don't provide you with much money, so you will be interested in selling manufactured goods for which again you need a certain kind of infrastructure

    In the end it all comes down to improve your first city as quickly as you can. This in turn requires a constant flow of lumber (lumberjack) and at least one worker (carpenter) which in turn means 2 citizens working in the city.

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