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Tacticon 2023 from May 11 to May 15!


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Oct 22, 2008

The information for the next Tacticon is out!
The Tacticon is an online strategy convention, which features talks (about e.g. the Art Of War), streams, new demos for interesting strategy titles, and also sales.
This year 100+ titles will be present, including Endless Dungeon, and many others.
The sale will include interesting titles like Timberborn, Lords of Rigel, Terra Invicta, the Wandering Village, and also again many more.

Tacticon is organized by FireSquidGames and HoodedHorse, who also published Old World (so we do expect Soren Johnson to be present too).

You can find the Tacticon press release here, the website here, and the steam event (which will list the sales) here.

And we have an interesting schedule. Besides the sales, I am sure the talks about the RNG in strategy games, as well as the music, are of special interest for the civ community.

Sales (starting tomorrow, I think) can be found here https://store.steampowered.com/sale/TactiCon , as well as the streams.
All streams will be later available on youtube, and a game overview can be seen on the Tacticon homepage.
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