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Tales from Hollow Rock - A Written Narrative Let's Play

Discussion in 'Multiplayer and LP's' started by Juko Arcuri, May 16, 2019.

  1. Juko Arcuri

    Juko Arcuri Chieftain

    May 12, 2019
    So I don't have the equipment or experience for recorded videos, nor the raw charisma to entertain as I play, nor do I think a recorded play-through of a long winded strategy game would be fun to watch. So I thought I would use my amateur role-play writing to tell the story of a civilization as it finds itself in a brave new world and handles the struggles such a nation will have to undertake. I feel written updates like these fit more with this style of play in my opinion. Feel free to comment with each edition as I'll be posting links to future editions in this thread as I write them.

    So here is the first and second editions of the Tales of Hollow Rock, shamelessly copied pasted from my posts to the after action reports on the C2C Discord.

    Links to Future Editions:
    3rd Edition: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...ten-narrative-lets-play.645929/#post-15453149


    Ladies, gentlemen, and developing leaders, gather around and listen to the tale of our home, which our ancestors at the time named Hollow Rock. (Disclaimer: Half-serious and half-comical, questionable content ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.)

    125000 BC Approx. - Settling on the western banks of the River Sequana and just south of the North Briton Sea, the primitive settlement of Hollow Rock was formed from several tribes which settled the gentle valley. First and foremost among them was Apple Tribe, honor-bound guardians of the fertile valley who stood vigilant against foes both animal and barbarian. Berry Tribe, a slightly less strong breed, preferred to attack threats from afar with thrown rocks. Chestnut Tribe were about as sharp as wet noodles but nearly equaled Apple Tribe's strength in combat...nearly. Then there was Melon Tribe, their wise women known for their large...tracts of land and had joined recently after their matriarch fell for the charms of a Berry Tribesman scouting the area.

    It didn't take long for the tribes to settle into their roles, gathering what they could from around Hollow Rock. As Berry and Chestnut Tribes focused on threats from afar, Apple Tribe turned inward and kept the peace among the tribes, known for breaking the hands of would-be thieves among their kin. All the while Melon Tribe, and its daughter Tribes Coconut and Applebottom, quickly discovered which plants healed ailments and which caused explosive diarrhea, forming the foundation of Herbalism. Several smaller wandering tribes split off in search of adventure and stories to bring back to Hollow Rock named in order of their departure: Double-D, Enormous, Fricken, Goose, Hideous, and Icarus Tribes. They spread out all throughout the east deeper into the Euro-Asian Super Continent.

    Slight Update: Double-D and Icarus Wanderer tribes are missing in action. RIP


    101000 BC Approx. After much cooperation between the tribes, the population of Hollow Rock soared to more than a hundred strong with at least half serving as tribal guardians, watchers, wise women, stone-throwers, brutes, wanderers, or gatherers with the rest living comfortably in their cave dwellings. They collectively watched and tended to over 900 square kilometers of land surrounding the main settlement with outlying gathering and scavenging camps that collected from early roaming herds of cattle, poultry, and horses as well as early fields of barley and grapes. The people of Hollow Rock had discovered weaving after one plant gathering group started to bring back what we know today as Hemp. They came across it after a lightning struck and caused a few of the bushes to catch fire, causing some strange yet pleasurable reactions among the gatherers. However, the tough plant was much more useful to the tribes as a weaving material much to their dismay. But most of these advances paled in comparison to the feat of their 'Captured Fire', allowing them to construct communal fire pits, cook their meals for the first time, and form the basis of their first myths.

    Current Unit List:
    Apple Tribe: Tribal Guardian
    Berry Tribe 2 (First generation died fighting a Moose): Stone Throwers x3
    Chestnut Tribe: Brutes x3
    Pomegranate Tribe: Watcher
    Melon Tribe: Wise Woman
    Coconut Tribe: Wise Woman
    Applebottom Tribe: Wise Woman
    Plum(p) Tribe: Wise Woman
    Fricken Tribe: Wanderer
    Hideous Tribe: Wanderer
    Enormous Tribe: Wanderer

    Gatherers unnamed
    ((Feel Free to PM me suggestions for future unit names and I'll do my best to feature them if I use them in the upcoming editions of Tales from Hollow Rock.))

    Slight update/highlights: Berry Tribe 2 automatically received the To The Death promotion after fighting a duck.
    Fricken, Hideous, and Enormous tribes discovered the proto-Middle Easterns and proto-Asians, plan to focus on my own growth unless one of the two groups provoke me.

    Slight Correction: After looking a bit closer at group sizes via Size Matters, I noticed that Watchers and Wanderers are actually solo pieces. It might be better to give them individual names than just attributing them to separate tribes/families. Then again, hundreds of years gap each turn so probably just a family name that carries on Wanderer/Watcher role over the generations. Any name suggestions?
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  2. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields

    You seem to be an excellent typist.

    Wanderer's family name Grabowski

    Watcher's family name Zelus

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  3. Thunderbrd

    Thunderbrd C2C War Dog

    Jan 2, 2010
    Las Vegas
    Well, you could give them specific names. Drug, Clogar, Fargle - stuff like that. They ARE cavemen after all.
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  4. Juko Arcuri

    Juko Arcuri Chieftain

    May 12, 2019

    I'll be sure to incorporate some of those names in the next installment. I didn't think to check here first before I got started though. Wanderers turn into Scouts/Trackers who work in groups so that problem is kinda resolved. As for caveman names, I wanted names that could be used over the course of the game and decided to go with tongue in cheek names for the most part.

    Disclaimer for Third Edition of Hollow Rock: I decided to change the word I use to describe individual units as "Clans" instead of "Tribes" since technically speaking, the population at Hollow Rock are of one Tribe. But without further ado...

    60000 BC Approx. The clans of Hollow Rock have seen some ups and downs since we last checked in on them, they were hit by a massive hurricane, adopted Oral Traditions, and the brave individuals representing the Wandering Clans Fricken, Enormous, and Hideous continue to push eastward into the Euro-Asian Super Continent. They made initial contact with the proto-Asians and proto-Middle Easterns (Modern day China and Babylon) but they wisely kept their distance as both foreign tribes wanted nothing to do with these wandering souls. Sadly this knowledge came with a price as one by one each of them was hunted down by nature, Fricken by a Brown Bear, Hideous by a Panther, and Enormous by a Bengal Tiger. All the while, two older 'clans', Cranky clan and Creaky clan, consisting of the aging men of the other clans took the role of educators for the next generation. Berry Clan were the ones to start Hollow Rock's great Hunting Age when they exterminated the local populations of Pheasants and Ravens from the tribe's gathering grounds. Huts dedicated to Storytelling, Childcare, and Childbirth sprang up as well, ran by the wise woman clans, Melon, Coconut, Applebottom, and Plum(p). Child labor was prominent at this time who learned to weave baskets from reeds, straw, and grass before they would settle into their adult roles.The Myth of Stone was also started around this time just before the first Trackers were raised by the clans of Hideous and Fricken. Shortly there after, Hideous Clan's Tracker caught the first live animal, a Red Fox, and brought it back, starting the myth of the Red Fox just before catching a Pheasant starting the Myth of the Sky. Chestnut clan traded out their calloused fists for proper wooden clubs. The era ended with the making of Stone Tools Maker and Workshops as well as trails leading to each of the gathering and scavenging camps.

    51900 BC Approx. A Babylonian Wanderer discovered Hollow Rock but was quickly intercepted by Chestnut clan's Clubmen and dispatched. Hideous Clan's Tracker went missing but no one is certain what happened to them. Fricken Clan's Tracker continued to subdue Game, securing a herd of Deer to supply Hollow Rock and eventually founding the Master Hunter's Hut.

    46900 BC Approx. Hollow Rock reaches a population of 250, establishing a Myth of Earth after Fricken's Tracker caught a badger. Cranky and Creaky Clans also came up with a number of spiritual dances when the Dance Hall was constructed including the Blood Dance, Fire Dance, Fertility Dance, Moon Dance, Nature Dance, Rain Dance, and War Dance as well as the Bird Dance and Fox Dance inspired by a captured Cassowary and Red Fox respectively. A pride of Cave Lions had established a strong foot hold of pass south to the Iberian peninsula, hunting anything that steps from the safe southern gathering grounds. When the Clans of Double D, Enormous, Fricken, Goose, Hideous, and Icarus tried to team up to hunt the pride, they were all slain in turn. Legend say that the pride was led by a Lion covered by head to tail in scars from his many conflicts.

    45800 BC Approx It was round this time that the Great Hunter known as Ipabog was born who reorganized the hunting groups of old into true hunters, deeming the Iberian peninsula until the hunters were skilled and experienced enough to take the pride of lions. It was round this time that the Clan of Double D captured the first Rhino. It was clear that there was a sea change in Hollow Rock's culture as the people were, for lack of a better term, 'Scientific' in their methods looking to find new solutions to every problem or obstacle they faced.

    40000 BC Approx. After a long, bloody hunt, Hideous' 3rd generation of Trackers finally finished off the Pride of Lions and managed to take one alive as a prize. But this came at a deep cost as Fricken, Goose, Enormous, and Icarus had both lost two generations of trackers in the hunt. Each of the clans eventually retrained their Trackers and ventured forth to hunt unharassed once more.

    35000 BC Approx. The trackers that belonged to Clan Double D ventured north into the cold Tundra and managed to take down a Mammoth alive, providing the start of a Herd of Mammoths under Hollow Rock's control. Indominable Clan (formerly Icarus) and Enormous Clan wanted glory for themselves as well but sadly it cost them their lives to a raging Mammoth and a herd of Aurochs respectively. Chestnut's Clubman began to brandish their clubs with spikes around this time as well as they became more active in their skirmishes with roaming Neanderthal warbands.

    33500 BC Approx. Hollow Rock's Population soars to 750 after some of the stone crafters thought it would be grand to carve figurines in the shape of their mates. We know these today as the Venus of Willendorf figurines and judging by the proportions of the THICC feminine figures, the women of this time period were incredibly fertile.

    30650 BC Approx. Pebble Clan, a clan of scouts and cousins to the hunter clans of old, made contact with the proto-African tribe on the Southern edge of the African Continent. Judging from the eyewitness accounts, the proto-Asians were the closest to Hollow Rock's prosperity but the Tribe of Hollow Rock was doing nearly as well as all three proto-tribes combined.

    27400 BC Approx. Berry Clan finally abandons the age old tradition of stone throwing for slings, allowing them to throw their stones even further and harder than they ever could with just their bare arms. Alongside Apple, Pomegranate, Almond, and Olive Enforcer Clans, and the Chestnut and Peach Spiked Clubman Clans, Berry Clan defends their home against any threat, domestic or abroad.

    Current Unit List:
    Chestnut Clan - Spiked Clubman x3
    Peach Clan - Spiked Clubman x3
    Cranky Clan - Storyteller
    Creaky Clan - Storyteller
    Melon Clan - Healer
    Coconut Clan - Healer
    Plum(p) Clan - Healer
    Applebottom Clan - Healer
    Pomegranate Clan - Enforcer
    Apple Clan - Enforcer
    Olive Clan - Enforcer
    Almond Clan - Enforcer
    Berry Clan (2nd) - Slinger x3
    Pebble Clan - Scout
    Double D Clan (3rd) - Tracker
    Fricken Clan (3rd) - Tracker
    Hideous Clan (3rd) - Tracker

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