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TAM opening screen poll


Mar 24, 2005
TAM opening screen poll

Waiting for the release of the new TAM version currently under development, just for fun and to revamp interest around this mod I propose a poll to choice your favorite opening screen for TAM.

Below I've attached a set of 8 different screen, numbered from 1 to 8. Number 1 is the current BTS opening screen, number 2 is the Vanilla one, while 3 through 8 are new proposals (NOTE: They are NOT my creations; I simply picked up existing pictures from the web and worked a bit on them).

Please, post a replay with your personal preferences (up to 4). Through the BTS menu "option->graphic" we may select one of four different opening types (BTS Classical, Vanilla, Warlords and BTS), then we may have up to 4 TAM screens to choice.

Obviously whoever able to create a new opening screen for TAM is welcome. Make your graphic and post it here, otherwise vote, vote, vote!!!



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I like 1, 5 and 7 in that order.
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