Tanzania and Qatar problem


Feb 21, 2019
Hello, lately I've been doing saves with a ton of civilization mods only turning on the ones I previously randomized using spreadsheet (to number them) and random org. Mostly the saves has been stable and fun however there are two exceptions and I was wondering if someone was bored enough to perhaps find a fix for these two civs.

The problem is with Tanzania by DMS and Qatar by TickieJames.

Tanzania crashes the entire game everytime they try to choose ideology, at least I assume so since the game crashed on their turn during industrial age with them having UA centered about ideology.

Meanwhile problem with Qatar is very bizarre, they have unique plane unit behaving like a helicopter that is supposed to be stealthed with exception to anti air units, to make this happen special promotion is added to every anti air, but somehow it makes them stealthed too, units can move into their hex as if they wouldn't exist triggering failsafe of two units standing in the same place teleporting the stealthed anti-air to closest hex. These units also can't caputre cities (they can deal damage to them, but not capture the cities even if it has 1hp).

Only mods I have installed other than civs are historical religions, civ names by policies, infoaddict, IGE, natural wonder placement fixes

It would be appreciated if someone who is bored (and knows their thing or two about programming) could dig into the code to try to squash these pesky bugs. These are only two of 1200 civs I do have on my list, so it's more like a mild annoyance than something urgent.
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