Target: Mexico?

I think that some sort of better security along the vast parts of the border that consists of nothing more than a fence might be good to keep known terrorists from slipping across, and troops could be used for that if nothing else. It seems kind of odd though to station troops at check points where there are already people watching.
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How long before we invade Mexico again? :king:

What does this have to do with border defense?

I don't think troops are needed at the borders... If I were Mexico I would say to remove them. I wouldn't want some Americans just sitting there with soldiers and looking for trouble! Bush is going too far... I never seen any President like this. And what about Canada? Are there troops THERE too? If so, something fishy is going on...

Terrorists won't likely enter via Canada, and Mexico helps keep the baddies away. The US border patrol and police can do a good enough job.
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I never seen any President like this. And what about Canada? Are there troops THERE too? If so, something fishy is going on...

Hmmm, you do bring up a good point. However, despite the comparatively poor state of Canada's military in realtion to ours I think it would only be wise to conquer one oil producing neighbor at a time. Do you think they'd give us Alberta if we promised not to attack them at all? :)
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Terrorists won't likely enter via Canada,

I've got some sorry news from you; Canada is likely the BEST route in, and it's probably been used by Al Queda on more than one occasion. I'm writing this from about two blocks away from a photocopy shop - allegedly, and probably truthfully an Al Queda front - that got raided by the mounties days after Sept. 11th. About once a week, the local news has some new allegation about a Montreal-based fellow who is now missing, and - oh, what a coincidence - is alleged by sources to be working with Bin Laden's ilk. These reports are beleivable; it's just as common that the allegation comes from abroad or Canadian sources as it does from the US. And for ten years, the Canadian government denied there was any risk at all.

It is actually frightfully easy to cross our border into the US if you know where to go. I don't blame the US for being a little paranoid, although I am nervous that they are going too far myself. That post-Sept. 11th press conference where the Senator held up the orange road cone and said "this is our border security at many points along the Canadian frontier" was actually not far from the truth in some spots along the B.C.-Washington, Alberta-Montana and Main-New Brunswick sections.

they've used troops before on the mexican border. trying to stop drug trafficking or something, it ended when some marine killed an illegal immigrant.
Am I being naive here, or is the idea of evil-doers trying to cross the border slightly, ummm, outdated? Couldn't they just fly in or something? I mean, they aren't going to come into the country with their pockets stuffed full of C-4, and weilding AK-47's are they?

If they intend to commit an act of violence, they'll find some way in. Border security is barely in the equation.
Maybe when they're all at the border they can jump up and down really hard so Mexico detaches and floats into the Pacific. It'll have to be a concerted effort with Guatemala and Belize, though.
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Terrorists won't likely enter via Canada

Actually coming in from Canada is usually what they try to do because people here generally trust Canada. An al-Qaeda terrorist was caught coming into Washington State from B.C. in 1999 with a bunch of explosives and pictures of the Space Needle in Seattle, where a huge millenium celebration was planned. They canceled the celebration for fear that other terrorists made it across without being caught.

Now this terrorist has been cooperating with the government in an attempt to reduce his 150-year prison sentence. He trained in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and knew the lone person that the U.S. is putting on trial for Sept. 11, and is testifying that he saw him in those camps.

Also there is a huge drug trafficing operation across the Washington-B.C. border that police have been trying to crack down on in the last few years.
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