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TC: Sunday Sept 17, 11PM MST (-7), 0600 GMT Monday

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of Democracy' started by DaveShack, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Date/Time Sunday Sept 17, 11PM MST (-7), 0600 GMT Monday
    Probably offline, and may play up to 2 hours later
    DP: DaveShack

    Relevant Links:
    Current Save

    Only elected/appointed officials may post in this thread! Please use the DP thread in the Government subforum for questions/comments to the DP. Does anyone read this? Please use the officials' thread for comments to an official.

    Only instructions posted in this thread prior to the start of the TC will be considered valid instructions. Instructions posted or changed after the start of the TC may be ignored. Instructions will not be accepted at the TC.
  2. Vind2

    Vind2 Woof?

    Nov 4, 2005
    New Jesey
    Looks like you copied mine :D
  3. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    We seem to be a bit short of instructions, so here goes...

    Please note I have changed some build queues and tiles worked (though not all), so please check carefully :)

    Build queues (Turn 0)

    Please make sure build queues are as follows:

    New Port City: Crossbow, Market, Barracks
    Old Sarai: Barracks, Granary, Knight
    Toot Uncommon: Maceman, Granary, Catapult
    Fort Impervious: Courthouse, Grocer
    Const Falls: Colosseum, Barracks, Crossbow, Knight
    Basillica: Maceman, Knight, Grocer

    Tiles to work

    New Port City: as screenshot, with 1 Engineer and 2 Scientists
    (pop will be stagnant)

    Old Sarai: as screenshot, with no specialists

    After 5 turns (when farm completes 2S of OS), stop working mine 1E of OS and work farm instead, as so:

    Toot Uncommon: as screenshot, with no specialists

    After 9 turns (when pop expands), work farm 1W of TU

    Fort Impervious: as screenshot, with 2 Artists

    Const Falls: as screenshot, with no specialists, for 5 turns only
    After 5 turns, switch from the 3 :hammers: forest 2S1E to the cottage 2N1E, as so:

    Basillica: as screenshot, with no specialists

    Workers (if no instrs)

    Sweetacshon does not appear to have posted for a few days. If you get no official instructions for using the workers in my state, please consider the following suggestions:

    When Golf (2S of Old Sarai) finishes farm, move to hill 1SW of Old Sarai and start building mine
    Worker Juliet (1N2W of Toot Uncommon) is not doing anything and would be more productive if moved to help one of the workers in the Const Falls area
    Worker India (1NW of Toot Uncommon) should complete the road to the corn (2NE of Toot Uncommon) and then go to 1SW of Basillica to build a cottage
    When Echo (1NE of Fort Impervious) finishes farm (2 turns), move to Const Falls area

    Workers in the Const Falls area
    There is a lot to do. Please let worker Kilo (1SW of CF) finish chopping the forest and then build a farm on that tile.
    Worker Delta (1N2E of CF) should stop chopping the jungle. With Delta and any other workers that become available in the Const Falls area, please consider the following (highest priority first):
    • build cottage 1NW of CF
    • replace farm 1S of CF with cottage (it is a plains square)
    • build mine 2S1E of CF

    EDIT: Sorry about the mess with the piccies :eek:
  4. Sweetacshon

    Sweetacshon In the foetal position

    Mar 2, 2006

    Bravo at Reddot mine the three plains hills.
    Hotel/ Golf at OS farm grass river tiles
    India/Juliet at Toot farm all grass, mine all hills. This includes bulldozing the cottages.... if u pillage them first tho, we get the cash.
    Kilo/ Delta/ charlie at Const Falls, keep ripping down the river grass forests and cottaging them... in whatever order you want.
    Alpha at Basc, we need farms 1NE and 2N1E of Basc
    Echo at Basc, farm grassland at FI
    Foxtrtot N of Basc, farm 2S of Abydos, then mine the jungle grass hill.
  5. dutchfire

    dutchfire Moderator Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Ministry of Science-Deputy

    Regentman hasn't posted any instructions yet, so I'll post something here:
    finish banking.
    start researching eductation
  6. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Play starting, offline.

    Turnchat log:
    Spoiler :

    Turn 0, 1553 AD

    Sci set to 40%, banking in 11, -1gpt
    Set Toot, Ft Imp, Old Sarai, Const Falls, Basilica, NPC according to instructions
    Started positioning a couple of troops to improve happy in Auda City.

    Turn 1, 1556 AD
    Mansa Musa visits, offering Music (1386 beakers) in exhange for Guilds (2310)
    This is quite one-sided so I use the negotiate panel to see what else is available.
    They also have Engineering (2310) and are unwilling to trade it.
    I say no thanks for now.

    Mace completes in Basilica, start Knight
    Islam has spread in our lands (to Basilica). I say no temporarily to the "convert now" popup.
    Old Sarai completes barracks, starts granary.
    Clearing a forest creates 100 hammers for Const Falls.
    Alpha (worker) instruction is to farm 1NE of Basilica. Someone mentioned pillaging what
    is currently on the square, so I'll try that and see if we get any gold back from this cottage.
    Nope, pillaging our own lands does NOT result in getting gold back. It did however lower our
    gpt by 1, to -4gpt.

    End of turn 1, Banking in 10, -4gpt, 683g.

    Turn 2, 1559 AD
    Montezuma demands our world map. There are no instructions for diplomacy.
    We are at +1 (cautious) on the diplomatic scale, and last place in power.
    I decide we need a potential friend, or at least don't need a potential enemy.
    Monty can have his map. Now relations are +6, and he's pleased with us.

    BW completes courthouse. No instructions, start a knight.
    Colosseum finishes in Const Falls. Work begins on a market.
    Saladin adopts theocracy.

    End of turn 2, banking in 9, 0gpt, 679g

    Turn 3, 1562 AD
    Mansa Musa offers open borders, we accept.
    Peter completes Hagia Sophia

    End of turn 3, banking in 8, +4gpt, 679g

    Turn 4, 1565 AD
    Mace completes in Toot, starts granary.
    Monty declares war on Mansa Musa.
    Mansa Musa adopts Theocracy

    Auda City is now happy, 3rd garrison arrives.

    End of turn 4, banking in 7, +4gpt, 683g

    Turn 5, 1568 AD
    Nothing to declare.

    End of turn , banking in 6, +4gpt, 687g

    Turn 6, 1571 AD
    Mansa asks for aid in war against Aztecs...
    We are at -3 with Mansa, +5 with Monty.
    Decline to join Mansa in this war.
    Peter offers to trade Engineering (2310)+10g for Guilds (2310)
    For now, decline until can check if we still have a monopoly and
    what else might be available.

    NPC completes crossbow, starts Harbor. Switch to market per instr.
    Darn, forgot to save. Do that now...

    we don't have a guilds monopoly any more. without instructions, now
    is the time to shop it around for what we can get. Trade with the
    lowest on the totem pole who can give us something useful.

    Also, Peter has Education, we're screwed as far as getting Liberalism goes. :(

    The only valid trade is the one Peter offered at the beginning of the turn.
    Might as well do it, otherwise we get nothing for guilds.
    On a whim I try to get both music and engineering, "not so gullible" lol
    try for engineering, 10g, WM. It's a deal. That gave us a nice view of
    the other continent's south coast.

    Screenie of power graph shows that the Aztec - Mali war is going bad for Monty.

    End of turn 6, banking in 5, +5gpt, 701g

    Turn 7, 1574 AD
    Monty asks for help vs the Mali. We must decline at this point, gives us -1 and
    drops us back to cautious.
    Old Sarai finishes granary starts knight
    We now have 5 "million" population

    worker "bravo" runs out of assignments. We can get trade goods by connecting the
    wheat on the coast S of BW, so head on over there.

    End of turn 7, banking in 4, +5gpt, 706g

    Turn 8, 1577 AD
    Knight completes in BW, start grocer
    Lighthouse completes in red dot, start mace
    Nothing else interesting to report.

    End of turn 8, banking in 3, +4gpt, 711g

    Turn 9, 1580 AD
    Peter adopts theocracy
    nothing else to report

    End of turn 9, banking in 2, +6gpt, 715g

    turn 10, 1583 AD
    Bismarck builds the Islamic shrine
    Peter converts to Islam

    End of turn 10, banking in 1, +1gpt, 721g

    To allow discussion on trade, went through to beginning of next turn.

    Turn 11, 1586 AD
    Banking completes, offered mercantilism as civic, skipped it for discussion
    Selected astronomy as a placeholder
    MG completes harbor, choose mace as a placeholder
    FI completes court, starts grocer

    Saved at beginning of turn 11, 722g, +10gpt.
    Astronomy (placeholder) in 36.

    ending save
  7. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Censor instructions (to self).

    Set science rate at 40% to reflect results of the poll on this topic.

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