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TCIT-2080BC-Wednesday, March 28th, 5:22pm CDT (22:22GMT)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Democracy Game II' started by GeorgeOP, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. GeorgeOP

    GeorgeOP RF Bleachers

    Jan 19, 2005
    RF Bleachers
  2. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Elder of Falcon's Haven
    Work the floodplains and, when we get a second citizen, the horses. Complete the warrior and then start a chariot.
  3. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Office of the Elder

    Finish Scout -> Granary (use 2 farms, and the mined hill, or focus on food if the hill is to be chopped), worker. The rest is up to the DP's discretion.
  4. GeorgeOP

    GeorgeOP RF Bleachers

    Jan 19, 2005
    RF Bleachers
    TC done, write up is in progress.

    Turn 5 save

    Turn 10 save

    Important Events:
    Granary, Scout, and Warrior all built, Granary and Worker in progress
    Borders of NotA have expanded.
    Both NotA and Falcon gave grown a pop point (now at 4 and 2).
    Pasture built on the horse and farm built on the Floodplain.
    Writing discovered (I wonder what I was doing before that) and Alphabet started.
    French borders found and Orleans scouted.
    2 Barb Warriors are approaching our lands, one from the NW towards NotA and one from the NE from Falcon.

    Blow by blow
    Spoiler :
    Turn 0: 2080
    changed capitol name to NoneOfTheAbove per 4th capitol city name poll results
    moved citizen from unimproved grassland to mined hill per instructions
    151 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 9

    Turn 1: 2040
    forest has grown along Yasutan River NW of NotA
    150 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 8

    Turn 2: 2000
    NotA borders expand
    NotA finishes Scout. Work started on Granary (6) per instructions
    Scout sent West (and a bit north) to remove darkness
    149 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 7

    Turn 3: 1960
    Julius Caesar scout appears from fog of war near the Lake of Indecision
    worker finishes pasture no instructions given
    after some discussion, worker is sent to the floodplain by Falcon
    148 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 6

    Turn 4: 1920
    NotA gains a pop point (now at 4) no instructions so left it to automatically work grassland forest by Yasutan River
    worker started to farm the floodplain
    147 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 5

    Turn 5: 1880
    Falcon gains a pop point (now at 2) per instructions citizens are told to go work with the horsies. Little girls in Falcon now love their Elder.
    146 gold (-1) 100% research Writing in 4

    Turn 6: 1840
    Scout keeps moving west and now finds Wine and a dark blue border just west. DaveShack starts rumors about what nation it is.
    145 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 3

    Turn 7: 1800
    NotA finishes the Granary. Work is started on a Worker (6) per instructions
    Falcon finishes a Warrior. Instructions say to build a Chariot, but horses are not roaded. Granary (6) is started instead to help the city grow faster.
    Scout starts to head northbound around French city. But a Barb Warrior is spotted. Although the path is blocked by the ocean, the scout runs South. Because the barb is seen west of NotA, our 3rd warrior is sent towards NotA in case the barb heads towards our lands.
    144 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 2

    Turn 8: 1760
    Scout gets to the ocean and finds that he can see a lot farther. The vicious rumors of it being a French settlement are found to be true. A 9 tile city is located that has a pasture on a Cow, and the Wine is within the cross. The borders of another city are seen across the bay, but it's size can't be determined.
    143 gold(-1) 100% research Writing in 1

    Turn 9: 1720
    If you were reading everything so far, you'd know that we should have discovered Writing on this turn. And we did. No instructions were left, so Alphabet(24) was started. That seemed the most logical choice.
    Scout moves along France's northern border and meets another ocean. But the sight lines allow us to see the city very well. It is called "Orleans" and is situated perfectly on an isthmus. Ships can enter and leave the city from both oceans. A nice canal city that may have to become Mongolian in the future.
    142 gold(-1) 100% research Alphabet in 24

    Turn 10: 1680
    Julius Caesar adopts slavery.
    Scout follows ocean north.
    George realizes weesa in trouble. The barb warrior the scout saw is now just NW of the Lake of Indecision. And another barb has appeared out of the darkness in the Fire Desert. Our third warrior is just south of the stone, directly between our two cities. The good news is that our worker has finished the farm and can move next turn. So he can do a Monty Python and "Run Away!" And George will let the citizens (and someone that is better skilled) decide what to do with those threats.

    Spoiler :
    satellite view:
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :
  5. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Chat log
    Spoiler :

    [03/28 15:23] <GeorgeOP> All ready, let's review the instructions.
    [03/28 15:23] <GeorgeOP> NotA: finish scout, then build Granary
    [03/28 15:24] <GeorgeOP> work the 2 farms and mined hill
    [03/28 15:24] <Chieftess> I'm assuming the stone will be worked, and a road built... right?
    [03/28 15:24] <GeorgeOP> Falcon's Haven: finish warrior and build chariot
    [03/28 15:24] <Chieftess> I'd love a third farm...
    [03/28 15:24] <GeorgeOP> work the floodplains and horses
    [03/28 15:25] <GeorgeOP> sone isn't in our borders yet
    [03/28 15:25] <GeorgeOP> stone
    [03/28 15:26] <GeorgeOP> it will be in 2 turns, should I send the worker there next?
    [03/28 15:28] <Chieftess> Atleast make sure it's connected to the capital and Falcon's Haven.
    [03/28 15:28] <Chieftess> But, I think it's up to you.
    [03/28 15:28] <Chieftess> Are there any instructions for workers?
    [03/28 15:28] <GeorgeOP> 2080, 151 gold (-1) 100&#37; research, Writing in 9
    [03/28 15:29] <Chieftess> Give the turn #.
    [03/28 15:29] <GeorgeOP> no instructions for workers
    [03/28 15:29] <GeorgeOP> Turn 0
    [03/28 15:29] <Chieftess> that is, turn 0 - 2080BC, 151g, -1gpt, ....
    [03/28 15:29] <Chieftess> Press it.
    [03/28 15:29] * Chieftess is gonna be watching TV. Have fun! :)
    [03/28 15:29] <Ginger_Ale> At least I'm here. :p
    [03/28 15:30] <GeorgeOP> forst has grown near NotA
    [03/28 15:30] <GeorgeOP> geez, forest
    [03/28 15:30] <GeorgeOP> along river nw of the city, inside the cross
    [03/28 15:31] <GeorgeOP> the barb animals have moved out of sight
    [03/28 15:32] <DaveShack> someone is thinking about rocks an awful lot ;)
    [03/28 15:32] <GeorgeOP> Turn 1, 150 gold (-1) 100% research, Writing in 8
    [03/28 15:32] <GeorgeOP> pressing in 3
    [03/28 15:33] * Chieftess wants the Oracle, that's why. :D
    [03/28 15:34] * DaveShack knows the Oracle takes Marble, not stone :p
    [03/28 15:34] <GeorgeOP> NotA builds Scout, Granary started(5)
    [03/28 15:34] <GeorgeOP> no instructions for scout, send him NW?
    [03/28 15:35] <GeorgeOP> also, borders expand for NotA, but the workers are still toying with their horsies
    [03/28 15:37] <DaveShack> looking at the save for scouting advice
    [03/28 15:37] <GeorgeOP> Turn 2, 149 gold (-1) 100% research, Writing in 7
    [03/28 15:37] <GeorgeOP> pressing in 3
    [03/28 15:39] <DaveShack> Crabengw&#235;!
    [03/28 15:39] <Strider> ...
    [03/28 15:39] <GeorgeOP> Ceasar scout appears from NW of NotA
    [03/28 15:40] <DaveShack> re: where to scout, we're interested in what lies to the west
    [03/28 15:40] <GeorgeOP> ok, I'll send him west
    [03/28 15:40] <GeorgeOP> worker finished pasture, should I road pasture for 2 turns or go for the gold or stone or floodplain?
    [03/28 15:41] * Octavian_away is now known as Octavian_X
    [03/28 15:41] <Octavian_X> I totally forgot that this way today...
    [03/28 15:42] <GeorgeOP> any ideas for the worker?
    [03/28 15:42] <DaveShack> what does the pasture square produce now?
    [03/28 15:43] <GeorgeOP> 4 hammer 1 food
    [03/28 15:43] * Falcon02 has joined #turnchat
    [03/28 15:43] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Falcon02
    [03/28 15:43] <Octavian_X> General!
    [03/28 15:44] <Falcon02> Howdy
    [03/28 15:44] <Falcon02> not gonna be active for very long though :/
    [03/28 15:44] <Falcon02> Just got home from work and pretty much gonna Eat Dinner and go to bed soon afterwards
    [03/28 15:44] <GeorgeOP> but stone will require the worker move for 2 turns and build 2 tiles of road
    [03/28 15:44] <GeorgeOP> and stone will not help any cities, since it is between the crosses
    [03/28 15:44] <DaveShack> the stone is outside the fat+ right
    [03/28 15:45] * Falcon02 says we irrigate Floodplains of Falcon's Haven
    [03/28 15:45] <DaveShack> irrigate FP
    [03/28 15:45] <Falcon02> er... build a farm
    [03/28 15:45] <GeorgeOP> will do, irrigating fp for Falcon
    [03/28 15:45] <GeorgeOP> I know what we meant
    [03/28 15:45] <Falcon02> yeah
    [03/28 15:45] <DaveShack> lol
    [03/28 15:45] <Falcon02> Civ III terminology dies hard
    [03/28 15:46] <Octavian_X> hehe
    [03/28 15:46] <DaveShack> just to make it clear though, there are no worker instructions so you're making decisions based on non-binding advice, right?
    [03/28 15:46] <DaveShack> don't want the anti-chat police to come after us :mischief:
    [03/28 15:46] <GeorgeOP> correct, I thought we should farm or mine gold
    [03/28 15:47] <Octavian_X> now now, DaveShack. You've got the eye of the Judiciary watching. :p
    [03/28 15:47] <GeorgeOP> there were no instructions for worker, just Chieftess mention of her wanting the stone hooked up
    [03/28 15:48] <Falcon02> I personally don't think stone is critical, yet but I can see next after Farm build
    [03/28 15:48] <GeorgeOP> Turn 3, 1960 148 gold (-1) 100% research Writing in 6
    [03/28 15:48] <GeorgeOP> pressing in 3
    [03/28 15:48] * Ginger_Ale has quit IRC (Quit: )
    [03/28 15:50] <GeorgeOP> NotA gains a pop point, now at 4. auto working grassland forest
    [03/28 15:50] <GeorgeOP> starting farm on floodplain
    [03/28 15:51] <GeorgeOP> Ceasar scout left our vision
    [03/28 15:51] <Chieftess> And it'll use it, right? :) (I like seeing cities grow really fast).
    [03/28 15:51] <GeorgeOP> it is currently working the fp
    [03/28 15:52] * Chieftess would like to see a scout scout to the SW a bit more
    [03/28 15:52] <GeorgeOP> yes, the scout is now on the mountain range heading in that direction
    [03/28 15:52] <GeorgeOP> Turn 4, 147 gold (-1) 100% research Writing in 5
    [03/28 15:53] <GeorgeOP> pressing in 3
    [03/28 15:55] <GeorgeOP> Falcon grew a pop, working fp and now horse according to instructions.
    [03/28 15:55] <Octavian_X> well this was fun. :)
    [03/28 15:55] <Octavian_X> I'm off to the cafeteria - there's serving the good food today
    [03/28 15:56] <Octavian_X> or their, if your prefer better grammar
    [03/28 15:56] <DaveShack> they're :p
    [03/28 15:56] <DaveShack> cul8r
    [03/28 15:56] <GeorgeOP> Nothing else happened, but loading save for everyone to see
    [03/28 15:56] <Octavian_X> :p
    [03/28 15:57] <Falcon02> Rgr
    [03/28 15:57] * Octavian_X is now known as Octavian_away
    [03/28 15:57] <DaveShack> could wait till turn 5, but 4 is ok
    [03/28 15:57] * Falcon02 did turn 0, turn 5 and turn 8 (final)
    [03/28 15:58] <GeorgeOP> http://forums.civfanatics.com/uploads/55134/C4DG2_BC-1880-Turn_5.Civ4SavedGame
    [03/28 15:58] <DaveShack> beginning of 5, or end?
    [03/28 15:58] <GeorgeOP> About to hit enter for turn 5, and I'm not sure what to research in 5 turns
    [03/28 15:58] <GeorgeOP> begining
    [03/28 15:58] <DaveShack> ok, downloading and looking
    [03/28 15:59] <GeorgeOP> Turn 5, 146 gold (-1) 100% research Writing in 4
    [03/28 16:00] <GeorgeOP> pressing when Dave is finished looking
    [03/28 16:00] * Chieftess has quit IRC (SVSKilled: GHOST command used by Chieftess_)
    [03/28 16:01] * Chieftess has joined #turnchat
    [03/28 16:01] * Mafioso sets mode: +oa Chieftess Chieftess
    [03/28 16:01] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Chieftess
    [03/28 16:02] <GeorgeOP> did you look at it dave?
    [03/28 16:02] <DaveShack> yep
    [03/28 16:03] <GeorgeOP> ok to hit enter?
    [03/28 16:03] <DaveShack> Crabengw&#235;!
    [03/28 16:03] <GeorgeOP> not sure what that response means, I'll take that for a yes
    [03/28 16:03] <DaveShack> press it
    [03/28 16:04] * x730195 has joined #turnchat
    [03/28 16:04] * Chieftess sets mode: +v x730195
    [03/28 16:04] <DaveShack> or something like that... maybe Strider knows the translation
    [03/28 16:04] <GeorgeOP> nothing happened, just moved scout west
    [03/28 16:04] <DaveShack> hi 730195
    [03/28 16:04] <GeorgeOP> but I see a dark blue outline
    [03/28 16:04] <DaveShack> Napolean, I presume
    [03/28 16:05] <GeorgeOP> 5 spaces west of NotA culture borders
    [03/28 16:06] <GeorgeOP> Turn 6, 145 gold (-1) 100% research, Writing in 3
    [03/28 16:06] <GeorgeOP> pressing in 3
    [03/28 16:07] <Chieftess> press it! :)
    [03/28 16:08] <GeorgeOP> NotA finishes Granary, worker (6) started
    [03/28 16:08] <Chieftess> Yes, crabengwe = press it. It's an old demogame tradition.
    [03/28 16:08] <GeorgeOP> Falcon finishes Warior, oops Chariot was supposed to be next
    [03/28 16:08] * Chieftess hopes there's a forest chop coming (was kind of hoping it would grow and build a scout or warrior or something).
    [03/28 16:08] <GeorgeOP> but horses are not roaded, so scout (3) is used instead, or should I change that?
    [03/28 16:09] <GeorgeOP> also, no instructions for built warior, should he shadow the worker?
    [03/28 16:10] <Falcon02> CT... not as old as I am though... first time I remember seeing it was first game this DG
    [03/28 16:10] <DaveShack> I'd suggest a granary or warrior
    [03/28 16:11] <GeorgeOP> moved scout by Louis NW for first mp. Barb warior north. Do I hide in forest and be attacked or run south and lose scouting chance?
    [03/28 16:12] <GeorgeOP> changed Falcon to Granary (6)
    [03/28 16:12] <GeorgeOP> Falcon grows in 9, so no food will be lost
    [03/28 16:13] <GeorgeOP> any suggestions for scout?
    [03/28 16:13] <DaveShack> south will show more of the french land
    [03/28 16:14] <Falcon02> yeah, try to seek out the French Borders
    [03/28 16:14] <GeorgeOP> French borders go into ocean, so there is only 2 more tiles S to go before it's blocked
    [03/28 16:14] <GeorgeOP> but it would see over ocean, go that way?
    [03/28 16:14] * x730195 has quit IRC (Quit: Snak 5.2.1 IRC For Macintosh - http://www.snak.com)
    [03/28 16:16] <GeorgeOP> ok, I'll move scout south and try to peer across the ocean into French lands
    [03/28 16:16] <DaveShack> any resources in that area?
    [03/28 16:17] <Falcon02> Could also loop around the Northwest, around the ocean
    [03/28 16:17] <GeorgeOP> Turn 7 144 gold (-1) 100% research, Writing in 2
    [03/28 16:17] <GeorgeOP> the scout is on top of wine
    [03/28 16:17] <GeorgeOP> enter in 3
    [03/28 16:19] <DaveShack> Crabengw&#235;!
    [03/28 16:19] <GeorgeOP> French city is 9 squares
    [03/28 16:19] <GeorgeOP> one tile south is Cows, already pastured
    [03/28 16:19] <GeorgeOP> can just make out borders of the corner of another city, but can't tell the size of that one
    [03/28 16:20] <GeorgeOP> warior is sent to NotA to protect the coming scout, since that is the direction the barb is in
    [03/28 16:21] <GeorgeOP> Turn 8, 143 gold (-1) 100% research, Writing in 1
    [03/28 16:21] <GeorgeOP> what do we research next?
    [03/28 16:22] <GeorgeOP> I'm guessing Alphabet
    [03/28 16:23] <GeorgeOP> pressing in 3
    [03/28 16:24] <GeorgeOP> Writing discovered, Alphabet is next
    [03/28 16:25] <GeorgeOP> moved scout, city is Orleans that's connected on both sides by different oceans.
    [03/28 16:25] <GeorgeOP> very effective blockade and important city for moving ships to and fro
    [03/28 16:25] <GeorgeOP> ala Panama Canal
    [03/28 16:26] <GeorgeOP> Turn 9 142 gold (-1) 100 research, Alphabet in 24
    [03/28 16:26] <GeorgeOP> enter in 3
    [03/28 16:27] <GeorgeOP> Ceasar adopts slavery
    [03/28 16:28] <GeorgeOP> Barb warior apears out of fog NW of lake NW of NotA
    [03/28 16:29] <GeorgeOP> ack, another barb warior has appeared NE of Falcon
    [03/28 16:29] <GeorgeOP> fwiw, the worker finished the farm, but has no mp left
    [03/28 16:29] <Falcon02> did Farm finish?
    [03/28 16:30] <GeorgeOP> yes, farm is finished
    [03/28 16:30] <GeorgeOP> and that's where I'm going to end
    [03/28 16:30] <Falcon02> good, so our worker can move away easily
    [03/28 16:30] <GeorgeOP> yes, next turn
    [03/28 16:30] <GeorgeOP> our 3rd warior is just south of stone, half way between the two cities
    [03/28 16:32] <GeorgeOP> http://forums.civfanatics.com/uploads/55134/C4DG2_BC-1680_Turn_10.Civ4SavedGame
    [03/28 16:32] <GeorgeOP> And that should end this TC
    [03/28 16:33] <GeorgeOP> I'm going to do a write up now, can someone copy this TC and post it to the thread?
    [03/28 16:38] <DaveShack> i have logging on
    [03/28 16:39] <DaveShack> nice tc, thanks
    [03/28 16:39] <GeorgeOP> thanks Dave. I'll see everyone later
  6. ice2k4

    ice2k4 Emperor

    Feb 28, 2004
    Brooklyn, New York
    Sorry I couldn't give instructions. Verizon's internet blew out in my area for the last 2 days and I just got back on now. Either way, it looks like you handled yourself fine. Again I apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. Hyronymus

    Hyronymus Troop leader

    Nov 25, 2003
    So we've got a new scout. How about scouting the French countryside? The AI usually builds cities near interesting sites but I failed to spot one near Orleans, except for the wine. Paris seems to be extremely close to Orleans by the way.
  8. grant2004

    grant2004 Citizen

    Jul 11, 2004
    I think we've scouted about as much of France as we can without an open borders, I might be in favor of signing such an agreement though, considering France has been discussed as a potential early opponent, and it would be good to see what they have past Orleans.

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