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TCIT-Monday April 23th- 1500 GMT

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Democracy Game II' started by dutchfire, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Please, only officials should post in this thread, to give instructions for the upcoming game session.

    Chieftain: No instructions posted
    Elder of NoneOfTheAbove: instructions posted
    Elder of Equus Aurum: instructions posted
    Elder of City #3: No instructions posted
    Warlord: instructions posted

    Starting Save

    Previous instruction thread
  2. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Move one Warrior in City #1 to the tile 1 W of the Copper.

    Chariot #2 should double back and provide escort for the Settler.

    A Warrior at Equus Aurum should head to location of Chariot #1 and Chariot #1 should double back to NotA once the Warrior has relieved it's Fog Busting duties.

    I would also like to request that any Archers with an available promotion be given City Garrison.
  3. robboo

    robboo Deity

    Dec 10, 2002
    Cajun Country

    Work tiles to stagnant growth and maximize gold.

    IF a worker is available...we need to mine the other gold, I am still debating on if we should cottage or farm the other flood plain. So do not do anything to it as of yet, till I can get more citizen input.

    Build 2 chariots, then an archer for garrison, then back to chariots. After the archer is build please release control of 1 warrior to the warlord.
  4. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Build the Oracle.
  5. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Stop play on completion of Priesthood, pending a poll on the Oracle.
    Or delay play session.

    Stop order will be rescinded if instructions are changed to start the Oracle.
  6. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Build Queues for City #1:


    Work high food/hammer tiles
  7. Methos

    Methos HoF Quattromaster Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Jan 1, 2005
    Worker #1:
    • Up to DP (since its his city)
    Worker #2:
    • Complete farm (3 turns)
    • move to unworked gold
    • mine gold hill
    • road gold hill
    Worker #3:
    • start gold mine (4 turns)
    • road gold mine (2 turns)
    • move to flood plains
    • irrigate flood plains
    • Move to spot planned for Coppertown.
    • Settle and name it "City #2"

    Research Finish Priesthood (1)
    Suggest to Elder Dutchfire to immediately switch to Oracle in NoneOfTheAbove
    If Oracle will take fewer turns than CoL, then start HBR -> IW and take CoL when Oracle completes.
    Else if Oracle will take more turns than CoL, then start CoL -> HBR, take Civil Service when Oracle completes.

    If Oracle completed by another civ, switch to CoL, if we're not already researching it.
  8. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Orders quoted, changed to Oracle as suggested.
  9. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Starting TC
  10. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Turnchat completed. It's now 400 BC, confucianism has been founded in Equus Aurum and the Oracle has been finished, and has been used for Civil Service.

    Spoiler summary :
    turn 1:

    changed NoneOfTheAbove to research to preserve overflow hammers for the Oracle.

    turn 2:

    We finished priesthood
    Start on Code of Laws and the Oracle

    turn 3:
    Trade mysticism for fishing with Bismarck

    turn 4:
    Chariot finished in Equus Aurum
    Discover French city
    Finished gold mine. Treasury 50, -4, Code of Laws and Oracle in 8.

    turn 5:
    Equus Aurum finishes chariot, starts archer.

    turn 6:
    Settled City #2

    turn 7:
    Lyons gets reinforced by an archer

    turn 8:
    Finished archer in EA, start on chariot.
    Stonehenge built somewhere.
    City #1 gets connected to our trade network.
    2 French axemen approach city #1, as a response 2 chariots head there too.

    Turn 9:
    Axemen return to Lyons.

    Turn 10:
    Finish chariot in Equus Aurum, start another one.

    Turn 11:
    Finish gold mine in Equus Aurum

    Turn 12:
    We have finished Code of Laws.
    Confucianism has been founded in Equus Aurum.
    The Oracle has been completed in NoneOfTheAbove.
    We have discovered Civil Service.

    Spoiler log :

    Session Start: Mon Apr 23 16:54:55 2007
    Session Ident: #turnchat
    * Now talking in #turnchat
    * Topic is 'Turnchat - 1160 BC - Thursday, Apr 5 10:00pm MST 0500 GMT Friday'
    * Set by DaveShack on Thu Apr 05 05:02:49
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v dutchfire
    <Hyronymus> finally a turnchat I can visit
    <dutchfire> you were at the starting session too, right?
    <Hyronymus> could be
    <Hyronymus> but not to full length
    <Hyronymus> I hope this one will be until the end
    * fed1943 has joined #turnchat
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v fed1943
    <dutchfire> I'm starting up civ now, but I have to eat first, so I'll see you in some minutes
    <Hyronymus> don't choke :p\
    <dutchfire> The save is 675 BC, right?
    <Hyronymus> yes
    <Hyronymus> Priesthood 1 turn to finish
    <Hyronymus> NotA growing in 8 turns and constructing a library
    <Hyronymus> channel topic still mentions the previous turnchat I see
    <dutchfire> can't be bothered with it actually :p
    <dutchfire> restarting CIV, forgot to turn on windowed mode
    * dutchfire starting turnchat
    <Hyronymus> ok
    * dutchfire moved warrior from Equus Aurum as per instruction
    <dutchfire> moving scout without instructions
    <dutchfire> what was the exact location to settle again?
    <Hyronymus> let's find out
    * dutchfire change NOTA to research to preserve overflow for the Oracle
    <dutchfire> ready to press enter
    * fed1943 has left #turnchat
    <Hyronymus> can't find the damn settlement spot :(
    <Hyronymus> oh, hang on
    <Hyronymus> http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/7992/civ4screenshot0031pc7.jpg
    <Hyronymus> no, wrong image
    <Hyronymus> that only show gold + cow
    <Hyronymus> this one: http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/1588/civ4screenshot0034bf9.jpg
    <dutchfire> 1E of the copper
    <Hyronymus> so on the jungle 1E of the copper
    * Hyronymus nods
    <Hyronymus> 4 turns to get there
    <Hyronymus> will settle at the 5th turn
    <dutchfire> "The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord ........."
    <Hyronymus> yay
    <dutchfire> We've finished priesthood
    <Hyronymus> Oracle costs 14 turns, CoL 16 turns (I just click end of turn along)
    <dutchfire> Oracle can be done in 10, CoL in 11 but we could slow Oracle down a bit
    <Hyronymus> hmm, is that wise
    <Hyronymus> we run the risk that someone beats us to it
    <Hyronymus> if we do it in 11 then we might have HBR and CoL in 1 turn
    <dutchfire> we can have HBR in 8
    <Hyronymus> yeah, I see
    <Hyronymus> swapped to the gold mine at EA
    <dutchfire> btw, I think we should be able to make it with CoL first, as there will soon be another gold mine ready to work, and a cottage in Equus will grow
    <dutchfire> but then I have to move the worker away from the forest again, because chopping makes no sense if we do that
    <Hyronymus> not really indeed
    <Hyronymus> just start the Oracle
    <Hyronymus> in 11 turns :)
    <dutchfire> CoL/HBR?
    <Hyronymus> and then take Civil Service with Oracle?
    <dutchfire> If we do CoL then we can take either Civil Service, or Philosophy with the Oracle, both are very expensive
    <Hyronymus> Philospy leads to another rleigion, Taoism
    <dutchfire> if we do HBR, we can chose CoL, and use the prophet we get for Civil Service
    <dutchfire> no... wait, we can't pick Philosophy, we'd need meditation for that
    <dutchfire> I'm leaning towards starting Oracle AND Code of Laws now, unless you have major objections
    <Hyronymus> I agree, it looks good
    <Hyronymus> but after the Oracle, what do we pick then?
    <Hyronymus> Civil Service
    <dutchfire> yes, but we'll stop the session before that moment
    <Hyronymus> k
    <dutchfire> Civil Service is arguably the most important tech in the game
    <Hyronymus> (not OK but oh well :p)
    <Hyronymus> yes, Bureaucracy is nice to have early on
    <Hyronymus> plus your farms spread easily
    <dutchfire> ready to press enter
    <Hyronymus> feel free
    <dutchfire> done
    <dutchfire> some trade opportunities
    <dutchfire> fishing for mysticism with bismarck
    <dutchfire> seems reasonable, doesn't it?
    <Hyronymus> do they cost the same
    <dutchfire> mysticism is slightly more expensive in beakercost, but on prince, you just got too accept that trades won't be fair
    <dutchfire> it's essentially a free tech for us
    <Hyronymus> no, but I don't mind if what we offer is less expensive
    <Hyronymus> but who do we get it from
    <Hyronymus> do we strengthen the tie with Bismarck or probably upset Napy more
    <dutchfire> Bismarck
    <dutchfire> I've accepted it
    <Hyronymus> ok
    <dutchfire> turn 4: finished chariot
    * Methos has joined #turnchat
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v Methos
    <Hyronymus> Archer takes 1 turn in EA
    <Methos> Whats the numbers for oracle and col?
    <dutchfire> We've spotted a French city W-SW of the Copper
    <Methos> is it blocking the copper
    <dutchfire> not at the moment
    <Hyronymus> but it will if it grows
    <dutchfire> Oracle in 8, CoL in 9, but I'm betting on micromanagement and a new gold mine to finish it in time
    <Hyronymus> lol
    <Hyronymus> do we continu to settle?
    * Hyronymus is in favour
    <Methos> what about slowing oracle and self research col?
    <dutchfire> we have been self researching CoL for some time
    <Methos> sorry
    * dutchfire Dutchfire is in favour of continuing
    <Hyronymus> we have no opposition
    <Hyronymus> :p
    <Methos> what turn we on?
    <dutchfire> 4
    <dutchfire> 600 BC
    <dutchfire> I can upload a save if you want
    <Methos> np dont woory
    <dutchfire> continue?
    <Hyronymus> yes please
    <Methos> sure
    <dutchfire> I'll keep both the warrior and the chariot there for protection, okay?
    <Hyronymus> yes
    <Hyronymus> how's the defense of Lyons
    <dutchfire> 2 axes + archer
    <dutchfire> gold mine came online, CoL now in 8!
    <Hyronymus> w00t
    <dutchfire> we can trade for masonry, but I'd like to keep it closed to open up possibilities for lightbulbing
    <Hyronymus> fine
    <dutchfire> Equus Aurum finishes Chariot, starts archer
    <Methos> dutch, do you remember whether research is completed first or production? In other words, can we continue if both Oracle and CoL finish the sma eutnr?
    <Methos> same turn
    <Methos> Or do we need to slow the oracle down?
    <dutchfire> same turn is okay
    <dutchfire> @methos, you wanted to road the gold, but I'd prefer to road the plains to make a traderoute
    <Methos> Might as well road the gold while your there so we can offer it in trade.
    <Methos> Won't it only take two turns?
    <Methos> We'd lose that many by leaving and coming back
    <dutchfire> yeah, but I'd prefer to road towards the copper first, gold isn't exactly a priority
    <dutchfire> what should city #2 start on?
    <Hyronymus> city#2 is the new city right
    <Methos> yes
    <Methos> yes, its the new city
    <Hyronymus> library
    <Hyronymus> for culture
    <dutchfire> okay, thought so too
    <Hyronymus> to bump off the french city
    <Hyronymus> what's the French city called
    <Methos> trade route? EA isn't connected?
    <dutchfire> city 1 isn't connected
    <Methos> I thought it was!
    <dutchfire> don't know about the french city, can only see the borders
    <Hyronymus> how long does a library take in city#2
    <dutchfire> 45
    <dutchfire> growth in 11
    <Hyronymus> k
    <dutchfire> Anyway, what should I do with the worker? road the mine vs. traderoute towards city #1 and #2
    <Hyronymus> sounds like a good deal
    <Methos> The trade route will give us gold sooner, so go with the traderoute
    <Hyronymus> gives our units faster movement Northbound and enables a trade route
    <Methos> Just curious though, how does this affect going against instructions?
    <Methos> Even though I'm allowing it? Is it legal?
    <dutchfire> as long as donsig doesn't find out :p
    <Hyronymus> it's something we uncover during gameplay
    <dutchfire> btw I changed taxes after settling city #2
    <Hyronymus> I thnk a DP should be allowed to overrule, as long as the DP explains it
    <Hyronymus> if the explanation of the DP isn't watertight then he's sacked :p
    <Methos> It doesn't matter what we think, just what the law states
    <Methos> As to the taxes, since they werent covered the DP can do as he wishes
    <Methos> I have no idea on the legality of the other issue. We'll find out later I guess.
    <dutchfire> another french archer going to Lyons
    <Hyronymus> what does the research time for CoL say now, dutchfire
    <Hyronymus> still 8 turns?
    <dutchfire> Oracle/CoL both in 6 now, ready to press enter again
    <Methos> go ahead
    <Hyronymus> ok
    <dutchfire> finished archer in EA
    <Hyronymus> hurray
    <dutchfire> stonehenge built somewhere
    <Hyronymus> :(
    <Methos> good thing we didnt go for it.
    <Hyronymus> true
    <Hyronymus> where does the archer go?
    <Hyronymus> NotA?
    <Hyronymus> if the French are building up units in Lyons we better have something waiting
    <dutchfire> I sent a chariot to NotA (instructions), so I'm keeping the archer in EA
    <Hyronymus> ok
    <dutchfire> All cities now have 1 chariot/archer and 1 warrior
    <Hyronymus> k
    <dutchfire> traderoute gives us 1 gold extra
    <Hyronymus> \o/
    <dutchfire> 2 axes leave Lyons!
    <Hyronymus> whereto?
    <dutchfire> NE, possibly towards city #1
    <Hyronymus> oh jolly
    <dutchfire> 2 chariots (NotA and EA) sent towards city #1
    <dutchfire> ready to press enter
    <Hyronymus> ready
    <Methos> go ahead
    <Methos> crap
    <Methos> This isn't looking good.
    <dutchfire> They've moved back to Lyons. We would have been able to hold out against them though
    <Methos> But I'd prefer not having too. Lol
    <Hyronymus> lol
    <dutchfire> finished chariot in EA, start another one
    <Hyronymus> ok
    <Hyronymus> how much money do we loose per turn?
    <dutchfire> 1
    <Hyronymus> and are any workers ready to road up to city#2
    <Hyronymus> and mine the copper
    <dutchfire> french axes moving NW
    <dutchfire> 2 workers going to city #2
    <Hyronymus> k
    <Hyronymus> 2 axes moving away from us then
    <Hyronymus> maybe on an evasive manouvre towards city#2
    <Hyronymus> can you send that fresh chariot to city#2
    <Hyronymus> or did you have instructions for that
    <dutchfire> i'm sending a chariot from #1 to #2, and from EA to #1
    <Hyronymus> k, smart :)
    <Hyronymus> Oracle in 2?
    <dutchfire> city #2 hooked up, end of turn 10, ready to press enter and continue
    <dutchfire> yep, 1 last turn to play
    <Hyronymus> play
    <dutchfire> french axes moved E again :rolleyes:
    <dutchfire> finished gold mine in EA, should I work it?
    <dutchfire> we can work it instead of the forest plains, but we will lose some food
    <Hyronymus> does it matter for research
    <Hyronymus> do beakers carry over too if you have excess?
    <dutchfire> they carry over
    <dutchfire> I've saved it, the next player just has to move a worker (another road gold order I don't like :p), press enter and take screenies of the wonder movies
    <Methos> Did you hit a stop order?
    <Methos> I thought you were playing it out until Oracle or CoL was finished?
    <Methos> Might as well IMO
    <Methos> There's no set turns to play unless a stop order has been issued
    <dutchfire> are we sure we want Civil Service?
    <dutchfire> and my comp doesn't like movies, so I've turned them off :D
    <Methos> That was what was originaly discussed
    <dutchfire> if I want to continue, I need to move the worker
    <dutchfire> the order is to road the EA gold, but I'd prefer going 1 NW and building a cottage/farm on the floodplain
    <Methos> Just because the Chieftain failed to give enough instructions doesn't mean you can't continue.
    <Methos> It's just up to you since the Chieftain didn't complete his job.
    <Methos> I'd complete the order, or else it could cause legal issues.
    <dutchfire> worker set to roading, I've had one to many brushes with the law during my sessions :D
    <Methos> lol
    <Hyronymus> I want Civil Service
    <dutchfire> pressing enter, can I have a drumroll please?
    * Hyronymus rolls drum
    <Methos> tatatatata
    <dutchfire> Confucianism has been founded in Equus Aurum
    <Methos> woohoo
    <dutchfire> we've entered the medieval era
    <dutchfire> we now have civil service
    <Methos> cs?
    <Methos> woohoo
    <dutchfire> a pity that it wasn't founded in city #2, it needs the culture
    <Methos> agree
    <Hyronymus> do we have a missionary
    <Methos> we should
    <Hyronymus> NotA or city#2?
    <Hyronymus> *to NotA or city#2
    <dutchfire> game saved, ending play session
    <Hyronymus> oh well, that's up to the forum crowd I guess
    <Methos> #2 for culture
    <Methos> imo
    <Hyronymus> think so too
    <dutchfire> issues we should discuss: next tech (philosophy as placeholder, but probably Iron working or Horsebackriding)
    <dutchfire> What to do with the missionary
    <Hyronymus> do we want Maceman
    <dutchfire> I'd say city #2 first, and Equus Aurum starting on a monastry and missionaries as soon as possible
    <Hyronymus> (once we get copper)
    <Hyronymus> would be nice to convert Bismarck
    <dutchfire> Macemen are far away, we need metal casting+machinery
    <dutchfire> civic+religion change ahead?
    <Methos> great turnset!
    <Methos> Gotta go, later.
    * Methos has quit IRC (Quit: )
    <Hyronymus> Organised Religion is far away too, right
    <Hyronymus> the production bonus kicks ass
    <dutchfire> now i need to find the chat log

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  11. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Issues to be discussed in the various threads:

    • Next tech, Iron Working and Horseback Riding are the most likely candidates.
    • What to do with the Confucian Missionary, send him to city #2 for culture against the French, or to NotA for happiness?
    • Change civics to Slavery/Bureaucracy?
    • Change religion to Confucianism?
  12. fed1943

    fed1943 Emperor

    Nov 28, 2005
    Congratulations! A great play you performed.

    (It looks my guess about the system was right: one must to drive away from
    it, to play well).

    Best regards,

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