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TCIT: Monday June 11, 10:30PM MST/PDT (GMT-7) 0530 GMT Tuesday

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Democracy Game II' started by DaveShack, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    The next turnchat is scheduled for Monday June 11, 10:30 PM MST=PDT GMT-7 0530 GMT Tuesday.

    Current save
    Previous thread

    Designated Player: DaveShack
    Session type: online chat
  2. Hyronymus

    Hyronymus Troop leader

    Nov 25, 2003
    Do not launch a war in the first turn please!*

    • Connect City#1 to Coppertown, then start connecting Rheims to Marseille
    • In turn 2, place new citizen on a forrested plain (1S or 2S of Coppertown)
    Build queue
    • Finish the Courthouse
    • Construct a Spearman
    • Construct 3 Maceman
    • Construct a Granary (unless our Roman war dictates otherwise)


    • See Coppertown
    • In turn 2, place new citizen on a forrested plain (1N, 2N or 2S of Rheims)
    Build queue
    • Finish the Market
    • Construct a Courthouse


    • See Coppertown, then start mining the surrounding hills
    • No specific orders
    Build queue
    • Finish the Granary
    • Construct a Forge
    * Please move 1-2 additional troops to Marseilles. If we attack Pisae, Ceasar may load his galley and land 2 Archers near Marseilles. I don't want to risk that.

    Try spreading Confucianism in Marseilles.
  3. Joe Harker

    Joe Harker 1st in the Premiership!

    Aug 31, 2006
    New instructions for next turnchat.


    Finish maceman and build 2 other miltary units of the warlords choice, then build a courthouse, followed by more miltary units of the warlords choice
    The worker outside Riversight, soon to be RS3 should contiue to mine the hills around Riversight

    City 1

    Finish library and start courthouse

    When cultural borders expand, workers working around city 1 to build farm on rice. Then let them cottage the river tiles again.
  4. grant2004

    grant2004 Citizen

    Jul 11, 2004
    Worker Allocation:

    The two workers near Riversight named RS1 and RS2 should be renamed CT1 and CT2 and allocated to the Coppertwon Aimag, however I will be ordering them to first build a route connecting Marseilles with a road, and then connecting the Roman city north of Marseilles with another road, this can be considered a national project.

    The two workers near City 1 which are currently named CT1 and CT2 will be renamed to RS1 and RS2 and will be allocated to the Riversight Aimag.

    The new worker produced by Riversight last turnchat will be renamed RS3 and will be assigned to the Riversight Aimag.

    Other Units:

    Send the next missionary produced to Ainu, after that fill in the remaining French cities, should enough missionaries be produced.

    International Affairs:

    Declare war on Rome when the military is in position and ready.

    There are no apparent trades at this point, but if one develops you are free to accept it at your discretion.

    Stop Orders:

    Stop if Rome makes a large counterattack
    Stop if Rome offers a good peace treaty (after the capture of the two southern Roman cities)
    Stop if we meet a new civilization
  5. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Pisae Group
    Declare war on Julius Caesar
    Move the one Keshik, two catapults, the maceman, the two axemen and the chariot near Neapolis to the marked tile

    Bombard twice, then attack with the Mace, then with the two Keshiks, then if needed with the cover promoted axemen.

    Leave the Combat I-II Shock axe to defend the city, let the wounded troops heal before sending them to Neapolis, send the healthy units immediately. Try keeping them together as a stack though.

    Coast Guard
    Let the two spearman and the two Keshiks near EA/NotA fight the two Roman Horse Archers
    Keep the settler in EA, until the threat of the Horse Archers is over

    Neapolis Group and leftover troops
    Let all troops that have no orders yet, and are not in a city go towards Neapolis.
    On turn two, bombard Neapolis and attack with the Macemen (City Raider promotion) and the Horse Archers
    Keep the Chariot and the Axe as city guard in Neapolis.
    When Neapolis is captured, send all healthy troops towards Munich, and take that city too, when enough troops are there. The next target (for the next TC) is Cumae.

    Stop when you've captured Munich, or if Germany declares war on us.

    Upgrades: I don't think we need them ATM, we can use our money better.

    Promotions: Macemen should get City Raider, Keshiks should get Combat/Shock, catapults should get bombard and collateral, axes should get city raider. Try promoting as late as possible, so when a unit is ready to fight/defend or when a unit is hurt.

    Builds: I could do with another spearman in the south to stop those Roman Horse Archers, we can also use more Maces.

    Note about Marseilles: Keep the remaining Keshik in Marseilles, until the threat from the galley is over.
  6. Hyronymus

    Hyronymus Troop leader

    Nov 25, 2003
    If that's done I'm alright with going to war immediatly.
  7. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Build Queue - Courthouse -> Confucian Missionary -> Maceman

    Build Queue - Granary -> Courthouse
    Citizen assignment - move the citizen working the lake tile to the plains

    Worker Assignments
    EA 2 Worker - Continue road to Riversight and build Cottage on Grassland tile 2 tiles north of city.
    EA 1 Worker - Farm plains west of current tile then build cottage on grassland to east of city.
  8. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)

    Continue running 2 scientists for up to 12 turns.
    Finish spear, missionary, mace, catapult, missionary, missionary (if needed).


    Send a missionary here to get some culture started.
    Finish courthouse, start monastery if religion has spread/market if not.


    Finish courthouse, start temple.


    Finish temple, start courthouse. Emphasize hammers.
  9. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Quoting instructions.

  10. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Play started a little late, but 10 turns were finished as planned.

    Captured Pisae, Neapolis, Munich
    Razed a newly founded city north of Pisae
    Rome's defenses were almost exclusively archers (and later longbows)
    Declined an offer from Germany, they give Feudalism for Machinery + 100g. Decided we don't want to trade away that tech just yet. ;)
    Spread our religion a bit, got some border expansions.

    Turn 0 save
    Turn 5 save
    Turn 10 save (final)

    Chat log: discovered that mIRC on my other computer did not start logging the way I thought it would. PM'd Chieftess to get her copy.
  11. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    And here it is!

    Spoiler :
    [00:41] * DaveShack (~dshack@DaveShack.Users.irc-chat.net) has joined #turnchat
    [00:41] * Chieftess sets mode: +v DaveShack
    [00:41] * Mafioso sets mode: +o DaveShack
    [00:42] * DaveShack changes topic to 'Turnchat Monday, June 11th, 10:30pm MST
    (0530GMT Tuesday)'
    [01:57] * @DaveShack returns from grocery shopping and starts play a little
    [02:01] <@DaveShack> play session starting
    [02:12] * @DaveShack accedes to request from wife to take out trash lol
    [02:13] <@DaveShack> NotA: scientists eating food from granary, still enough
    for 13 turns
    [02:14] <@DaveShack> EA: courthouse in 8, no changes needed
    [02:16] <@DaveShack> Riversight: mace in 2, no changes needed
    [02:16] <@DaveShack> Coppertown: Court in 6, no changes needed yet
    [02:17] <@DaveShack> Rheims: market in 11, no changes needed yet
    [02:18] <@DaveShack> City #1 library in 19, no changes needed
    [02:19] <@DaveShack> Lyons: temple in 1, change citizens to emphasize hammers
    [02:20] <@DaveShack> Orleans: Courthouse in 5, forge stacked. no change now,
    must insert temple
    [02:21] <@DaveShack> Ainu: Granary in 19
    [02:21] <@DaveShack> Paris: court in 12, no change
    [02:23] <@DaveShack> Marseilles: granary in 25. a lighthouse would improve
    growth, but there are instructions
    [02:23] * Hyronymus (~Miranda@3d8d9d00.3d6b14e3.adsl.wanadoo.nl) has joined
    [02:23] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Hyronymus
    [02:23] <@DaveShack> hi
    [02:23] <+Hyronymus> morning DaveShack
    [02:23] <@DaveShack> I started late, haven't really done anything yet
    [02:23] <+Hyronymus> still wiping my eyes
    [02:24] <+Hyronymus> ah, ok
    [02:24] <+Hyronymus> not a big audience
    [02:26] <@DaveShack> never is for me, unless I'm lucky enough to be able to
    play in the morning my time
    [02:26] <+Hyronymus> yeah
    [02:26] <+Hyronymus> it's almost 8:30 AM in mainland Europe
    [02:30] <@DaveShack> right now i'm re-reading the military instructions to
    make sure i haven't missed anything
    [02:33] <+Hyronymus> ok :)
    [02:38] <@DaveShack> renamed rs workers to ct and transferring to road to
    [02:40] <+Hyronymus> good, that should make it easier to re-supply
    Marseille/Pisae if need be
    [02:41] <@DaveShack> EA area keshiks take up shore patrol duties
    [02:45] <@DaveShack> workers at city#1 renamed to RS 1&2, prepare to connect
    the road for military purposes
    [02:47] <@DaveShack> all preturn actions except declaring war are done, want
    it uploaded to look before pressing on?
    [02:52] <+Hyronymus> no, I rely on your skills
    [02:52] <+Hyronymus> sorry for slow reply
    [02:52] <+Hyronymus> I was getting something to drink
    [02:52] <@DaveShack> no problem, I was getting a drink too :)
    [02:52] <+Hyronymus> in that case: cheers
    [02:54] <@DaveShack> pressing on, war is declared with Rome
    [02:56] <@DaveShack> Pisae troops positioned
    [02:57] <@DaveShack> Neapolis troops positioned
    [02:58] <@DaveShack> end of turn 0, 636g-41gpt, printing press in 19
    [02:58] <@DaveShack> pressing enter
    [02:59] <@DaveShack> No attacks by Roman forces
    [03:00] <@DaveShack> NotA spear->missionary
    [03:00] <@DaveShack> Lyons temple->courthouse
    [03:02] <@DaveShack> Romans landed their 2 horse archers E of Equus Aurum,
    they're nominated for first casualities
    [03:03] <@DaveShack> our spearman has a 77&#37; chance but loses after knocking
    down the enemy to 0.7% :(
    [03:04] <@DaveShack> Keshik #6 has a 67% chance, and kills the other horse
    archer -- 3.7 strength left
    [03:05] <@DaveShack> Unnamed Keshik polishes off the enemy wounded. EA threat
    eliminated, 2 wins, 1 loss
    [03:07] <@DaveShack> bombardment of pisae begins, still 14% defenses.
    remainder of units dig in to wait for defenses to be eliminated
    [03:09] <@DaveShack> bombarment of Neapolis begins, down to 35%
    [03:10] <@DaveShack> end of turn 1, 595g -45gpt, press in 19... pressing
    [03:11] <@DaveShack> IBT, Germany offers Feudalism in exchange for Machinery +
    [03:12] <@DaveShack> rollover mode on the techs isn't showing values
    [03:12] * RealHyronymus (~Miranda@3d8d9d00.3d6b14e3.adsl.wanadoo.nl) has
    joined #turnchat
    [03:12] * Chieftess sets mode: +v RealHyronymus
    [03:12] <+RealHyronymus> PC crashed
    [03:14] * +Hyronymus (~Miranda@Hyronymus.Users.irc-chat.net) Quit (Ping
    timeout: 360 seconds)
    [03:15] * RealHyronymus is now known as Hyronymus
    [03:18] <+Hyronymus> did I miss much?
    [03:20] <@DaveShack> IBT, Germany offers Feudalism in exchange for Machinery +
    [03:20] <@DaveShack> don't have rollover text, so can't compare the values
    [03:21] <@DaveShack> Base value of feudalism is 700
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> Machinery
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> Statistics
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> Cost 700 Image:Research icon.jpg
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> Feudalism
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> Statistics
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> Cost 700 Image:Research icon.jpg
    [03:22] <@DaveShack> thanks
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> it enables Serfdom
    [03:22] <+Hyronymus> workers work 2x faster
    [03:23] <+Hyronymus> are DP's allowed to change civics without asking the
    opinion of citizens?
    [03:25] <@DaveShack> i'd rather not
    [03:27] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [03:27] <+Hyronymus> it would stir something for sure
    [03:27] <+Hyronymus> :p
    [03:28] <@DaveShack> Bismarck is not willing to negotiate the price, and it
    would force us to run out of cash earlier
    [03:28] <@DaveShack> rather not give him the units from machinery either
    [03:30] <@DaveShack> riversight mace->mace
    [03:35] <+Hyronymus> are we at war yet?
    [03:38] <@DaveShack> yes, long time ago
    [03:39] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [03:39] <@DaveShack> neapolis bombardment round 2, down to 20%
    [03:40] <@DaveShack> pisae bombardment round 2, down to 8%
    [03:40] <+Hyronymus> lovely
    [03:41] <@DaveShack> still some tough odds on attacking, so holding off one
    more round
    [03:41] <@DaveShack> end of turn 2, 550g -46gpt, press in 18
    [03:41] <@DaveShack> hitting enter
    [03:42] <@DaveShack> Caesar is sending in a lone catapult towards the neapolis
    [03:42] <+Hyronymus> typically the AI
    [03:42] <@DaveShack> NotA missionary->mace
    [03:44] <@DaveShack> neapolis defenses bombarded to 5%
    [03:44] <@DaveShack> pisae defenses down to 2%
    [03:44] <+Hyronymus> what are the odds for attacking Pisae?
    [03:45] <@DaveShack> Maceman #2 vs archer, 98% wins
    [03:45] <@DaveShack> at pisae
    [03:46] <+Hyronymus> w00t
    [03:46] <+Hyronymus> still 3 archers there?
    [03:47] <+Hyronymus> and what other units do we have at Pisae
    [03:48] <@DaveShack> Keshik #1 88% vs archer, wins and captures Pisae
    [03:48] <+Hyronymus> \0/
    [03:49] <@DaveShack> 1 worker captured. 3rd archer had bugged out on a galley
    in the previous turn -- and not towards us
    [03:49] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [03:49] <+Hyronymus> do I read the Warlords' instructions right that he wants
    you to attack Neapolis this turn too
    [03:50] <@DaveShack> at neapolis, mace at 94% chance defeats archer
    [03:50] <+Hyronymus> wow, Ceasar has sucky units defending his cities
    [03:50] <+Hyronymus> I'm surprised Bismarck can't compete
    [03:51] <@DaveShack> another mace at 94% defeats other archer and captures
    neapolis, 131g gathered
    [03:51] <+Hyronymus> wow, 131g
    [03:51] <+Hyronymus> can you take out the catapult that was en-route
    [03:51] <+Hyronymus> or will that expose our units
    [03:52] <@DaveShack> forgot to record the gold captured at pisae
    [03:52] <+Hyronymus> check the turn log
    [03:52] <@DaveShack> keshik at 90+% takes out the catapult
    [03:53] <@DaveShack> at EOT, Germany will be back in 2nd place, we've knocked
    Rome down that far already
    [03:54] <+Hyronymus> good
    [03:54] <+Hyronymus> I take it we are far ahead
    [03:55] <@DaveShack> coming up on double the score
    [03:55] <+Hyronymus> :)
    [03:57] <@DaveShack> at Munich, now have 2 keshiks and a chariot facing 2
    archers and no defense percentage
    [03:57] <@DaveShack> might take it next turn
    [03:57] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [03:58] <+Hyronymus> looking at Neapolis I think it might become a commercial
    [03:58] <@DaveShack> end of turn 3, 1100AD, 697g - 60gpt, press in 16
    [03:59] <@DaveShack> we're paying 16 in unit cost, 7 in supply, 65 in
    [03:59] <@DaveShack> unit cost should drop when resistence ends (?)
    [04:00] <+Hyronymus> think so
    [04:00] <+Hyronymus> also, we will have more courthouses and markets soon
    [04:00] <@DaveShack> IBT, barb sword shows up to far east of EA
    [04:00] <+Hyronymus> we have Keshik's patrolling there, right
    [04:01] <+Hyronymus> you know, unit costs drop when units are in your own
    territory too
    [04:01] <@DaveShack> there are some nearby
    [04:02] <@DaveShack> at Munich, Keshik vs archer is only 30%, so will wait for
    a mace or 2 cats to be available
    [04:02] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [04:02] <+Hyronymus> that captured worker, can I claim it as aimag of
    [04:03] <+Hyronymus> :p
    [04:04] <@DaveShack> that's for grant, but I'd say it's a good idea :)
    [04:04] <+Hyronymus> :p
    [04:07] <@DaveShack> looks like that roman settler built a town north of pisae
    [04:07] <@DaveShack> end of turn 4, 637g -59gpt, press in 15, 1110AD
    [04:08] <@DaveShack> lots of empty roman galleys meandering around the coast
    [04:09] <@DaveShack> NotA mace->missionary
    [04:09] <@DaveShack> city 1 borders expand
    [04:09] <@DaveShack> Orleans finishes courthouse
    [04:09] <+Hyronymus> nice
    [04:09] <@DaveShack> insert temple ahead of forge which was in the queue before
    [04:10] <+Hyronymus> what faith does Neoplos follow
    [04:10] <+Hyronymus> Buddhism?
    [04:10] <@DaveShack> right
    [04:10] <@DaveShack> same for Pisae
    [04:10] <+Hyronymus> maybe worth spreading Confucianism there when the turmoil is over
    [04:10] <+Hyronymus> it's a fairly big city
    [04:11] <@DaveShack> hence the extra missionaries from NotA :D
    [04:11] <+Hyronymus> and a river runs through it
    [04:11] <+Hyronymus> might help the spreading
    [04:11] <+Hyronymus> I'll be back in 20 minutes
    [04:16] <@DaveShack> l8r
    [04:16] <@DaveShack> road from Riversight to Ainu is complete
    [04:20] <@DaveShack> end of turn 5, 578g -53gpt, 1120AD, press in 14
    [04:20] <@DaveShack> saving, but delaying upload. game machine is memory constrained and won't survive a
    program launch
    [04:22] <@DaveShack> Riversight mace->court
    [04:23] <@DaveShack> Coppertown court->mace
    [04:27] <@DaveShack> Munich now has a longbow defender
    [04:27] <@DaveShack> checked, Rome and Germany are still at war, so Caesar researched feudalism
    [04:29] <@DaveShack> Rome has a catapult next to Neapolis -- none of the units there has a chance to defeat it,
    so will just have to take the damage
    [04:29] <@DaveShack> end of turn 6, 1130 AD, 525g -50gpt, press in 13
    [04:30] <@DaveShack> Roman catapult attacks, results later
    [04:30] <@DaveShack> Resistance in Pisae ends, starts courthouse
    [04:32] <@DaveShack> Roman catapult had retreated with 1 strength remaining vs our axe, without causing any
    collateral damage
    [04:32] <@DaveShack> our chariot takes out the catapult, no damage
    [04:33] <@DaveShack> @munich, mace vs longbow would be only 20%
    [04:34] <@DaveShack> promote a new catapult to barrage and attack
    [04:34] <@DaveShack> takes longbow down to 5.3 and archer to 2.6
    [04:35] <@DaveShack> 2 more cats take archer to 1.3
    [04:36] <@DaveShack> The valiant maceman nearly defeats the longbow against very bad odds, but perishes
    [04:37] <@DaveShack> This leaves a Keshik with a 96% chance, so he attacks and wins
    [04:37] <@DaveShack> another Keshik takes out the final defender, and captures Munich and 54g
    [04:38] * BluD (~blud@592-12.021.popsite.net) has joined #turnchat
    [04:38] * Chieftess sets mode: +v BluD
    [04:38] <@DaveShack> Last keshik takes out a roman catapult which was fleeing Munich, mopup complete
    [04:40] <@DaveShack> Axeman defeats archer at new Roman city of Arretrium, razes city, captures 9g.
    [04:41] <@DaveShack> Axeman near Pisae sharpens his axe on a barb warrior
    [04:43] <@DaveShack> End of turn 7, 1140 AD, 538g -59gpt, press in 11
    [04:44] <@DaveShack> IBT, Keshik at EA defends vs barb sword
    [04:44] <@DaveShack> NotA missionary->missionary
    [04:45] <@DaveShack> EA court->mace (missionary unavailable)
    [04:46] <@DaveShack> Paris court->monastery
    [04:46] <@DaveShack> borders of Orleans expand
    [04:49] <@DaveShack> Mace at Neapolis takes a cover promotion and kills a longbow
    [04:51] <@DaveShack> end of turn 8, 1150 AD, 480g -50gpt, press in 10
    [04:53] <@DaveShack> NotA missionary->wealth
    [04:54] <@DaveShack> Coppertown mace->spear
    [04:54] <@DaveShack> Neapolis resistance ends, starts courthouse
    [04:54] * +BluD (~blud@592-12.021.popsite.net) has left #turnchat
    [04:56] <@DaveShack> mace @neapolis kills a loose, wounded Roman chariot
    [04:56] <@DaveShack> gave Ainu religion
    [04:57] <+Hyronymus> back!
    [04:58] <@DaveShack> we've taken Munich and razed an extra Roman city
    [04:58] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [04:59] <@DaveShack> mopped up some extra units, running out of instructions aside from moving more maces forward
    [04:59] <+Hyronymus> Dutchfire wants you to stop after capturning Munich, Grant doesn't say anything except a
    large counterattack
    [04:59] <+Hyronymus> how would capturing Cumae fit in?
    [04:59] <@DaveShack> well, Cumae as next goal, figured that meant position some troops so we're ready for the
    next TC
    [05:00] <@DaveShack> not attacking it, just being ready to
    [05:00] <+Hyronymus> ok
    [05:00] <+Hyronymus> that'll be my tc then
    [05:00] <@DaveShack> which brings us to the end of turn 9, 1160 AD, 430g -41gpt, press in 9
    [05:01] <+Hyronymus> nice, less expenses
    [05:01] <@DaveShack> Rheims market->court
    [05:01] <+Hyronymus> more income
    [05:02] <@DaveShack> Ainu granary->court
    [05:02] <+Hyronymus> I take it Coppertown finishd Courthouse too
    [05:02] <@DaveShack> yep, building units though we're bordering on having too many already
    [05:02] <@DaveShack> Germany complete Chichen Itza, Colossus completed in a far away place
    [05:03] <+Hyronymus> we still have Warriors wondering around
    [05:03] <+Hyronymus> if we can disband them and have less-promoted Axeman take their position we can "safe" some
    [05:04] <+Hyronymus> I'm still surprised by the Roman defenses
    [05:07] <@DaveShack> I can only guess they had no metals, since everything has been either archery or horse
    [05:08] <@DaveShack> end of turn 10, 1170 AD, 389g -40gpt, press in 7
    [05:09] <@DaveShack> saving, uploading, going to sleep ;)
    [05:10] <+Hyronymus> you must be tired by now
    [05:10] <@DaveShack> thanks for being here, it makes recording everything into the chat a lot less boring
    [05:11] <+Hyronymus> lol
    [05:11] <@DaveShack> have a good day
    [05:13] <+Hyronymus> ty
    [05:13] <+Hyronymus> you have a good night's rest
    [05:14] <@DaveShack> ty, gn
    [05:14] * @DaveShack (~dshack@DaveShack.Users.irc-chat.net) Quit (Quit: )
    [05:15] * +Hyronymus (~Miranda@3d8d9d00.3d6b14e3.adsl.wanadoo.nl) has left #turnchat
  12. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    Looks like Julius is having some problems :D

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