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TCIT - Monday June 4 - 4.00 PM GMT

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Democracy Game II' started by dutchfire, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
    Term 4, Game Session 1, June 4 - 940 AD

    This will be an online session.
    The Designated Player is: dutchfire

    Start Date/Time: June 4, 4.00 PM GMT, 6.00 PM CET

    Relevant Links:
    Current Save: See link
    Previous Turnchat Thread

    Please use the "title" part of your instruction post to state your office title.

    Objective: My intention is to play 10 turns, barring something unusual, so please try to have instructions for that length.

    Only elected/appointed officials or citizens posting initiative instructions may post in this thread!

    Please use the DP thread in the Government subforum for questions/comments to the DP. Please use the officials' thread for comments to an official
  2. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
    Note, it's 4 PM, not AM
  3. Joe Harker

    Joe Harker 1st in the Premiership!

    Aug 31, 2006
    Finish market, build worker and if you complete the worker then 2 miltary units of the warlords choice
    Use worker, to mine the hills around Riversight, do the forested hill South of Riversight last

    Don't let the population go over the happiness or health limits.

    City 1
    Finish the current project and then build a courthouse.

    Workers to build cottages, along the river.
  4. grant2004

    grant2004 Citizen

    Jul 11, 2004
    Worker Allocation:
    Each Aimag will be given two workers, these workers should be re-named of the form (Aimag Name)(Worker Number) example: Central Aimag 2.

    The two workers north of Paris are allocated to the Southern Aimag (NOTA)

    The two workers on the silk south east of NOTA are ordered to connect the silk with a road before being assigned to the Western Aimag (Coppertown)

    The two workers near city #1 are assigned to the Central Aimag (Riversight)

    The two workers between city #1 and Ainu are assigned to the Eastern Aimag (EA)

    No good trades are apparent for the start of the turnchat, any trades that arise may be made at the discretion of the DP, make sure a science trade does not have an excessively large beaker deficit for us (below 150 beakers or so)

    If Rome or Germany demand something from us, refuse it unless it is of little worth to keep, they are fighting each other they shouldn't have much military force left to back up their demands.

    Stop Orders:
    Stop if someone declares war on us
    We meet another civilization
  5. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA

    Market -> Maceman -> Courthouse

    Granary -> Courthouse

    Workers. Have one Farm a Ainu plains, then build a plantation on the Bananas. Have the other build a road to Riversight (via Cows and Iron).
  6. mike6426

    mike6426 Singularitarian

    Jun 27, 2006
    After Paper is finished, start researching Printing Press.
  7. Hyronymus

    Hyronymus Troop leader

    Nov 25, 2003

    • No specific orders at this time

    • Keep working the current tiles

    Build queue
    • Finish the Market
    • Construct a Confucian Missionary
    • Construct 2 Catapults
    • Construct a Courthouse


    • No specific orders at this time

    • Keep working the current tiles

    Build queue

    • * Finish the Library
      * Construct a Market
      * Construct a Courthouse
  8. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Unless specified otherwise, tiles to work and worker actions are left to the discretion of the DP. Next time there will be more personal time available to generate more detailed instructions.

    Hire 2 scientists
    Mace, Missionary, Cat, Spear, Keshik, Research

    Temple, WorkBoat (assume will complete after France destroyed), Trireme

    Courthouse, Forge (as queued)

    Lighthouse, Courthouse if maint > 4gpt (Trireme if not)

    Request: Send a missionary to Orleans, and spread the faith! Those wines are gonna make a big difference once the borders expand.
  9. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
    Warlord: Instructions are in my thread, do as you fit with the other units.
  10. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
  11. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
    We razed Tours, captured Marseilles and killed Napoleon. :king:
    We acquired Paper and Polytheism (traded the latter together with 340 (!) gold for Code of Laws with Caesar)
    We are ready to attack Rome and take at least two cities within a few turns.
    We lost a settler that was waiting near Equus Aurum due to a barbarian Horse Archer that came from the fog :(

    View attachment C4DG2AD1070ready forwar.Civ4SavedGame

    Spoiler chatlog :
    Session Start: Mon Jun 04 17:36:35 2007
    Session Ident: #turnchat
    * Now talking in #turnchat
    * Topic is 'Turnchat - 100AD - Friday, May 11th, 2:00pm EDT (1800GMT)'
    * Set by DaveShack on Fri May 11 18:44:03
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v dutchfire
    * Joe32320 has joined #turnchat
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v Joe32320
    <Joe32320> hi
    <dutchfire> hi
    <dutchfire> loading the game now
    * Grant2004 has joined #turnchat
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v Grant2004
    <Joe32320> hi grant
    <Grant2004> hello, how goes
    <Joe32320> not bad, just got out of an exam
    <dutchfire> *** renaming workers as per instructions
    <dutchfire> *** NOTA wants two scientists
    <dutchfire> *** NOTA gets two scientists, but is running -1 food at the moment
    <Joe32320> how long until it goes down a pop?
    <dutchfire> quite some time
    <dutchfire> and it's at happiness cap anyway
    <dutchfire> *** Keshik #2 attacks Tours, and loses (31% chance)
    <dutchfire> damn, misclicked and didn't raze Tours
    <dutchfire> I'm reloading it now, didn't do anything impressive anyway
    * DaveShack has joined #turnchat
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v DaveShack
    * Mafioso sets mode: +o DaveShack
    <DaveShack> howdy
    <Grant2004> Hello
    <Joe32320> hi
    <dutchfire> hi
    <dutchfire> Dave, about NotA, it's running food negative atm (turn 1)
    <dutchfire> * razed tours, 96 gold, workers renamed
    <DaveShack> unfortunately, need to go to work now...
    <DaveShack> there should be enough stored to run through this session without starving, right?
    * Grant2004 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
    * Grant2004 has joined #turnchat
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v Grant2004
    <dutchfire> yes, there is
    <dutchfire> ready to press enter
    <dutchfire> 40%, 485 gold (-11), Paper in 8
    <Joe32320> go for it
    * DaveShack packs up the work computer & hits the road
    * DaveShack is now known as DS_work
    <dutchfire> Julius offers Dye for crabs
    <dutchfire> take it?
    <dutchfire> took it
    <Grant2004> yeah definately worth it
    <dutchfire> * Mace in NotA finished, start missionary in NotA (1 turn)
    <dutchfire> * Mace #2 attacks marseilles, wins
    <dutchfire> * start cottage near city #!
    <Joe32320> did we capture marseilles?
    <dutchfire> no, not yet, I've decided to wait a turn and attack with the mace again
    <dutchfire> * Paris starts lighthouse
    <dutchfire> * Silks are hooked up
    <dutchfire> * slider at 50%, Paper in 5, 474 (-26)
    <dutchfire> * Nota starts cat
    <dutchfire> * EA starts mace
    <dutchfire> * mace attacks Marseilles, wins, we captured marseilles
    <dutchfire> * Nappy is dead
    <Grant2004> awesome, glad to see that war done
    <dutchfire> * send missionary to city #1
    <dutchfire> * kill barb archer near EA
    <dutchfire> * scout sees that Neapolis (city near city #1 ) only has 1 archer!
    <Grant2004> wow, that's an opportunity if we can reorganize fast enough
    <dutchfire> next turn, they have built another archer, still weak though
    <Joe32320> have they lost any power so far during the turnchat?
    <dutchfire> Pisae (near marseilles) has two archers too
    <dutchfire> pretty steady powergraphs, both of them
    <Joe32320> what do we think, should we exploit it?
    <dutchfire> moving units to their borders, but will not declare this TC
    <dutchfire> 497(-28) paper in 3, 4 turns played so far (right?)
    <dutchfire> * Julius asks us to declare on Bismarck, nope
    <dutchfire> 469 (-29) paper in 2
    <dutchfire> started spearman in NotA
    * Chieftess has quit IRC (SVSKilled: GHOST command used by Chieftess_)
    * Chieftess has joined #turnchat
    * Mafioso sets mode: +oa Chieftess Chieftess
    <dutchfire> * Barbarian horseman comes out of nowhere and kills one of our settlers :'(
    <dutchfire> * nota-> keshik
    * Chieftess sets mode: +v Chieftess
    <Grant2004> how did that happen, didn't they have a double keshik gaurd?
    <dutchfire> I had split them, but there were barb swords and archers coming in, so the keshiks had to move around a bit
    <dutchfire> and the a keshik came out of the fog
    <dutchfire> * marseilles set to granary (no orders as far as I can tell)
    <dutchfire> * confucianism spread in city #1
    <dutchfire> * paper finished, started PP (22!)
    <dutchfire> * Keshik killed HA
    <Grant2004> what does HA stand for?
    <Joe32320> horse archer
    <Grant2004> ah, thank you
    <Joe32320> got to go, see you later!
    * Joe32320 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
    <dutchfire> * Rome captures Hamburg! (in the far north)
    <dutchfire> Code of Laws for Polytheism + 340 gold with Julius? Seems to be a good deal
    <dutchfire> deal made
    <Grant2004> yeah, that gold will allow us to keep up the research a lot longer, good move, sorry for the delayed response
    <dutchfire> I think I'll end the TC now, we're basically ready to declare on Rome and take out two cities
    <Grant2004> ok sounds good
    <dutchfire> need any screenshots?
    <Grant2004> nope I don't think so, I'll just look at the save when it's posted
    <dutchfire> going to upload the game now
    <dutchfire> could take a while though

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