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TCIT Tue Apr 21 2200 AZ, Wed. 0500 UTC

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game Revival: Government' started by DaveShack, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    The next play session is scheduled for:

    Tuesday April 21, 10PM Arizona (UTC -7)
    Wed. Apr 22, 0500 UTC

    Starting save
  2. Bowsling

    Bowsling Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Send all archers to Maeve, then explore around to find the barbarian threat the adviser warns us of.
    If we manage to get a GS during the T/C which I will be missing, explore with it. SAme with any other GSs. That is if we get any.
  3. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    1.) Granary (currently building Barracks)
    2.) Barracks
    3.) Spearman
    4.) Library
    5.) Settler
    6.) Archer (repeat) or Celtic Warrior if Available

    Current Tile allocation is acceptable.
  4. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Tech and Trade has changed their earlier stance on trading. Tech and Trade now recommends the trade of Code of Laws for Masonry, Iron Working and all of Theodora's cash.

    Tech and Trade recommends that we build embassies with both the Byzantines and the Orange Apes (total of 90 gold) to determine their progess on The Pyramids and how that affects our build of The Great Library. (This subject may not be Tech and Trades baliwick, but I haven't seen any discussion on it. If I'm stepping on toes I'm sorry.)

    By trading Code of Laws and not Philosophy, we have less to bargin with if the Byzantines have learned Mathematics. We gain some cash to use for research.

    Suggested tech order: Iron Working, Mathematics, Currency and Construction.
  5. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    Our city placement plan is to establish city #4 from last T/C, and the original city #1 on Furiey's map. The Governor has approved all three city names. See thumbs below. Remember....

    Culture, Culture, Culture!

    Also can we try and abide by the adjustments recommended this week?

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2009
  6. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Copied instructions...

  7. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Play started.

    We have Iron!


    Researched Mathematics, started Currency
    Iron is located N of Tara
    Built 3 cities
    Killed 4 barb horses, 1 barb warrior, collected 25g
    Met the Ottomans
    Traded Alphabet to Ottomans for 108g
    Traded CoL to Byzantines for IW, Masonry, Gold
    Established Embassies with all 3 known civs
    Built Great Library

    Spoiler chat log :

    03[21:51] * Now talking in #turnchat
    03[21:51] * Topic is 'Civ3 DG Revival - Next chat Saturday April 4, 1600 UTC'
    03[21:51] * Set by DaveShack on Sat Apr 04 08:57:55
    03[21:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao DaveShack DaveShack
    03[21:51] * Chieftess sets mode: +v DaveShack
    03[22:00] * Cyc (4bd7eb03@d0a9903.6b45bb2.mibbit.com) has joined #turnchat
    03[22:00] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Cyc
    [22:01] <+Cyc> Hola
    01[22:05] <!DaveShack> hi
    01[22:05] <!DaveShack> just getting started
    [22:05] <+Cyc> Ready to rumble?
    [22:09] <+Cyc> I have my over-sized glass of white zin and my Cherry Garcia. Ready here.
    01[22:12] <!DaveShack> sounds like an interesting combination ;)
    [22:12] <+Cyc> Should work...
    01[22:14] <!DaveShack> abide by what adjustments?
    01[22:15] <!DaveShack> 900 BC preturn
    01[22:15] <!DaveShack> sci 20%, lux 10%
    [22:15] <+Cyc> the slider adjustments, the entertainer to the wooded river tile (Maeve), releasing the military to explore the mountains.
    [22:16] <+Cyc> bingo
    01[22:16] <!DaveShack> Maeve work an extra forest
    01[22:16] <!DaveShack> change to Great Library (22)
    01[22:17] <!DaveShack> Rhiannon granary
    01[22:19] <!DaveShack> Trade with Theodora
    01[22:19] <!DaveShack> we give CoL and receive IW, Masonry, 123g
    01[22:21] <!DaveShack> Byzantines do not have math
    [22:21] <+Cyc> k
    01[22:22] <!DaveShack> English do have math, still don't have writing -- so Byzantines cannot trade CoL to get it
    [22:22] <+Cyc> good
    01[22:23] <!DaveShack> research set to math (17)
    [22:23] <+Cyc> k
    01[22:25] <!DaveShack> Embassy with Byzantines
    01[22:25] <!DaveShack> Constantinople building pyramids, 6 shields, 41 turns -- excellent news
    01[22:26] <!DaveShack> Zearo needs to stop at the doctor's office and get his shots updated
    01[22:26] <!DaveShack> Embassy with orange apes...
    [22:27] <+Cyc> What did the Embassy cost?
    [22:27] <+Cyc> Now Embassies?
    01[22:27] <!DaveShack> 41, 43
    [22:28] <+Cyc> Our bank now?
    [22:28] <+Cyc> anout 30g
    01[22:28] <!DaveShack> don't necessarily need to do the English, have not pressed it
    01[22:28] <!DaveShack> treasury 84, cost 43
    [22:29] <+Cyc> gpt/
    01[22:29] <!DaveShack> the request was for checking pyramids times
    [22:29] <+Cyc> ?
    01[22:29] <!DaveShack> +1 gpt
    [22:29] <+Cyc> press it.
    01[22:30] <!DaveShack> 26 turns, 6 shields -- good thing we can speed up Maeve
    [22:30] <+Cyc> very cool
    01[22:30] <!DaveShack> I prefer much larger cushions in case of cascades
    01[22:30] <!DaveShack> but they may not reach lit before we finish :D
    [22:30] <+Cyc> good is good...
    01[22:34] <!DaveShack> send an archer out of Maeve to check for barbs
    [22:34] <+Cyc> k
    01[22:34] <!DaveShack> Preturn done, 900 BC, 41g +1gpt, sci 20, ent 10, Math in 17
    01[22:35] <!DaveShack> oh, BTW - Iron mountain directly N of Tara :D
    [22:35] <+Cyc> we got Iron!
    [22:36] <+Cyc> cool
    [22:36] <+Cyc> screenie?
    [22:40] <+Cyc> I just noticed you reverted back to TCIT. :D
    01[22:42] <!DaveShack> posted
    01[22:43] <!DaveShack> consulting settlement maps
    01[22:45] <!DaveShack> check out the new way the forum shows attached pics
    [22:45] <+Cyc> i have been.
    01[22:45] <!DaveShack> settlers headed for 4 and 1, right?
    [22:45] <+Cyc> It's been like that for a couple of days, I believe
    [22:45] <+Cyc> Yes, Sir.
    [22:46] <+Cyc> I mean yes Mr. President.
    01[22:46] <!DaveShack> gpt dropped to -5 with the settler but will recover, Tara grows next turn
    01[22:47] <!DaveShack> Picked a library for Tara
    01[22:47] <!DaveShack> end of turn 1, 42g -5gpt, math still in 17
    [22:48] <+Cyc> Library is good.
    01[22:51] <!DaveShack> turn 2, start road on the iron, settlers move toward locations, archers search out barbs
    01[22:51] <!DaveShack> 850 BC, 37g -3gpt, math in 16
    [22:52] <+Cyc> k
    01[22:53] <!DaveShack> England has Polytheism
    [22:53] <+Cyc> Nice that we got Iron and Horses.
    01[22:54] <!DaveShack> the unknown borders are definitely not an outlying English town, contact next turn likely
    [22:54] <+Cyc> Going for Monarchy?
    [22:54] <+Cyc> good
    01[22:55] <!DaveShack> end of turn 3, 825 BC, 34g -2gpt, math in 14
    [22:57] <+Cyc> almost clicked on the screenie mini map to go there...
    01[22:57] <!DaveShack> next turn, nothing to report other than movements continue
    [22:57] <+Cyc> k
    01[22:58] <!DaveShack> we're inside someone's borders but they are way off the coast, no town in view
    [22:58] <+Cyc> must be Capital.
    01[22:58] <!DaveShack> end of turn 4, 800 BC 32g -2gpt, math in 13
    01[22:59] <!DaveShack> survey says - Ottomans
    01[22:59] <!DaveShack> Osman has polytheism, lacks alphabet, wheel, and IW
    01[22:59] <!DaveShack> very interesting
    [22:59] <+Cyc> good
    01[23:00] <!DaveShack> also he has 108g
    [23:00] <+Cyc> everyone wants war.
    01[23:00] <!DaveShack> he'll give us 100g for alphabet. umm, yeah!
    [23:01] <+Cyc> No Instuctions.
    [23:02] <+Cyc> we coud use the gold.\
    01[23:02] <!DaveShack> 108g, cleaned him out
    [23:02] <+Cyc> It's always best not to clean them out.
    [23:02] <+Cyc> Always leave them with something.
    01[23:07] <!DaveShack> really?
    [23:07] <+Cyc> It improvs their overall mood.
    01[23:07] <!DaveShack> English are standing on site 4 right now, hope the warrior moves next turn
    [23:08] <+Cyc> makes relations easier.
    01[23:08] <!DaveShack> never knew that
    01[23:08] <!DaveShack> do you happen to know the names for the next 2 towns?
    [23:08] <+Cyc> yes, hold 1
    01[23:08] <!DaveShack> end of turn 5, 775 BC, 138g -1gpt, math in 11
    [23:09] <+Cyc> City 4 should be Breyr.
    01[23:10] <!DaveShack> saved, any need to upload/pause?
    [23:10] <+Cyc> City 1 should be Caitlyn.
    [23:10] <+Cyc> No,go ahead.
    01[23:11] <!DaveShack> Ottomans complain about our curragh, kinda hard to get outside the borders
    [23:11] <+Cyc> Flip them the Celtic Eagle as we pass by.
    01[23:11] <!DaveShack> Rhiannon granary -> barracks
    [23:12] <+Cyc> yep
    [23:13] <+Cyc> Molly still on Settler?
    [23:13] <+Cyc> Looks like Barracks.
    [23:14] <+Cyc> When will road be finished?
    01[23:15] <!DaveShack> Caitlyn founded on site 1, looks like a temple is the best way to keep from overdoing it on unpromoted military
    [23:15] <+Cyc> k
    [23:16] <+Cyc> Did the Fomorach move?
    01[23:16] <!DaveShack> was Molly supposed to switch to a settler? build queues are extremely sparse
    01[23:16] <!DaveShack> yup, the coast is clear, literally
    [23:17] <+Cyc> if the road to Tara is complete (or soon) to prevent rioting, then barrackes is ok. If not, swithch to Settler.
    01[23:17] <!DaveShack> the road is done
    [23:18] <+Cyc> cool
    01[23:18] <!DaveShack> we need an escort for city 6, so will probably go with a spear next
    [23:18] <+Cyc> sounds good
    01[23:20] <!DaveShack> end of turn 6, 750 BC, 137g +5gpt, math in 9, GLib in 16
    [23:22] <+Cyc> City #6 should be named Siobhan.
    01[23:22] <!DaveShack> Join a worker to Maeve, GLib drops to 13
    [23:23] <+Cyc> Good move
    01[23:24] <!DaveShack> Breyr founded on site 4, starts a spear. Would be the outpost town if the Fomorach made a military move
    [23:25] <+Cyc> k
    01[23:25] <!DaveShack> increase sci to 30%, lowers math to 6
    01[23:26] <!DaveShack> strange, the English warrior is inside our borders, but the diplo screen does not have a kick 'em out option ?
    01[23:28] <!DaveShack> end of turn 7, 730 BC, 142g +6gpt, 6/3/1, Math in 6
    [23:28] <+Cyc> It will next turn, can you manipulate him in any way?
    01[23:29] <!DaveShack> it moved outside borders this turn and is now trapped in a 1 tile corner lol
    01[23:29] <!DaveShack> 2 barb horses attack our archer who was trying to find their village, he survives and is now 2/4
    [23:30] <+Cyc> nice
    01[23:31] <!DaveShack> end of turn 8, 710 BC, 148g +7gpt, math in 4
    [23:31] <+Cyc> billybones27 must have trained him.
    01[23:32] <!DaveShack> England is polite, ask her troops to leave
    [23:33] <+Cyc> good
    01[23:34] <!DaveShack> Ottomans in anarchy, they must have researched Monarchy
    [23:34] <+Cyc> yep
    [23:35] <+Cyc> Wonder whomthey want to attack?
    01[23:35] <!DaveShack> missed reporting turn 9
    01[23:35] <!DaveShack> end of turn 10, 670 BC, 164g +8gpt, math in 2
    [23:35] <+Cyc> not a problem
    01[23:36] <!DaveShack> saved
    [23:36] <+Cyc> we're doing pretty well.
    01[23:37] <!DaveShack> checking for overrun, can't lower sci% and keep 1 turn
    01[23:37] <!DaveShack> Tara finishes lib, starts settler (3)
    [23:38] <+Cyc> oh well
    [23:38] <+Cyc> k
    01[23:39] <!DaveShack> end of turn 11, 650 BC, 172g +7gpt, math in 1
    01[23:40] <!DaveShack> Math done, start currency
    01[23:40] <!DaveShack> Moira library-worker
    01[23:41] <!DaveShack> Molly spear-worker
    01[23:42] <!DaveShack> Rhiannon has a queue, almost forgot... checking
    01[23:43] <!DaveShack> spear
    [23:44] <+Cyc> How much for an Embassy with the Ottoman Empire?
    [23:44] <+Cyc> yup
    01[23:45] <!DaveShack> 68g for an embassy -- good idea
    [23:46] <+Cyc> i agree
    01[23:47] <!DaveShack> cool, remembered to look at the f4 screen now that we have some embassies
    01[23:47] <!DaveShack> nobody knows anyone but us
    [23:48] <+Cyc> we're the people to se
    [23:48] <+Cyc> see
    01[23:49] <!DaveShack> Ottomans also doing pyramids, 4spt in their capital, and in anarchy so no idea on #turns -- but they are only <25% done
    [23:49] <+Cyc> good again
    01[23:50] <!DaveShack> end of turn 12, 630 bc, 111g +5gpt, currency in 15
    01[23:50] <!DaveShack> seeing if 40% gets us anywhere
    01[23:51] <!DaveShack> 12 turns, -2gpt
    01[23:51] <!DaveShack> probably want to stop research after that
    [23:51] <+Cyc> we do need marketplaces.
    01[23:52] <!DaveShack> hmm, some unknown folks known as Persians complete the Pyramids
    01[23:52] <!DaveShack> Ottomans - hanging gardens
    [23:52] <+Cyc> uh-oh
    01[23:52] <!DaveShack> Germans finish Mausoleum
    01[23:52] <!DaveShack> English - temple of Artemis
    01[23:56] <!DaveShack> we find the barb village way in the north. 2 horses 1 warrior on a tundra tile
    01[23:57] <!DaveShack> archers only have about 50% chance so we take some forest ground to wait for reinforcements
    01[23:58] <!DaveShack> end of turn 13, 610BC 108g -5gpt
    01[23:58] <!DaveShack> barbs attack, archers fight them off
    01[23:58] <!DaveShack> Tara settler-GSword
    01[23:59] <!DaveShack> Moira worker-gs
    [23:59] <+Cyc> nice
    Session Close: Wed Apr 22 00:00:00 2009

    Session Start: Wed Apr 22 00:00:00 2009
    Session Ident: #turnchat
    01[00:00] <!DaveShack> Molly worker-lib
    01[00:00] <!DaveShack> Breyr spear-worker
    01[00:00] <!DaveShack> Byzantines also go for temple of artemis
    01[00:00] <!DaveShack> no more cascades this turn - phew
    01[00:01] <!DaveShack> next city location #6?
    [00:03] <+Cyc> I thought that's what you wanted.
    [00:03] <+Cyc> #6 or #8 is fine by me.
    [00:04] <+Cyc> I'm trying to remember the name of the germans.
    01[00:05] <!DaveShack> end of turn 14, 590 BC, 108g -14gpt, currency in 11
    01[00:06] <!DaveShack> Rhiannon finishes spear, starts lib
    01[00:08] <!DaveShack> end of turn 15, 570 BC, 94g -16 gpt
    01[00:08] <!DaveShack> unit cost is getting ahead of gold production
    [00:08] <+Cyc> uh-oh
    01[00:09] <!DaveShack> lots of unimproved tiles
    01[00:09] <!DaveShack> caitlyn temple-granary
    03[00:11] * Bob (Blah@cp127.ppp0.singnet.com.sg) has joined #turnchat
    03[00:11] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Bob
    01[00:11] <!DaveShack> turn 16, 550BC, 103g -16gpt
    [00:11] <+Cyc> CB?
    01[00:12] <!DaveShack> GLib in 4 (crosses fingers)
    01[00:12] <!DaveShack> English start S0Z
    [00:13] <+Cyc> We'll get it.
    01[00:14] <!DaveShack> turn 17, 530 BC, 87g -16gpt, currency in 7
    [00:15] <+Cyc> The Germans = The Cairde
    01[00:15] <!DaveShack> A Byzantine boat that shoots fire knocks off the 5 barb galleys which have been parked on our shores since we found that coast
    [00:15] <+Cyc> nice
    [00:15] <+Cyc> say thanks
    01[00:15] <!DaveShack> Breyr worker-temple
    [00:17] <+Cyc> How far are you going?
    01[00:18] <!DaveShack> 2 more, till Glib finishes
    [00:18] <+Cyc> k
    01[00:18] <!DaveShack> turn 18, 510 BC, 72g -16gpt, currency in 6
    [00:18] <+Cyc> CommandoBob?
    01[00:19] <!DaveShack> Tara gs->courthouse (market prebuild)
    01[00:19] <!DaveShack> ditto in Moira
    [00:20] <+Cyc> must be a bot
    [00:20] <+Cyc> yes, prebuilds for MP!
    01[00:23] <!DaveShack> Siobhan founded on spot 6
    01[00:23] <!DaveShack> starts temple
    01[00:23] <!DaveShack> end of turn 19, 490 BC 56g-15gpt
    [00:24] <+Cyc> cool
    01[00:25] <!DaveShack> Maeve completes the Great Library and starts a small library
    [00:25] <+Cyc> nice
    [00:26] <+Cyc> Big time Culture
    01[00:27] <!DaveShack> Rhiannon would riot, hires a scientist for now
    01[00:27] <!DaveShack> Turn 20, 470 BC, 41g -13gpt, currency in 4
    01[00:27] <!DaveShack> it will help to know what we get for free, going to press it one more time
    01[00:27] <!DaveShack> polytheism
    [00:27] <+Cyc> Very eventful T/C.
    03[00:28] * +Bob (Blah@cp127.ppp0.singnet.com.sg) has left #turnchat
    01[00:28] <!DaveShack> Aerona granary->barracks
    01[00:28] <!DaveShack> saving and ending -- thanks for coming!
    [00:29] <+Cyc> Iron, GS, 3 cities, The Great Library, embassies
    [00:29] <+Cyc> my pleasure.
    02[00:29] * +Cyc (4bd7eb03@d0a9903.6b45bb2.mibbit.com) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    Session Close: Wed Apr 22 00:37:42 2009

    It's late, will have to do screenshots tomorrow.

    Attached Files:

  8. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    If we produce a third Settler this T/C the Domestic Dept suggests we establish City #8.
    (see thumb)

    Make that the fourth City. Third one would be #6. Sorry.

    Attached Files:

  9. Bowsling

    Bowsling Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    What an excellent turnchat for every office!

    Defense got Iron

    T'n'T got GL and a bunch of new techs.

    FA got three new embassies

    Domestic and Tara Provincial Government got 3 new cities.

    And President got a bunch more gpt and workers!

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