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TCIT - Tuesday 7/24, 10PM PDT (0500 GMT Wednesday)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Democracy Game II' started by DaveShack, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    The next play session is scheduled for Tuesday 7/24, 10PM PDT (0500 GMT Wednesday).

    DP: DaveShack
    Type: Online
    Purpose: 10 or more turn regular session

    Link to save
    Link to previous session

    I would ask for this to not be a discussion thread, but that tradition appears to have died out.
  2. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    If this poll ends in a Yes vote (It did):

    • Open the diplo screen and ask Bismarck what he will give for peace. He should offer Compass, all his cash and his world map. Accept this offer.
    • (If the Warlord doesn't give any instruction because of his absence, could you move our offensive troops into positions on the border near Tartar and Frankfurt, ready to strick when the peace deal expires (10 turns)?)
    • Stop after 10 turns.

    Trade Banana's and and Rice with Julius for Fur and 3 gold per turn, this should help solve our happiness problems a bit.

    If a civ from the other continent wants to trade for Guilds (or any other tech except for Education and Paper) and you think the deal is reasonable, and the beaker+gold of their offer is more than 50% of our beaker+gold offer, you're allowed to make it.

    Don't change civics.

    Settle on the proposed spot if this poll ends in Yes.

    Stop if one of the civs on the other continent is willing to make a reasonable tech deal with us that includes us giving Paper our Education.
    Stop when we have researched two techs.
  3. mike6426

    mike6426 Singularitarian

    Jun 27, 2006
    After research on Education is finished
    If we have received Compass:
    Research Optics
    Research Engineering
    If the Technology after Eduction finishes being researched
    If Optics was Researched
    Research Philosophy
    Research Drama
  4. Joe Harker

    Joe Harker 1st in the Premiership!

    Aug 31, 2006
    Central Amiag:

    Build queues: Build anything that will help increase the cities primary function
    (Riversight: Production, Xanadu: Commerce, Neapolis: Commerce and Cumae: Commerce) Otherwise build anything that is required for the nation as a whole (ie the settler needed to build the new city)

    Workers also help increase the local cities primary function.
  5. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004

    Just regroup according to last TC, but make sure we occupy the coast from Cologne south to EA in order to make sure no barbarian, German or overseas nation settle there. We can use obsolete warriors and archers for this.
  6. Methos

    Methos HoF Quattromaster Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Jan 1, 2005
    Bah, I would procrastenate until the last day, which just so happends to also be the release of BTS. Which btw I have and am getting ready to play. :woohoo:

    My cities will go for growth. I want to get to max population as quick as possible. NOTA will build a settler and head for the mini-GP Farm as stated in the poll. Builds should consist of banks and other wealth/research boosters.
  7. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    EA: Bank, University
    Ainu: Market, Library
    Munich: Market, Bank, emphasize growth if possible
    Berlin: Market, Library if there is enough :) or Temple if :) is needed
    Cologne: Courthouse, Market, emphasize growth if possible
  8. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Play session starting. Instructions:

    Peace poll is closed, answer is yes.
    Settle this site poll closed, answer is yes.

    Made peace with Germany

    Traded with Rome as instructed

    Met Tokugawa, no trade opportunities

    Monty requested Guilds in exhange for 50g, declined

    Played 8 turns
    Settler enroute, but hasn't reached destination yet.
    Economy is much better, we have 2-3 turn techs now
    Got compass, finished education, researched optics & philosophy
    Left research on Liberalism, 5 turns.
    Met Tokugawa, no trade

    Turn 0 save
    Turn 5 save
    Turn 8 save

    Spoiler chatlog :

    [07/24 22:01] <DaveShack> Yasutanian News Flash play session starting
    [07/24 22:15] <DaveShack> finished playing pbems, loaded DG save
    [07/24 22:16] <DaveShack> 1540 AD, 328g -16gpt, Education in 3
    [07/24 22:19] * Methos has joined #turnchat
    [07/24 22:19] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Methos
    [07/24 22:19] <DaveShack> howdy
    [07/24 22:19] <Methos> Have I missed much?
    [07/24 22:19] <DaveShack> haven't really started
    [07/24 22:19] <DaveShack> congrats!
    [07/24 22:19] <Methos> I won't be able to stick around much, but I'll stay a little while.
    [07/24 22:19] <Methos> Thanks!
    [07/24 22:20] <DaveShack> all this disk drive grinding doesn't bode well for a fast session
    [07/24 22:21] <Methos> That doesn't sound good. Having computer problems I take it?
    [07/24 22:21] <DaveShack> I'm still on the 512MB cripple, and it's severely taxed by game + anything
    [07/24 22:21] <Methos> Does it run ok with BTS?
    [07/24 22:22] <DaveShack> didn't even make it to the store yet
    [07/24 22:24] <DaveShack> Made peace with Germany for Compass, WM, 70g
    [07/24 22:24] <DaveShack> nice military instructions: shuffle units according to last tc lol
    [07/24 22:25] <DaveShack> trade with Rome: banana+rice for fur+3gpt?
    [07/24 22:26] <DaveShack> yep, they still go for it now that we're at peace (that wasn't a guaranteed thing)
    [07/24 22:26] <Methos> I noticed in my turnset that it was good one turn and not the next.
    [07/24 22:26] <Methos> Odd how that works.
    [07/24 22:32] <DaveShack> Rest of that time was looking at military orders to see what, if anything, needs to move -- turns out not much as far as I can tell
    [07/24 22:33] <DaveShack> Finished with preturn -- now at peace, we have 398g, +6gpt (lots of WW went away), Education in 3
    [07/24 22:34] <DaveShack> saved, will upload later unless you have a burning desire to look now :)
    [07/24 22:37] <DaveShack> guess that's a no... pressing enter
    [07/24 22:38] <Methos> I'm going to sign off. Good luck!
    [07/24 22:38] * Methos has quit IRC (Quit: )
    [07/24 22:38] <DaveShack> Riversight knight->bank
    [07/24 22:39] <DaveShack> Coppertown temple->bank
    [07/24 22:39] <DaveShack> Islam has been founded in a distant land
    [07/24 22:40] <DaveShack> Hagia Sophia has been built in a distant land
    [07/24 22:46] <DaveShack> position some military towards Frankfurt and Tartar
    [07/24 22:47] <DaveShack> end of turn 1, 404g +7gpt, Education in 2
    [07/24 22:47] <DaveShack> Turn 2, 1550 AD
    [07/24 22:47] <DaveShack> NotA Knight->Settler
    [07/24 22:48] <DaveShack> Munich Market->Bank
    [07/24 22:48] <DaveShack> Cumae Granary->Confucian Monastery (need to push culture and get our borders moved out!)
    [07/24 22:52] <DaveShack> Workers: production in Berlin, roads toward Frankfurt and back from Cologne
    [07/24 22:52] <DaveShack> end of turn 2, 411g +3gpt, Education in 1
    [07/24 22:53] <DaveShack> IBT: Tokugawa greets us
    [07/24 22:53] <DaveShack> The Japanese dislike us to the point they are unwilling to trade anything
    [07/24 22:54] <DaveShack> Education->Optics (2)
    [07/24 22:54] <DaveShack> Ainu Market->Library
    [07/24 22:56] <DaveShack> Marseilles Lighthouse->Courthouse
    [07/24 22:56] <DaveShack> Neapolis Market->Bank
    [07/24 22:57] <DaveShack> Pisae Forge->Granary
    [07/24 22:57] <DaveShack> Cumae borders expand
    [07/24 22:57] <DaveShack> Berlin borders expand
    [07/24 23:03] <DaveShack> Military continue positioning
    [07/24 23:03] <DaveShack> Workers continue working
    [07/24 23:03] <DaveShack> Check stop instructions?
    [07/24 23:05] <DaveShack> End of turn 3, 414g +8gpt, Optics in 2
    [07/24 23:05] <DaveShack> Turn 4, 1560 AD
    [07/24 23:06] <DaveShack> Orleans library->forge
    [07/24 23:08] <DaveShack> Workers work
    [07/24 23:08] <DaveShack> Military positions
    [07/24 23:09] <DaveShack> End of turn 4, 422g +18gpt, Optics in 1
    [07/24 23:10] <DaveShack> Turn 5, 1565 AD
    [07/24 23:10] <DaveShack> Optics->Philosophy
    [07/24 23:10] <DaveShack> NotA Settler->Uni
    [07/24 23:10] <DaveShack> Paris Forge->Library
    [07/24 23:13] <DaveShack> Workers work some more
    [07/24 23:13] <DaveShack> Saving turn 5
    [07/24 23:14] <DaveShack> End of turn 5, 440g +20gpt, Philo in 2
    [07/24 23:14] <Magic1> Wait what?
    [07/24 23:14] <Magic1> Still here?
    [07/24 23:14] <DaveShack> hi
    [07/24 23:14] <Magic1> Hi
    [07/24 23:15] <Magic1> I say shift all of the comerce to culture and start buying alot of whatever unit is the weakest
    [07/24 23:15] <Magic1> Can you do that?
    [07/24 23:15] <DaveShack> no, have to follow instructions from the elected officials
    [07/24 23:15] <Magic1> Awww
    [07/24 23:16] <Magic1> If I change my nick to an official's nick...
    [07/24 23:16] <DaveShack> your nick's not familiar, who's this? ;)
    [07/24 23:16] * Magic1 is now known as Tank
    [07/24 23:16] <Tank> Someone new
    [07/24 23:17] <DaveShack> welcome :)
    [07/24 23:17] <DaveShack> have you checked out the DG forum?
    [07/24 23:17] <Tank> Is that a hint that I should?
    [07/24 23:17] <Tank> I've read through the constitution if that's what you mean
    [07/24 23:18] <DaveShack> no, an invitation to join in the fun
    [07/24 23:19] <Tank> Err...I'll RSVP?
    [07/24 23:20] <DaveShack> no hurry, and you're welcome to hang around here too
    [07/24 23:20] <Tank> Doing that
    [07/24 23:20] <Tank> So wait, have you finished playing?
    [07/24 23:21] <DaveShack> no, just took a little break to chat, was making final checks of turn 5 before going to the next turn
    [07/24 23:21] <Tank> You people do this delicately, I see
    [07/24 23:23] <DaveShack> a little, most of the point is the democracy part, so don't want to go against the majority's wishes
    [07/24 23:24] <DaveShack> Moving on, Turn 6 1570 AD
    [07/24 23:24] <DaveShack> Coppertown finishes a bank, starts uni
    [07/24 23:25] <DaveShack> Rheims grocer->caravel
    [07/24 23:25] <DaveShack> Pisae granary->library
    [07/24 23:26] <DaveShack> Cumae monastery->bank
    [07/24 23:26] <DaveShack> Cologne court->market
    [07/24 23:35] <DaveShack> end of turn 6, 460g+26gpt, Philosophy in 2
    [07/24 23:36] <DaveShack> IBT: Monty tries to pay us 50g for guilds ?!
    [07/24 23:37] <DaveShack> Go into negotiate, for giggles -- everything is red, so we say farewell
    [07/24 23:37] <DaveShack> Turn 7, 1575 AD
    [07/24 23:37] <DaveShack> Riversight bank->Uni
    [07/24 23:38] <DaveShack> Temple of Soloman has been built
    [07/24 23:39] <DaveShack> Settler moving towards designated spot, but will not reach it before a stop instruction triggers
    [07/24 23:40] <DaveShack> End of turn 7, 486g+31gpt, philo in 1
    [07/24 23:41] <DaveShack> Turn 8, 1580 AD
    [07/24 23:41] <DaveShack> Philo done, set to Liberalism as placeholder
    [07/24 23:41] <DaveShack> Lyons grocer->Uni
    [07/24 23:44] <DaveShack> Worker actions, settler continues towards chosen spot
    [07/24 23:44] <DaveShack> End criteria met (2 additional techs researched)
    [07/24 23:45] <DaveShack> Yasutanian News Flash play session ending @1580 AD
    [07/24 23:46] <Tank> Hoorah
    [07/24 23:50] <DaveShack> thanks for hanging around, hope you'll be interested in staying
    [07/24 23:51] * dutchfire has joined #turnchat
    [07/24 23:51] * Chieftess sets mode: +v dutchfire
    [07/24 23:51] <dutchfire> hi
    [07/24 23:51] <DaveShack> hi
    [07/24 23:52] <DaveShack> you just missed it, finished the 2 techs past educ and stopped
    [07/24 23:52] <dutchfire> okay
    [07/24 23:55] <dutchfire> how many turns did you play?
    [07/24 23:57] <DaveShack> 8
    [07/24 23:57] <DaveShack> saves are uploaded, starting on screenies
  9. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity Retired Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    3 techs finished in 8 turns, great :D
  10. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    I see we can stomach Vassalage, easily :)

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