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Team Civfanatics/CFC Roster

Discussion in 'Civ4 -ISDG 2012' started by Sommerswerd, May 23, 2012.

  1. Sommerswerd

    Sommerswerd Rest in Peace Black Panther

    Oct 10, 2007
    Wakanda Forever
    Interested in joining the CivFanatics vs. other Civilization Websites from all over the World PitBoss game? Welcome aboard!

    To gain access to Team CFC's private forum, you must go to your Group Memberships page and request to join the "Civ4 MTDG3 - Team Civfanatics" group.

    Once you request to join this group, 2metraninja or myself (Sommerswerd) will have to grant approval so you can see the private subforum. You cannot join Team Civfanatics/CFC if you are a part of another team.

    Here is The Current Team Civfanatics/CFC Roster.


    EDIT: Since LP's Roster thread made this one redundant, I will use this to post some rough guidelines for what we are looking for in terms of team mates for Team Civfanatics... Here is our wishlist:D
    Spoiler :
    Obviously, any member of CFC can request membership, but a team full of lurkers is not viable, because someone has to do the actual work of playing the game, for example:

    1. Turnplaying
    2. Making the turnlog
    3. Taking/posting screenshots
    4. Setting up the accounts for Team email, and screenshots etc
    5. Posting polls and tracking results for team votes
    6. Reading demographics
    7. Conducting diplomacy
    8. Actually drafting/writing the diplomatic letters (which is different from conducting diplomacy)
    9. Calculating the best Micromanagement options,
    10. Writing test-maps in Worldbuilder (to mirror the game map, for testing purposes)
    11. Running tests
    12. Researching game mechanics
    13. Serving as a translator for our communications with the international Community
    13. and a myriad of other things...

    It is very easy to quickly post "so do we have a test map or what?" or "hey can we get some screenshots!?" or "why hasn't the turnlog been updated in days/weeks??" or "this issue needs to be polled!" and a little more difficult to actually write and maintain the test Map or post the poll/count the informal votes or to actually take all the screenshots and maintain a good turnlog. 2metra and I are simply NOT capable of doing all the above stuff by ourselves.

    So at this time we are really, really looking for folks to volunteer do do stuff to help CFC be competitive in this game. Don't be shy! Get involved!:goodjob:

    Again, anyone can request membership, but I just want to encourage everyone requesting access to the subforum to step up and give a firm commitment to do something besides just "lurk." If you say all you want to do is "lurk", then I might (probably not, but maybe) have some questions about that, like... Why? Just a heads up;).
  2. Sommerswerd

    Sommerswerd Rest in Peace Black Panther

    Oct 10, 2007
    Wakanda Forever

    This is a good thread to post comments. Avoid putting questions here.

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