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Team FREE Sighs

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Multi-Team Demogame II' started by CommandoBob, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Part One

    Mack, the psuedo-president of FREE, walked slowly downhill back to the heavily armored converted fighting vehicle, hidden in the hills around Freehand. The once vibrant city was now a festering sore of radiation-poisoned land and water. The mushroom cloud had been gone for days now but the smoke of the burning city was visible for miles around. The mining that had been a large part of Freehand's economy was now in ruins. The main roads that led into the city were impassable due to vehicle accidents and the lack of emergency responders. The hospitals that served Freehand had been engulfed in the initial fireball, since they were all clustered together near the city of the city. Freehand had been an expirement in city design, with a centralized hospital district and a major medical training/teaching/research facility in the middle of the hospital district. Most of the production of Freehand was medical related, with the mines serving mostly as testing labs for the more esoteric research done in the city. But now the brains of that research were dead. The lucky ones were dead, Mack thought to himself, the unlucky one will die of radiation poisining in the next week and the real unlucky ones will fight cancers for years on end and wish they were dead.

    As he approached the special vehicle that was built to protect him, his bodyguard fanned their way around him. His night vision / light enhancing gear was not a good as their's but it allowed him to navigate without falling down and getting his britches dirty. Their's could identify animals from the heat signature and shape and provide range and distance to each animal, especially two legged animals with long range weapons (rifles) or short range weapons (pitchforks) combined with bad attitude. Determining attitude was not an exact science, so every effort was made to avoid these two legged animals whilst on nocturnal excursions and this one was no exception. Tonight they had walked up a hill and down that same hill and seen no one, a perfect event.

    Inside the vehicle he gropped to remove the goggles and breathing apparatus. He did this in the dark since the inside lights were turned off. A figure inside the car gave him a piece of paper. Mack took out a small penlight and cupped his hands around the lense as he read the note. 15 Level D Research Labs - primed was all it said. Which was good news for Free, but not for anyone inside those Level D locations. The doors had been sealed, a knock-out gas had been released, followed by a nerve gas a few minutes later and finally a small thermonuclear device had been armed. Small meant that the fireball was only 200 yards in diameter, more than enough to eradicate a an underground area that was no more than 150 yards across. Level D labs produced very nasty bugs and viruses. If containment failed, the results to the world could be grisly. Thus the small suitcases packages hidden in the duct work in the middle of each lab. Primed meant that someone had verified the doors were fastened shut and the gasses has been released. All that was left was to detonate the bombs.

    Mack leaned forward and rapped twice on the bulletproof glass between him and the driver. The driver started the engine and the whole amored convey began to move slowly towards Vista-Free, arriving in a few hours while it was still dark.

    From Vista-Free Free Force One flew Mack and a few others SE towards Freehand and then due south to Kazgungudom. As they neared Freehand Mack walked aft to the Communciations Center and donned a headset. He listened idlely as the comm tech patched him through to the military on the ground below.

    'Mr. President, I am General Felix Travis and I have been briefed on Operation Denial.'

    'Thank you General. Can you confirm that the devices are still active?'

    'Yes, sir. All 15 show armed and ready.'

    'General Travis, it is my order to you to finalize Operation Denial. The responsiblity is mine and you are to follow these lawfully given orders. Is that clear?'

    'Yes, sir, it is. Finalize Operation Denial. Finalizing...now!'

    'Thank you, General. Well done. Now get your forces home and get cleaned up. You had a thankless task but you did it well and now it is over. Goodnight, General.'

    Without waiting for a reply Mack slipped off the headset and walked quietly forward to his cabin, where he picked up the briefing papers on Operation Denial. The documentation was old, dating back before he had become the defacto leader of the FREE. He could not agrue with the logic that had created the need Operation Denial, but he was still staggered by the human cost. Upwards to 20,000 people could be working in the Level D labs during normal working hours, dropping to around 2,500 to 3,000 during the night. The attack on Freehand had been early on a Monday morning, so 20,000 had not died as a result of this plan, but undoubtedly a few early birds had gotten to work before Freehand had been flatten. Perhaps as few as 5,000 had been at work when the early stages of the plan were triggered. So, I've just incinerated 5,000 corpses for the greater good of mankind.

    He loosened his tie and sat down in the overstuffed leather chair. It was the proper thing to do, he told himself, even if it wasn't my plan or my idea. Then why do I feel like a heel instead of a hero?

    Before he faded off to sleep, he gleaned the answer. Though the final part of Operation Denial protected the living, it desecrated the remains of the dead, who could not defend themselves.
  2. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Part Two

    Free Force One landed in Kazgungudom while it was still dark, though the morning sun was beginning to rise in the east. Mack was able to walk steadily and straightly from the massive transport he had been in to a smaller, more nimble plane that flew southwest over the mountains to an unmarked military base between Coastal Geeks and Lake Port, where he boarded a helicopter that took him to up the mountain side to the valley called Worry Free. It was a supremely misleading name, since this was the place where the leaders of FREE had gone to in the past to plot their progress. Now it was almost empty of everything except worry.

    Once landed, Mack was escorted to his (as long as he was President, psuedo or not) cabin. By now Mack was fully awake (helicopter rides were rarely pleasant in the mountains) and quite ready to walk on solid ground that did not dip and swerve unexpectedly.

    Inside the cabin, the aroma of fresh, strong coffee assailed his nostrils. He followed the scent into the kitchen, where, against all custom, he poured and fixed his own cup of coffee. He sat down at the small grazing table, sitting across from the other occupant in the room, who was busy reading a newspaper. Mack picked up the top section of the newspaper, which by chance was sports.

    'The Lake Port Larks are leading the Ishme-Shamash Infidels three games to one in the World Series. The Infidels finally woke up and started playing last night,' intoned the other occupant, not looking around from his own section.

    'Who pitched?'

    'Donovan McGrady, a southpaw they just brought in from T for Texas a few days ago. Seventeen strikeouts and no earned runs. Not bad for a semi-Gonger.'

    'You say that like it is a bad thing. You don't think immigrants have a place in FREE?'

    'Well,' drawled the one who had already read the sports section, 'that depends on how long there will a FREE.'

    'Oh, there will always be a FREE, have no doubt about that.'

    'Yeahbut, as a strong, stand alone nation or a weak sister living in the shadow of Saber?'

    'A little bit of both, probably,' was the very quiet reply.

    The newspaper came down.

    'What...did..you...say.' It wasn't a question, not really.

    Mack took a long pull on his coffee before he began his reply.

    'Vinnie, we're not winning the war.'

    'Well, we didn't win the last one we were in either, but we didn't quit.'

    'We didn't quit, but our boss did.'

    'Yeah, sorta and that's always bugged me. But he stopped fighting when we got down to two cities. You're wanting to quit while we control two continents.'

    'He stopped when he saw that further resistance would only hurt the innocent and not change the outcome. Look back at what FREE could produce, what they had produced and what PrinceMyshkin had to fight with. It wasn't even close.'

    'Well, okay, but we got nukes, too.'

    'We have tanks and other things that Saber has, too, but not as many. We cannot build them as fast as Saber. We lost what, about half our military on a long shot invasion of Saber. And our scienctists built us nukes we not could put on Aircraft carriers; great help that was. Saber is hitting us now, not The Council. That is not good news for us. It means The Council is just about dead, or close to it. And with Saber advancing on The Gulag, well, it doesn't look hopeful.'

    'Are they still building that Spaceship thingee?'

    'You know as well as I do that they are. We read the same reports. One huge part left to assemble, that needs a lot of small parts they have to bring together in one city and then join up. In a large city, no problem. In a small city that was once large, a whole lot of problems.'

    'And you keep helping them buy into this dream. It is ludicrous idea. You constantly send them money, tech support people and I don't know what all else to them. And for what?'

    'Only because that if they can build this thing we can send some of our people with them. I don't know how many, but at least some of FREE would escape this place to start over again.'

    'And that includes you, too, I suppose? Plan to tell me about it before you left, partner?'

    'No,' said Mack, 'it does not include me. You, maybe, as a last reminder of GONG. But not me.'

    'That's noble of you,' retorted Vinnie, 'When you plan to tell me about that tidbit?'

    'I wasn't,' grinned back Mack. 'I was going to have you drugged and shipped to The Council in cold storage. You wouldn't have waken up until they got to wherever they were going, and by then it would be too late for you do anything about it.'

    'Oh! And how were you going to manage this? Put some knock out drops in my hamburger? Pollute my pizza? Give me a Mickey Finn with my Mickey D's?'

    'Actually, I was going to wait until your first colonoscopy. Your system would be cleaned out, which is important for the statis chamber thingee, and the doctor would merely keep you sedated a bit longer than normal. Unless you decided to have the procedure without anesthetics, which I can't imagine.'

    Vinnie shuddered. He could not imagine that procedure with any degree of comfort, awake or asleep. Almost involuntarily, he tensed his buttocks as he thought about it.

    Before Mack could fully savor having won this round with Vinnie, his presidental cell-phone rang, playing the song reserved for President of The FREE. Mack opened up the phone; it was a text message. Dark Blue calls, which meant The Council wanted real time communications.

    'Council calls, War Room,' he said to Vinnie as he stood up and made his way to War Room. Vinnie followed just a few steps behind. Real time communication was either for something very good or very bad and he didn't know which, but suspected bad. People didn't use emergency communciations to share good news.
  3. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Part Three

    Inside the War Room were banks of communication equipement, several rows of theater seats and a large viewing screen that filled one wall. Currently the image on the screen was the local weather radar, which Mack knew they used to calibrate some of the colors on the screen. No rain in their area for today, he noted.

    He nodded to the techs and the image changed. The shape of a man's head was visible, but not much else since all the lighting was behind him and it was dim.

    'This is The CommandoBob of The FREE,' began Mack. When speaking for the people of FREE, he taken to calling himself The CommandoBob, as if the name were a title. No one had commented on that fact, yet. As Mack thought about, given The Council's habit of prefacing everything with the word The, such titling might in fact be proper usage to them.

    'CommandoBob, I am donsig of The Council,' said the screen. 'Listen, I haven't got much time. Saber has captured The Gulag and torched all of our academic and research centers. The Bromberg Project is gone and The Dances With The Stars has been destroyed in orbit. We cannot rebuild either one. I'm in the basement of one -'

    As donsig spoke two large flashes of light flared the screen and the speakers roared with a loud noise. donsig's shadow was no longer in view but as the camera continued to record they saw figures with guns enter the room and begin shooting. The guns were automatics, Mack noted, and he heard someone, donsig most likely, cry out in pain. There was sudden quiet. A figure walked up the camera and began shooting. It went dead and the screen turned to static.

    'We've lost the signal on their end, sir,' called out one of the teches.

    'Yes,' said Mack, still staring at the static. 'I don't think we'll be getting it back any time soon. That was the Assembly Head of The Council; their late Assembly Head.'

    He turned to Vinnie.

    'Get me the Saber ambassador. We have a treaty to discuss.'
  4. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    Thank you, CommandoBob. Your writings are a hightlight of this game. I look forward to your next effort. :thumbsup:
  5. Calis

    Calis on time

    Apr 13, 2004
    Germany GMT+1
    Great job :clap:
  6. peter grimes

    peter grimes ... Retired Moderator

    Jul 18, 2005
    Queens, New York
    I was on the edge of my seat - I couldn't wait to find out how this ends :hatsoff:
  7. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    Excellent story CommandoBob. Great laughs.

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