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Tech: Anyone able to stay ahead or keep even with the AI on Immortal?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by MykC, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. generalwar

    generalwar Philosopher

    Jul 2, 2009
    I have a question that maybe isn't in direct connection with the topic but, here it goes...
    Would you say that it's better to build Stonehenge (for earlier policies) or GL (for science). I'm asking this for lower difficulties when AIs aren't so fast at building wonders.
  2. alpaca

    alpaca King of Ungulates

    Aug 3, 2006
    It's better to build the National College instead of either imho. The research boost is way better than whatever you could get from the GL, and I doubt you really want so many early SPs
  3. Shurdus

    Shurdus Am I Napoleon?

    Feb 24, 2004
    Settle in place
    It depends on so many factors that it is very hard to answer that one in general. Grabbing the nc will be faster in general, since not only will sh need to be build, but then you need to also accumulate culture. I can see where one or two extra policies could make a difference when you can grab the science boosting ones...

    All in all I am tempted to pick the nc option on gut feeling as being faster, yet both may very well be inferior to grabbing more land sooner, depending on the amount of space.

    Edit: lol I misread gl and thought it said nc. How dumb am I. :D
  4. elthrasher

    elthrasher Revcaster

    Sep 11, 2009
    Violence still works just fine. My latest is Immortal Pangaea as Montezuma. I went for upgraded Jaguars. My strategy has been to not attack too quickly because the AI will build a lot of cities and maybe some wonders for me. I managed to get Sully to declare on me just as I was getting my iron hooked up. I had three cities of my own and was soon puppetting his entire empire of about six more. Next Ramesses wanted me to go after Genghis so that was four more cities for me. Napoleon was building all around me, so I declared on him and managed to get him to ragequit after I took his cap. I took three of his cities and he gave me about six more. I believe I have 22 cities now. Piety has kept happiness under control. My income is huge and I'm moving toward a tech lead.

    Hiawatha got rifles about ten turns before me and declared when I still had four turns to go on them. Not really a problem as he so far as just managed to run one rifle into a city-state and get it killed. I just upgraded. Pretty sure I'll hit 30 cities soon. I think he built the Forgotten Palace, so that'll really help with happiness (or maybe not so much as I feel it was over-nerfed).

    I think the change to make cities stronger has actually made this game easier.

    Before: AI hits my undefended flank while my armies are occupied elsewhere and several cities fall. I had to rush back and retake them, dealing with upgraded units and (often) Oligarchy.

    After: AI moves on my undeclared flank but can't manage a proper surround. Foot-soldiers look to one another and say "you first, man." I have plenty of time to bring in the cleanup crew after my cities bombard the enemy or I can probably not bother for a long time.

    As far as tech, as soon as the revolt dies down and the cities become productive, my tech shoots up. I was doing about 60 science before my war with Napoleon and shot up to around 150 after that (also got in some universities while this was going on). I don't have the tech lead yet, but I'm closing in on it very rapidly.
  5. MykC

    MykC Warlord

    Nov 13, 2010
    I'm actually thinking National College as well. The only exception is if your Babylon and you think you've got a good shot at getting the GL around turn 35 or so. But between GL and Stonehenge, I would normally take Stonehenge if your planning on keeping your initial city count low, but if your fast expanding then skip both.

    Overall, from this discussion, skip the GL, the risk isn't worth the rewards.
  6. Martin Alvito

    Martin Alvito Real men play SMAC

    Sep 23, 2010
    By the time you could get an expensive tech from the GL, it is gone on Immortal/Deity. The National College thoroughly trumps it. You don't get the tech immediately, but you'll get a lot more than one free tech.
  7. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    OK I just won that Immortal Greek game. 311 turns domination victory. I was getting about 650 spt and could have had more with specialists but since I was 3 turns from completing the tech tree (having gone across the bottom right to GDR considerably sooner like I always do when playing for domination, I didn't feel the need for more science.

    Anyhow, pre patch I'd have been into Future Techs by now even with this medium sized empire and even though Monty nuked two of my cities.

    The AI's, and especially Rammy tech faster now. I think that fixed beaker over flow helps them. It also helps humans, but the huge specialist and consequent GS nerf harms us more, IMHO.

    Yeah..early aggression and lots of aggression still works, but it is no where near as devastating as pre patch. I think that prepatch I'd have won this game at least 50 turns earlier and wouldn't have been nearly as concerned as when both Rammy (clearly ahead in tech) and Monty (slightly ahead in tech) DOW'd me.

    This is clearly a harder and better game now but I was so glad no one (ie Rammy) built the UN and then used his 10k+ gold.

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