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Apr 17, 2006
After a few years away from Civilization, I gave Civ6 a go back in the spring, and it completely sucked me back in; to the point where I seem to have made and released a few mods over the summer. As there's more than one, and trying get meaningful bug reports on Steam is like pulling teeth, I thought they needed a home here.

So, here's what I've released in what is begining to feel like a series called 'I can't believe it wasn't included in the game, and I really can't believe no one else had modded it in before now'.

Feel free to post bug reports, suggestions for changes, improvements, etc. I won't promise that'll implement anything new, but you never know, and I will try and address any serious bugs (please include the lua.log if making a bug report!).

Greatest Cities v1.4 (last updated 2021-10-02)

Ranks every city in the world, and presents a list of the top cities, as well as all the cities owned by the player; records historical rankings for how things stood at the end of each era; and maintains mini histories for each city. Also lists all built Wonders of the World, those under construction, and those that have been destroyed. By default exposes almost no information that couldn't already be worked out by the player, and has many config options to adjust exactly what information is revealed. Makes no gameplay/ruleset changes.

Greatest Cities Rewards v1.1 (last updated 2021-08-20)
Optional addon for Greatest Cities that gives minor rewards to the top three cities, and/or the leading cities in a number of categories, at the end of each era.

What Did I Promise? v1.10 (last updated 2021-11-29)

Exposes information on promises you have made to other players, warns you when you might be about to break the terms of a promise, and adds map overlays to help with territory effected by 'no settle' and 'keep away from borders' promises. Makes no gameplay/ruleset changes.

Thrones and Palaces v1.3 (last updated 2021-11-27)

A re-implementation of the the Civ2 Throne Room and the Civ3 Palace. Passively earn upgrade points as you develop your civilisation, and spend them improving the seat of power from a rock in a cave, to a gilded throne in a magnificent palace.
Integrates with great works enabling sculptures and paintings your civilisation has acquired to be used as decoration, has configuration options for how hard it is to earn upgrade points. Makes no gameplay/ruleset changes.

Endgame Map Replay v1.2 (last updated 2021-11-27)

Adds an animaited map view to the endgame screen, showing how the world developed over the course of a game, so you can relive your victory (or defeat!) properly, and see what the AI was up to before you met them. Options for showing tile ownership, religion spread, infrastructure, tile features and resources. Also available during a game, but without the ability to show unexplored terrain, or unknown resources.
Minimal performance impact even for very long games on huge maps, and no gameplay changes.

Stop Moving the Skip Turn Button! v1.1 (last updated 2021-11-29)

Very simple mod to fix the fact that the Skip Turn button is in a different place for land units than is is for naval units.
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Your content is insanely good. I have 3 or your 4 (did not want to have the rewards) and absolutely love them all. .Keep up the insane work!!!!
Well, count me as intrigued with that. I will be keeping an eye an your releases.
Hey congrats man! That's awesome! Well deserved nod there.
Afraid not, it's just the original Roman, Gothic, Middle-Eastern, Japanese and South-American palace sets from Civ3. If someone wants to create more image sets I'll certainly consider including them, but I won't be making any myself - I'm a coder not an artist!
Updated the first post with my new mod: End Game Map Replay.

I missed the feature from earlier games that, once the game was won (or lost!), showed how the map had evolved over the course of a game, especially to see what the AI had been up to in the fog of war. So I've brought it to Civ 6, with a some enhancements to show a but more detail. And then having spent so much time cajoling and abusing the UI system into displaying a map, it seemed a shame to restrict it to after the game is over (especially as the standard fullscreen map functionality is so poor), so I made it available during the game as well, but without showing anything the player doesn't already know. See Steam Workshop page for details.

I've tested it fairly extensively, but I'm sure there will still be bugs and edge cases I haven't handled, so feel free to post bug reports here.
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