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Tell me about Mod Packs...


Jan 10, 2002
Dublin, Ireland
I am always reading about Mod Packs, which I assume are scenarios that I can download which include cool maps, different unit animations, cultures with different powers, etc… Could somebody please tell me what they are all about. IF I wanted to download one, what do I do in terms of installing it and so forth? Is there any danger that they will affect my normal games? Also are they really that much fun? How do they work? I used to make my own scenarios in Civ2, is that basically all that Mod Packs are, just built with the editor? Also has anybody seen one that focuses on the British Isles, with perhaps a touch of France? (I'd like to see Ireland take over Britain..And maybe the world)
Boy, have I got the mod for you! (see my signature)

Yes, mods are basically what you've described. The difference between a mod and a scenario is that a mod generally has other files involved besides the civ3mod.bic file. Because of this file complexity (new units, buildings, graphics, etc) a mod generally has to be installed - you can't just fire up Civ3 and start it as a scenario.

Always back up your original Civ3 files before installing a mod. Some mods do this for you (like mine :D). Key files that are usually modded are civ3mod.bic, civilopedia.txt and pediaicons.txt. Other common ones are the .pcx files for buildings and resources. Take a look at the files in the mod to see exactly what's being changed. These will often be detailed in a readme file.

Most mods will definitely affect your normal games. In fact, many will make your normal games unplayable until the mod is uninstalled.

Some mods are great fun, others not. It depends on the individual mod and if it fits your particular playing style and interests.
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